How are the Cerebral therapy reviews? (+5 Online Therapy Tips)


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Page last updated: 5/09/2022

In this article, we will discuss the reviews of Cerebral therapy. We shall also take a closer look at the different features of this platform that users have loved. Lastly, we will be mentioning some tips that readers can use in their online therapy sessions. Cerebral or Get Cerebral is a mental health subscription that caters to all 50 states of the US.

How are the Cerebral therapy reviews?

Cerebral therapy reviews are mostly positive in nature. Users have gushed about the simplicity and the affordability of this platform that has benefited them immensely in their mental health. Some of the advantageous features of this platform that users have loved are:


Ease of use

The platform is super easy and very simple to use. Thus, even newcomers to Cerebral can get the hang of it in no time. The ease of use simplifies the process of therapy itself. All that users need to do is to sign-up and provide their information. The platform assigns a therapist or a provider in a very short span of time, while guiding the user through every step in the process.

Online access to therapy

There is also easy access to therapy through Cerebral. Unlike in-person therapy where the user has to go to the therapist’s office for their therapy session, all the sessions can be conducted online through Cerebral. The platform is also completely HIPAA compliant and thus the user is guaranteed safety and security.


Online psychiatry services

Cerebral or Get Cerebral does not only offer therapy services. It also offers online psychiatry. This means that users can get prescriptions for their mental illnesses from this platform instead of visiting a psychiatrist in person. The medications are also shipped directly to the home of the user, bringing them even more convenience.


Various formats of therapy

Cerebral also offers various formats of therapy that may not be available in traditional therapy settings. Users in this platform can communicate with their therapists through messaging, phone sessions or video sessions. The user can choose the format of communication based on their needs and preferences and thus enjoy more ownership here.

How are the Cerebral therapy reviews? (+5 Online Therapy Tips)


Easy affordability

The platform also has very affordable plans for the users. These plans are further covered by insurance through several in-network insurance providers. This is a very important factor as the high cost of therapy is the main reason why many do not go to see therapists even if they desperately need their services.

Care counseling feature

Cerebral also offers care counseling facilities for all its users. Care counseling is an important step as many users may not be aware of the symptoms of their illnesses. They may also require extra guidance and support while taking new medications. Care counselors in Cerebral additionally train the users in coping strategies and techniques.

Tips for online therapy sessions

If you are new to online therapy, you can find this section below very useful. Online therapy is relatively new, and many of us would have become accustomed to this only after the pandemic. While online therapy is very similar to in-person therapy, there are some challenges that come with this format of therapy delivery. Some tips to counter these challenges are:

Create the right time and space

In order to get the best effects out of your online therapy sessions, you need to carve out the right space as well as time. While online therapy gives you the comfort of therapy at home, this might take away the power of the therapist’s office in bringing a sense of calm and focus. To bring more quality into online therapy, create a therapy spot for yourself in your very home.

Choose the format of therapy

Online therapy platforms like Cerebral, Talkspace and BetterHelp offer various formats of therapy that you can switch between according to your conveniences. You can choose to have a therapy session through messaging, audio sessions or video sessions. Find the format that you are most comfortable with and switch according to your needs.

Maintain a therapy journal

You can also create and maintain a therapy journal for your sessions. In this therapy journal, you can note down your therapy goals that you aim to achieve. You can also record key takeaways from your sessions and add your reflections and thoughts to the process. This therapy journal can provide great insight into your cognition, while also helping in expression and venting.

Turn off your selfie camera

You can also turn off your selfie camera while conducting your live therapy sessions. Having this camera on can distract you from what your therapist is saying. It can also bring more attention to your flaws and make you self-conscious. To help you concentrate better on your therapy, you can turn off your selfie camera view.

Do a test run

You can also do a test run of all your devices before your therapy session starts, particularly if it is a live video session. Online therapy requires several pieces of technology and a stable internet connection if it needs to function smoothly, without any glitches. Make sure your internet has high speed, your camera is of great quality and your speakers and mike are in working order.


In this article, we have discussed the reviews of Cerebral therapy. We have also taken a closer look at the different features of this platform that users have loved. Lastly, we have mentioned some tips that readers can use in their online therapy sessions.

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