How are Talkspace therapists paid?


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this article, we shall discuss how Talkspace therapists are paid. We shall also be explaining how you can become a therapist on Talkspace and also some of the benefits and perks that you can enjoy as a therapist in Talkspace. Lastly, we will also look at some of the other alternative mental health platforms that are great for therapists.

How are Talkspace therapists paid?

Talkspace therapists are paid by the hour. According to previous employees of the company, there is a high client load and the pay is actually much above the average pay for a therapist in the US. The W-2 positions in the company also come with many perks and benefits, which encouraged therapists to join Talkspace as employees.

How to become a therapist on Talkspace?

In order to become a therapist on Talkspace, you will need to participate in a two-part application process. You also will need to have a few mandatory requirements to be a therapist in this platform, such as:

  • You will need to be licensed in your state and the license should allow independent clinical practice.
  • You also will need to have a minimum of three years of clinical experience in your field.
  • Talkspace also mandates that all the therapists on board should have a professional malpractice liability insurance policy.
  • In addition to this, you also need to submit a completed and signed CAQH application.As a therapist on Talkspace, you must possess an individual NPI number.
  • You must have an iOS device which has a video camera and a strong and stable internet connection.

If you possess these requirements, you will need to fil out a small survey on the platform to see if you meet the standards and certifications that they are asking for. You will be then asked about your experience, your areas of interest and also your clinical exposure.

How are Talkspace therapists paid?

Benefits of being a Talkspace therapist

While the client load may be heavy, there are many therapists who are excitedly waiting to be a part of the Talkspace workforce. The reasons for this are because the company provides a wide range of benefits and perks for all their therapists. Some of these benefits are:

  • The platform brings in clients for the therapists and thus they do not need to solicit clients on their own
  • Therapists do not need to focus on marketing themselves for business profit since the platform does it for them and this saves them a lot of money and effort that goes into marketing
  • Therapists can also get easy access to a wide variety of clients from various backgrounds which might be difficult otherwise. This can bring in better learning experiences for therapists along with more exposure, enriching their experience as a whole
  • There is a lot of paperwork that comes with therapy and this might take up a lot of time and effort for the therapists themselves. All this can be left up to the platform and thus the therapists can focus on delivering the best therapy practices for their clients
  • The platform provides plenty of resources that can make the therapy a whole lot easier. There are also many scripted responses which makes the whole process much more efficient. The platform also provides tools and exercises for the user to improve their engagement during the therapy sessions, while adding positively to their mental health
  • The platform also has psychiatry services which the therapist can collaborate with for the needs and requirements of their clients. This makes Talkspace a holistic platform for all the mental health needs of users
  • Furthermore, the platform also creates many learning opportunities for the therapists by linking them with other professional and also has a peer consultation program that is free of charge

Alternative online therapy platforms

Other than Talkspace, there are many other online therapy platforms that can be great for therapists. Some of these are:


This is another great platform that is popular among clients as well as therapists alike. Betterhelp has been providing high quality mental health care in the form of video messaging, audio messaging and even live session at cost-effective rates to build more awareness around the importance of mental health.


Calmerry is another great platform which users can use to get therapy and feel positive. This platform also offers cost-effective programs, just like Betterhelp and provides text therapy as well as live video sessions with well-trained and certified therapists.



Regain has been quite popular among couples as it provides excellent couples counseling and family therapy services. Through this platform, couples can solve disputes between each other and also help each other grow and develop as a unit. This platform also provides multiple modes of therapy, from messaging, chatting and video sessions.


This mental health platform has brought comfort and solace to many of its users. The great thing about Cerebral is that it provides both medication as well as talking therapy. And thus, the users are covered on all sides of their mental health. The therapists on the platform are well-experienced in their fields and have long-lasting therapeutic relationships with their clients.


In this article, we have discussed how Talkspace therapists are paid. We have also explained how you can become a therapist on Talkspace and also some of the benefits and perks that you can enjoy as a therapist in Talkspace. Lastly, we have also looked at some of the other alternative mental health platforms that are great for therapists.

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