How are the Cerebral reviews for ADHD? (+7 Benefits Of Therapy)

In this blogpost, we will discuss how the reviews are for Cerebral particularly for ADHD. In addition to this, we will be looking at the various benefits of therapy particularly for adult ADHD. Lastly, we shall check out some alternatives to Cerebral that readers might be interested in.

How are the Cerebral reviews for ADHD?

The Cerebral reviews for ADHD are generally positive. This platform not only provides therapy services for those who have ADHD, but also offers psychiatry services. The licensed and certified prescribers in this platform prescribe both stimulant and non-stimulant medications for those who have this disorder.

Benefits of therapy for adult ADHD

For those adults with ADHD, therapy is often recommended in addition to medications or drugs. Therapy can bring many advantages for those who have ADHD, such as:

It can boost self-esteem

Self-esteem and self-confidence issues are fairly common in those with ADHD. These issues can affect many other parts of their lives. Therapy can help those with ADHD improve their self-awareness and also boost their self-esteem. This can greatly increase their confidence levels and assertiveness levels, helping them in other areas of life as well.

It can improve social skills

The social skills of those who are suffering from ADHD can also be improved through therapy. These social skills are often lacking or maladaptive in those who have ADHD and thus they may isolate themselves from other people. In therapy, the user can learn various communication exercises and skill sets that they can use to improve their socialization behaviors.

It can teach various coping strategies

ADHD can bring about many symptoms that can end up being frustrating for the individual. However, many of these can be managed to a certain extent through will-power and smart mental effort alone. In therapy, the user can learn many useful coping strategies and techniques that can help in management of symptoms of ADHD.

It can improve relationships

The relationships with others, including professional relationships and person relationships, can greatly be improved through therapy. There are also therapies specifically related to relationships such as couples therapy and family therapy that can definitely help in improving the quality of communication and understanding.

It can improve self-care

Self-care is essential for mental health as well as physical health. Through regular self-care, an individual learns to express emotions in a safe space. They can also learn to be resilient and thus are more capable of dealing with traumatic situations. Therapy can be a great form of self-care since it encourages healthy expression and also channels growth.

It can help in dealing with hurt

Those adults with ADHD often carry a lot of emotional baggage through traumatic situations in the past. This can traumatize the person even today and may affect many areas of their lives. In therapy, the person learns to accept their pasts, recover from trauma and also use old experiences as stepping stones to learning.

It can help with sleep issues

Sleep issues are fairly common among those who have ADHD. They may have trouble falling asleep and even have trouble staying asleep. While there are medications to help with this, therapy can also be a great alternative. In therapy, the person learns various behavioral strategies and sleep hygiene factors that can help them in getting a solid period of rest every day.

Alternatives to Cerebral

There are many alternative platforms just like Cerebral in the market today. Some of these alternatives are:


BetterHelp is simply the best alternative to Cerebral in the market today. This platform offers individual therapy at very affordable costs. It also offers couples therapy and therapy for teenagers between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Furthermore, the platform also offers group therapy sessions free of cost for all its users.



Talkspace also offers online therapy at very affordable prices. In addition to this, the platform also provides psychiatry services. Both these features can be easily covered through insurance and thus the affordability of this platform is quite high. Talkspace offers individual therapy, couples therapy and teens therapy.


Calmerry is another platform that offers therapy online at very affordable costs. In Calmerry, the users have access to a large network of licensed and certified therapists. The therapy can also be conducted in various modes such as messaging, audio sessions and video sessions. The platform matches users with therapists through a stringent process.



ReGain is especially meant for couples and families who are facing strains in their relationships. ReGain also offers individual therapy. Couples therapy is not only meant for those pairs who are having difficulties in their relationship but can also be very helpful for those couples who are planning on getting married to each other and thus need to understand one another much better.

7 Cups

7 Cups  targets teenagers between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. In 7 Cups, the users have the option of paid therapy plans and also a free listening service that is conducted by volunteers. These volunteers may also provide non-therapeutic advice for these teenagers.


In this blogpost, we have discussed how the reviews are for Cerebral particularly for ADHD. In addition to this, we have looked at the various benefits of therapy particularly for adult ADHD. Lastly, we have checked out some alternatives to Cerebral that readers might be interested in.

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