How are the ratings of Cerebral? (+7 Features Of Cerebral)

This post will look at the ratings of Cerebral. We will also be discussing some of the best features of this mental health subscription platform that make it so useful for anyone looking for mental health care online. Additionally, we will be describing some tips that readers can use to improve the effectiveness of their online therapy sessions.

How are the ratings of Cerebral?

The Cerebral app has a rating of 4.7 stars in the Apple App store and a rating of 4.4 stars in the Google Play store. The reviews are mostly positive for this platform with users brimming with content about the ease of use and quick access to mental health care provided by this platform. Users have also gushed about the safe and secure technology that Cerebral utilizes.


Best features of Cerebral

Cerebral provides many great features that can be immensely useful. The best of these have been described in the section below:

Cerebral can be used from anywhere

The best thing about Cerebral is that this platform can be used from anywhere and everywhere as it functions completely online. Users can opt to access Cerebral through a web browser or even through an app that can be downloaded and installed on any smart device. Cerebral can thus be great for those who cannot leave the house often for their mental health care appointments.

The platform is very safe to use

The technology that Cerebral uses is completely HIPAA compliant and thus the privacy and safety of the user is well-guaranteed. Cerebral has incorporated strong security features like multi-step authentications, end to end encryptions and even firewalls to protect the data of the clients.

It makes therapy very easy

The process of therapy itself becomes a lot easier through Cerebral. In this platform, the user can sign up for the platform, provide their information and in a very short span of time are connected with a suitable therapist. The process of switching therapists is also made much easier than traditional therapy settings.

It offers various plans

In Cerebral, the user can access a variety of plans and choose according to their needs and requirements. Those users who require only medications can opt for the Medication and Care Counseling plan while the Therapy Only plan provides exclusive therapy services. The Medication and Therapy plan of Cerebral offers both these features.


It has several formats of communication

Cerebral also provides several formats of communication for users. These formats of communication include messaging, live phone sessions and live video sessions. Unlike traditional therapy settings and other forms of mental health care which rely on speech as a mode of communication, the user enjoys more variety and convenience in this platform.

It offers care counseling

Cerebral offers a collaborative system for mental health care through which the user is taken care of by a set of professionals rather than just one. This has been proved to be much more effective than the traditional format of mental health care. In Cerebral system, the care counselor is an integral part and provides emotional support and guidance to the user throughout the process.

It has therapy and psychiatry

In this platform, the user can access therapy as well as psychiatry and thus enjoys wholesome benefits for their mental health. The psychiatry services are provided by licensed and certified prescribers. The medications or drugs are also shipped to the home of the user directly, bringing even more convenience and comfort to them.

Tips for online therapy sessions

Online therapy sessions can be a little different from the traditional format of therapy since these do not require any face to face meetings between the therapist and the client. For those who are finding it tricky to wade through these waters, here are a few tips that you can use in your online therapy sessions:

  • Create a specific space for your therapy sessions. You can fill this space with motivational posters, a comfortable chair and even a blanket to bring some zen into it. This spot can help you focus better on your therapy sessions.
  • You can also create a time slot for your therapy sessions, especially your live ones. In this time slot, you can ensure that your other needs and requirements are taken care of and that you can concentrate fully on what your therapist is saying.
  • You can also benefit from turning off your selfie view when you are having your live video sessions. Having this on can often distract you from what your therapist is saying and you might instead find yourself focusing on that latest pimple or your t-zone.
  • Online therapy also becomes a whole lot effective when you create a set of goals that you want to achieve in these sessions. You can also record your goals in a therapy journal where you can additionally write down your thoughts and feelings throughout the day.

Alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for an alternative to this superb platform, you can explore BetterHelp. In BetterHelp, the users can avail individual therapy services, couples therapy services, teens therapy services and even group therapy sessions.


This post has looked at the ratings of Cerebral. We have also discussed some of the best features of this mental health subscription platform that make it so useful for anyone looking for mental health care online. Additionally, we have described some tips that readers can use to improve the effectiveness of their online therapy sessions.

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