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Page last updated: 14/09/2022

holistic counselling

In this brief blog, we will be discussing holistic counselling, what happens in holistic counselling, the benefits of holistic counselling, and more information about holistic counselling.

What is the practice of holistic counselling?

The practice of holistic counselling focuses on the root meaning of holistic which is the whole human and not the separation of parts.

This kind of counselling focuses on being wholly complete from the mind to the body. 

In this case, counsellors who specialize in holistic counselling are using the association between the components in a human being such as the body, mind, and soul.

It is quite hard to know about the different strategies that these kinds of counsellors use since they come from various histories, have studied different therapeutic approaches and even altered their strategies in relation to their sense of a client’s present needs. 

The following are the types of therapies that counsellors who specialize in holistic counselling use:

  • Psychotherapy: This is where an experienced and trained psychotherapist may use standardized strategies as an aspect of holistic counselling. Many holistic psychotherapists help and assist clients discover the subconscious and unconscious parts of the self or personality which may have some answers to their conditions.
  • Mindfulness is a meditative technique that permits a client to observe their own thoughts and behaviour from a compassionate view. A counsellor that specializes in holistic counselling may give mindfulness practice to a client to help him or her be guided through self-therapy. Concentrating is a particular strategy that emphasizes focusing on a perceived body sense and listening to what it has to say which makes one focus on what the body needs and care for it. Many other strategies with various names follow the same systems of body awareness.
  • Art is used for therapeutic goals to increase creativity and/or discover the subconscious and unconscious mind.
  • Hypnosis is sometimes used to discover deeper aspects of consciousness.

Many other strategies have been used by counsellors that specialize in holistic counselling to help clients find their ways in self-healing and self-discovery.

These kinds of strategies will help clients to find healing within themselves by knowing what they need and what they can do about it.

Components treated by holistic counselling

As mentioned before, holistic counselling takes into account the whole being of the client and how the dysfunction of one part can affect the others.

Different components that are present in each human being will be taken care of by this kind of counselling.

You should also take note of the differences between a counsellor who specializes in holistic counselling and a counsellor who coaches using holistic strategies.

The holistic counsellor is someone who has been taught and graduated from an accredited college/s with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Counseling or Therapy orSocial Work and who has met all the experience and licensing obligations of the state in which they are situated. 

After licensure, these counsellors who do holistic counselling have then decided to apply treatment strategies which are holistic in context.

These kinds of counsellors can also have extra certifications and degrees in holistic fields but they practice under their authorized state licenses.

The holistic coach is a health care professional who may or may not have went to college and one who may or may not have graduated certification or earned specialized credentials in the areas in which they offer assistance and support using holistic health care.

Some of these kinds of professionals use the following titles such as Holistic or Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, and other known titles.

Holistic counselling (A complete guide)
  • Physical Aspects: Counsellors who specialize in holistic counselling observe the client’s recent symptoms and complications and assess how the physical body is included and afflicted by the aim of guiding a perception of physical wellbeing. These kinds of counsellors have a variety of areas in which they can be licensed and specialize, for instance, Reiki-based intervention, energy healing, yoga practice, chiropractic techniques, massage therapies and applied acupuncture or acupressure to name a few. Many of these counsellors provide their clients’ support with dietary issues, vitamin and mineral remedies, weight management, physical exercise and the building of proactive health measures.
  • Spiritual Components: The counsellor who does holistic counselling recognizes that the human spirit is collaboratively included in the healing of the total person such as the mind, soul, and body. Some of these counsellors are predominantly inclined to one religion or another but a large number decide to apply the spiritual part in a generalized way. Although some of these counsellors decide to let the client choose and convince their personal orientation onto the spiritual work that is done in the therapeutic circumstance.
  • Psychological Components: In natural ways, the counsellor who specializes in holistic counselling will be cognizant and observation of the mental wellbeing of the client. Abilities and knowledge gained through the academic avenues and internship experiences help the professional to process through symptoms and behaviours to evaluate complications and identify plans of action or direction. This kind of counsellor does not neglect historically employ strategies but they decide to combine them into their additional inductions depending on the physiological and spiritual evaluation of the client.

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How can holistic counselling help me as a client?

Holistic counselling can help you by giving you the following benefits:

  • Heightened self-awareness and self-acceptance.
  • A more serene and centred method to life    
  • Heightened health and vitality
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • An intense sense of spirituality
  • An enhanced ability to deal with traumas like death, abuse, and divorce or separation
  • An increased feeling of positivity and self-esteem

Holistic counselling is a gentle approach to counselling that you can take if you need the support.

You can contact these kinds of counsellors if you’re feeling that you are devoid of something in your life. 

When you are able to find a counsellor that does holistic counselling that you can trust, you will be reassured to you will get to learn self-discovery and treat yourself.

You can contact this kind of counsellor in your location.

Insurance for holistic counselling

The insurance for counsellors who are practising holistic counselling is open for specialized therapists and counsellors.

This kind of scheme is also accessible for Art Therapists, Drama Therapists, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapists, Music Therapists and Play Therapists. 

The insurance for holistic counselling follows the policies that are expected for these kinds of counsellors which will explain the competitive price.

The yearly premium is £61.00 for qualified and experienced therapists composed with liability insurance which costs £34.36, legal expenses for £6.72 both inclusive of 12% Insurance Premium Tax, and an administration fee of £19.92.

The Student Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy policy priced at £41.00 which is composed of the liability insurance of £26.88, legal expenses of £6.72 both inclusive of 12% insurance premium tax and an administrative fee of £7.40 will provide you coverage for your work placement, case studies and any practical and basic research work you need to fulfil to earn your qualification.

