How can a tattoo regret lead to depression (+how to deal with it)

This article will explain how tattooing regret can lead to depression. Along with that, the article will explain how it happens, and what are ways people can deal with such feelings.

How can regretting a tattoo lead to depression?

Tattoos have been a part of human life for many centuries. They have been used to mark royalty and a place of privilege. But nowadays they are used as a way for people to differentiate themselves from others. Nothing makes your body so unique as having a tattoo that relates directly to you.

It is always something extremely personal, and that sets you apart from others. The drawing you put on your body can always become a part of who you are. But in some cases, with time you can feel as if that tattoo doesn’t speak to you anymore. Not only that, it can bring up some negative feelings.

People can regret their tattoos for many reasons. It could be that they were too young when they got it, or that the style of the tattoo, or even having a tattoo don’t fit with the style they have now. Sometimes the tattoo loses its meaning after a while, and what it stood up for doesn’t speak to you anymore.

To some people, it can be that they got the name of a former partner in their tattoo, and once the relationship ends, it doesn’t make sense anymore. And in other cases, the tattoo can have a bad quality to it, it can be poorly made, so you might start to regret it. 

People can come to regret their tattoos at different moments, some can regret it right away, while for others it can take some time or even years. And for others, their tattoos will always be something they cherish. 

But if you start to regret your tattoo too intensely it can lead you to feel such sadness, that even though it is not characterized as depression, it can feel like one.

But there are some things you can take into consideration when making your tattoo to lower the risk of regret. You can think about the place in your body where you are getting the tattoo since in some places it can not heal as well. This can impact whether you regret or not your tattoo.

Along with that, you can discuss with your tattoo artist the style of the tattoo, and the colors you will use to consider how they will look in the long run. And not only that, discuss the drawing you want to do. 

For example, tattoo artists usually have a lot of trouble tattooing the name of people you are in a relationship with. That discussion can save you a lot of suffering and regret in the future.

But if even after all of this in consideration you still get the tattoo and after a while becomes depressed because you regret it, there are some things you can do. Let’s discuss what they are.

 How can I cope with Feeling depressed because I regret my tattoo? 

Once you have a tattoo that causes you such regret that is impacting your sense of well-being and mental health, there are some things you can do. The first thing might be to talk to a therapist. Through it, you can discover what can be the root of your regret, and even identify if it was related to a form of impulse control.

Not only that, nowadays technology has allowed people to remove their tattoos, so you might consider removing yours if they are bringing you such discomfort. To do that, which is usually a long and painful treatment, you can do a laser treatment, or in some cases, people take the skin off through surgery as a way to take the tattoo off. 

If you decide to take it off, you might need to wait from six to eight months after you get the tattoo. But this time can help you consider your options, and think it through since it can be such an expensive procedure, that can cost from 200 to 500 dollars each treatment.

But some people can just opt to get a cover-up tattoo, and for that, they may get in touch with a really good tattoo artist that is up for the job, since it is not something simple. And maybe by covering it up you can get a new art that speaks to you on a deeper level.

Either way, what is important to think about when discussing a tattoo is how permanent they are. And even though your feelings and emotions may change during life, the tattoo will keep with you. 

It is impossible to say if you will ever come to regret a tattoo, even more, if you will experience this regret in such an intense manner, but what you can do is guarantee yourself that when you did it, you thought about it as much as you could.

If you keep that in mind, you may even come to regret your tattoo at some point, but you won’t be blaming yourself or feeling guilty because of what you decided to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is Tattoo regret depression? 

Why do people regret getting their tattoos?

Some reasons can cause people to regret getting tattoos. People usually regret it because they don’t like how it looks, or because it lost its meaning to them. Some other people can feel like they are over the tattoo, or because it harms their work life or their social life. 

People say that they usually get a tattoo on an impulsive action, or because it had a meaning behind them. Other people decide to do tattoos because they thought they looked cool, or due to peer pressure. To some, tattoos can be something that would make them look sexy, or make them look though. To some, it was a chance to fit in.

The content people regret the most when getting a tattoo are tribal ones, followed by tattoos that are composed of heart images, and roses. After that, the most regretted ones are the ones that are made of stars, tattoos with inspirational words, crosses, and skulls. Followed by butterflies, flowers, and dragons,

As for the body parts in which people regret getting the tattoo the most, it is usually more common to regret the ones made on the upper and lower arms, rib cage, and chest. After those, the most regretted ones were the ones on the ankles, lower legs, and lower back. Followed by the ones at the feet, thighs, and hands.

Are tattoos good for mental health?

Tattoos are often a way of self-expressing. It is not something that will give you a fresher perspective on yourself. Only some people may feel sexier, more attractive, or rebellious. But it can have an impact depending on what are the reasons why you got the tattoo.

But even though it doesn’t bring you a positive view of yourself, it doesn’t add a negative one as well. What they can do, as you allow your body to express your feelings and your identity, is feel more pleased with yourself. Along with that, it can cause an increase in your self-esteem. 

Do tattoos fade over time?

Yes, all tattoos will change over time. Not only will the tattoo change over time, but your skin will also, and how each change from one person to the next is different. Aging will impact your skin consistency, which will affect your tattoo shape.

Along with that, if your tattoo is a small one with many details, it can be affected by any change in your skin, which doesn’t always happen to bigger tattoos. Another factor that impacts your tattoo is the quality of the ink used to do it. So try to get them with good quality ink.

Your tattoos will most likely start to fade with time, and around your 40s and 50s if you got them when you were young. If you get them a little older, the fading can start a little while after. Aside from aging, exposure to sunlight is an important factor in causing your tattoo to fade, and if you realize that is going on, you can correct them.

There are some body parts in which the tattoo can start to fade easily. An example of that is tattoos that are done on the hands and feet. That is because those areas are in constant contact with other textures, and materials. 

The same is said about tattoos on the shoulder blades, that are in constant friction with bags and backpacks. Tattoos in the mouth or lips also fade easier due to the thin skin in that region.

What is a tattoo that can be related to depression?

A tattoo that can be related to depression is the semicolon tattoo. The tattoo of this punctuation mark is used to express solidarity against suicide, depression, and addiction, along with other mental health issues. 

The use of the punctuation symbol shows that you have decided, when you could have ended your sentence, to go on. It means that even though at some point you thought about ending your life, you chose to move on. 

Are newer tattoos easier to remove?

No, newer tattoos are not easier to remove. It is the opposite of that. The older the tattoo is, the easier it might be to remove it. That is because once you have an older tattoo, it means that it may have started to fade over time, taking fewer sessions to remove it.

Along with that, having a black tattoo is easier to remove than the colored one. That is because the lasers used to remove them are designed to target black ink. The size of your tattoo will also impact how long it takes to remove it.

In the same way, as when you got them, having a big tattoo removed can take a lot more sessions than having a small one. What is important is that when you get a tattoo you think about what, and why you are getting it. Consider it carefully since the removal process can be painful and expensive. 


This article discussed how to tattoo regret can lead to depression, and what can cause it. Along with that, the article discussed what are good ways people can deal with feeling depressed due to regret of a tattoo.

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