How are the reviews of Cerebral telemedicine? (+7 Pros Of Telemedicine)

In this blogpost, we will be discussing how the reviews of Cerebral telemedicine are. In addition to this, we will be explaining the actual importance of telemedicine, particularly for mental health. Lastly, we will be looking at some other alternative platforms that offer telemedicine services for psychiatry.

How are the reviews of Cerebral telemedicine?

The reviews for the telemedicine feature of Cerebral are mostly positive. Users of this platform have gushed about the ease of use and the quick responsiveness of the mental health professionals. The medicines are also delivered to the homes of the users directly and in very discreet packaging.

Importance of telemedicine

Nowadays, anything and everything can be ordered online. And this includes medication and health care services as well. Telemedicine, especially for psychiatry, has gained a lot of relevance especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the reasons why telemedicine is quite important today have been explored in the section below:


Ease of access

While mental health care may be hard to access in reality, telemedicine makes the whole process a lot easier and smoother. According to research studies, individuals have to wait for long periods of time before they can access a suitable mental health professional. However, in telemedicine, the waiting time is a lot lesser and thus a whole lot more convenient.

Increased anonymity

There is also the factor of anonymity that can be easily provided in telemedicine that cannot be guaranteed in traditional healthcare settings. Anonymity is important, especially in the field of mental health care as there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Many telemedicine platforms, thus, allow users to create accounts using a nickname.


Improved effectiveness

The effectiveness of mental health care is also much better when delivered through an online platform. This is because the user has a lot more control and ownership over their mental health in these platforms. They also enjoy easy and convenient access to their mental health professionals, thus increasing the efficacy of delivery of mental health services.

Great for those who have busy schedules

Telemedicine can also be a superb option for those who have very busy schedules and thus find it difficult to dedicate time for therapy or psychiatry consultations. Mental health care through telemedicine can be conducted even outside business hours and depends fully on the convenience of the user and their mental health professional.

Variety of mental health professionals

There are also a variety of mental health professionals who are available through telemedicine platforms like Cerebral, BetterHelp and even Talkspace. Since there is a large network of professionals, users can switch therapists or professionals with ease. Many of these platforms also make smart use of AI to match users with a compatible professional.

Affordable care

While compared to traditional mental health care options, telemedicine is a lot more affordable and very cost-effective. Platforms like Cerebral and Talkspace also offer insurance coverage for their users, further reducing the costs of mental health care. Others like BetterHelp, provide financial assistance for users, especially for those who are disabled, unemployed or veterans.

Safety and security

Telemedicine can provide safety and security on two different levels. One, it does not require the user and the professional to meet each other in-person and thus reduces the risk of violence or assault that can unfortunately happen in traditional health care settings. Secondly, these platforms are completely HIPAA compliant, and thus secure the data of the user smartly.

Alternative platforms for telemedicine

For psychiatry, there are plenty of telemedicine platforms that provide both therapy as well as online psychiatry services just like Cerebral. The best among these have been explained below:


BetterHelp is a great platform for online therapy. This fully HIPAA compliant platform provides individual therapy, couples therapy and also has features for teens therapy. In addition to this, BetterHelp also conducts group therapy sessions once a week and covers more than 20 different topics related to mental health and mental illness.



Talkspace provides therapy as well as psychiatry services. This platform proves to be great especially for those with mental health problems like severe depression, PTSD and anxiety that often require a combination of therapy and psychiatry. In addition to individual therapy, this platform also provides couples therapy and therapy for teenagers.


This platform offers both therapy and online psychiatry services. The communication between the user and the mental health professional can be conducted through various formats such as texting, phone sessions and even live video sessions. Teladoc also provides insurance coverage for both therapy and psychiatry sessions.


Amwell provides mental health care as well as primary health care to its users. This platform follows a collaborative care model and thus the user is taken care of by a set of professionals instead of only one. The primary care doctor and the psychiatrist may also consult and communicate with each other to provide the best possible care for the client.



In this blogpost, we have discussed how the reviews of Cerebral telemedicine are. In addition to this, we have explained the actual importance of telemedicine, particularly for mental health. Lastly, we have looked at some other alternative platforms that offer telemedicine services for psychiatry.

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