This kind of policy for holistic counselling offers the following:

  • Professional indemnity, malpractice in holistic counselling, public and products liability insurance
  • A limited amount of indemnity of £5,000,000 or £1,000,000 for students for holistic counselling on losses that may happen in a basis
  • Cover whether you work from a clinic, visit client’s residence or from home
  • Complete retroactive cover for formerly insured timelines
  • Libel and slander cover up to the £5,000,000 or £1,000,000 for students who are studying holistic counselling limited amount of indemnity
  • Finance for extra therapies were most at no additional cost
  • Disciplinary hearings, legal defence of non-motor criminal and civil actions, and tax protection where the limited amount of indemnity £500,000 together with an inner limit of £100,000 per claim
  • Compensation for jury service
  • Legal advice helpline for both personal and business legal affairs
  • Availability to confidential holistic counselling and holistic wellbeing helplines

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How do I become a counsellor in holistic counselling?

Any health professional can become a counsellor in holistic counselling and this includes counsellors, nurse practitioners, doctors, nutritionists, therapists and other healthcare professionals.

As mentioned before, these kinds of counsellors care about the wholeness of the person in the body, mind, and soul. 

Health practitioners who use holistic counselling will be incorporating complementary strategies and alternative models in treating patients.

Some of these health professionals may do some physical approaches of this counselling such as massage therapy. 

Health professionals that are doing holistic counselling should expect that there will be regular demands from clients so it’s important to remain patient and calm.

Stage 1 (Get a Bachelor’s Degree)

Health professionals who want to train in holistic counselling should have a bachelor’s degree on this counselling.

This counselling can teach you therapeutic massage, acupuncture, counselling and psychology, nutrition, nursing and nurse practitioners, medicine, osteopathy, herbology, naturopathy and more.

For health professionals who want to reach the master’s degree and doctoral degrees, they should meet some certifications in certain areas.

For instance, they should have some subjects in the medical degree such as chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy and physiology. 

Students who are interested in taking holistic counselling should be able to get some idea about the requirements of the course and the grades needed to be certified in this course.

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Stage 2 (Earn a Graduate Degree)

Although a graduate or professional degree may not be required to learn holistic counselling, some medical fields are requiring this certification.

For instance, you might need to earn a degree of being a naturopathic doctor or an acupuncture specialist.

Stage 3 (Get Obligated Licensure)

Health professionals who are using holistic counselling aren’t said to have licenses for their practice.

This is the case when these health professionals would use their experiences in training to help them do their practices. 

A psychologist has been obligated to earn a license for holistic practices to practice holistic counselling.

Some countries won’t allow health professionals who do this counselling without a license to prove their credibility.

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Stage 4 (Take and Complete a Holistic Health Post-Graduate Program)

The requirements to get a holistic counselling course for health professionals are different.

Most of these courses would only obligate these health professionals to have bachelor’s degrees but some would require that you earn a certain number of grades in certain undergraduate classes.

As mentioned before, holistic counselling would require to deal with the client’s whole being including physical, mental, and spiritual.

Typical class subjects in this counselling course are holistic nutrition, culture and community, stress, spirituality, body movement, alternative medicine, energy healing, herbology psychology and death and dying. 

The course for holistic counselling would have different activities such as lectures, practical exercises, and other learning experiences.

You will be done by this counselling course in a year.

Stage 5 (Earn Professional Certification)

Professional certifications for holistic counselling is only available for health professionals who have done their master’s classes and doctoral classes.

The health professional must have earned experiences in this counselling and has completed and passed the professional board exam for holistic health care. 

The professional certification must be revisioned after five years and obliges the physician to have fully completed 120 consistent medical education hours with 60 being in integrative holistic counselling subjects.

These health professionals should also submit a log on their practices of holistic health and some case studies where they treated the client with this counselling.

Professionals who are practising holistic counselling may find themselves going further in different fields such as a naturopathic doctor, counsellor, nurse, acupuncturist, herbologist and massage therapist.

The course can be accessible in different conditions whether you only need a bachelor’s degree that applies to the topic or further educational degrees that apply to the topic. 

In some statistics, health professionals who are practising holistic counselling are more likely to double their salary and may be doubling over the next year.

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In this brief blog, we have discussed holistic counselling, what happens in holistic counselling, the benefits of holistic counselling, and more information about holistic counselling.

If you have any questions about holistic counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

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What we recommend for Counselling

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression or any other mental disorders then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs: holistic counselling

Do counsellors need insurance?

Yes, counsellors need insurance.

This is to help them protect their business property which in this case is the counselling centre or an office in a hospital.

They also need this insurance to secure their income when they have to take leave from work. This insurance is also helpful when they are engaged in legal affairs. 

How much is liability insurance for counsellors?

The liability insurance for counsellors costs $350 to $1,750 yearly.

If there is malpractice insurance in the counsellor’s insurance, he or she would be expecting a $1 million claim limit or lesser depending on the policy authorized.

What is a holistic healer?

A holistic healer is someone who does holistic medicine and healing procedures.

This is a kind of healing that concentrates on the whole person filled with body, mind, spirit, and emotions to reach the purpose of wholeness and wellness.

A holistic doctor may use all kinds of health care from traditional medication to alternative therapies to treat a distressed patient

What is a holistic massage therapist in holistic health care?

A holistic massage therapist is someone that heals the person through his or her whole being and not focusing on separate parts using a massage.

You can train to be this therapist since there are programs and courses to be certified for this kind of practice.

Is holistic therapy effective?

Holistic therapy is effective for people with specific psychological complications.

Although there isn’t much literature that alternative therapies have been effective for some patients.

However, this doesn’t stop clients to find alternative therapies that can ensure and guarantee their mental wellness.



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