What are some hobbies for lonely people?

In this brief guide we will look into ten hobbies people who are lonely to get into. We will also explore the difference between someone who is lonely versus someone who enjoys solitude. 

What are some hobbies for lonely people?

8 hobbies that you can try if you are lonely include:

  • Mind and board games
  • Playing an instrument
  • Reading
  • Online gaming
  • Running
  • Animal setting
  • Collecting tokens
  • Cooking

Loneliness is a human condition that has impacted millions all over the world and today, there has been an increase in experienced and reported loneliness. In fact it is such a common condition that it is considered a global health epidemic. 

Issues related to loneliness have led to public and private movements. The UK established a Ministry of Loneliness concerned with the effects of loneliness on the psychosocial and health needs of its people.

Plenty of research and studies on loneliness agree that loneliness is linked to the development of mental health issues and disorders such as depression and substance use. 

There is also evidence that loneliness can impact the human body and cause problems such as hypertension, disrupted sleep, malnutrition, and higher mortality rate. All of these negative effects of loneliness can decrease one’s quality of life and perceived sense of well-being. 

There have been many efforts to combat loneliness, on a large scale as well as personal levels. If you are someone who wants to cope with your loneliness by engaging in some activities or hobbies it is important to understand what loneliness is and why you may be feeling lonely.


Loneliness, defined by Hawkly and Cacioppom, is caused by the discrepancy between how much you desire social connection versus how much social connection/support you have in your life. 

Usually loneliness is seen in people who struggle with negative mental states such as having a mental disorder, or have had negative life experiences which cause them to have negative traits such as lack of resilience and pessimism. 

Loneliness can impact a person’s health, their perceived sense of self, their relationships, their mental health, it has also been connected to higher rates of death. The reason why loneliness is such a debilitating condition is because the need to belong is crucial in the psychosocial development of a person. 

When a person is “lonely” it means that they are experiencing a condition of subjective suffering where they feel isolated, they feel like they do not belong, and they lack social connection and contact with other people.

A person who is lonely is different from a person who is alone- a person who is alone- living alone, unmarried, without partnerships does not necessarily mean that they are suffering from loneliness. It could be that they prefer solitude. 

However a person who prefers solitude could also develop loneliness over time if their choice to be alone is not made with mindful awareness. They might believe that they prefer being alone while their choice is based on underlying unresolved issues related to attachment issues. 

It is important for you to develop an awareness about whether you are feeling lonely or not so that there is a clear understanding of why you might want to seek out hobbies to engage in.

Purpose of finding a hobby 

As mentioned, the reason for finding a hobby will definitely narrow down your choices. 

For example, if you are someone who enjoys solitude- a hobby that involves a large group of people or hobbies that require you to engage with others might not give you the satisfaction of indulging in an activity.

The reason anyone enjoys indulging in a hobby is to enjoy doing it and if your tolerance for people clashes with the hobby itself, it might disrupt the whole purpose of it.

If you are lonely, it is important for you to reflect on why you want to engage in an activity. Some of the possible reasons why you might want to engage in a hobby could be because:

  • You want to do something to get yourself moving or out of the house
  • You need a distraction
  • You want something to look forward to at the end of the week
  • You want to connect with other people
  • You need a conversation starter

Whatever your purpose of wanting to start a hobby is, it is important that you engage in the hobby with the awareness of why. If it is to connect with other people, open yourself up to others who enjoy the activity and pursue opportunities to meet new people.

If the purpose for the hobby is rest, engage in it without expectations and without judgment, let it be a moment of people and fun that you get to indulge in without the restraints of your life.

Let us take a look at 10 hobbies that you can try out.

8 Hobbies you can try if you are lonely

Here are 8 hobbies you can engage in if you are lonely or if you prefer to be alone. These hobbies allow you complete control of how, when, where, and with whom. It allows you to enjoy the activity in solitude while also allowing you the space to connect with other people. 

Mind and Board games

You can choose to spend your moments of rest engaging in computer assisted board games, solve a puzzle, construct a lego world, do the daily crosswords or get yourself a 1000 sudoku challenge book.

The best thing about this kind of hobby is that you can do it alone at the same time, you can invite someone to enjoy these games with you and the best thing about this hobby is that it is inexpensive. It costs very little and there is no need for a life altering commitment to the hobby. 

Playing an instrument 

There are an endless amount of free tutorials and courses online for you to be able to learn an instrument. It is an excellent hobby for anyone. You can opt for second hand instruments if your budget is tight. 

Taking classes can be a great way to meet people and it can even be a great conversation starter in gatherings. Music is a wonderful tool that can open you up to a new community and new people.


Reading is a powerful hobby that can open you up to the world without having to travel around it. It can teach you about various cultures and improve your life, vocabulary, and perspectives about the world.

It is basically free; you can borrow from people or visit a library.  You can join online book clubs that can help you connect with people and make new friends if you want to. 

Online Gaming

Online gaming presents the thrill of a challenge, triumph, adventure, engaging stories, the opportunity to create and build friendships with other players online. It can be potentially addictive, that’s why mindful indulgence is very important.

Gaming can also be expensive however there are many games that are available for free or cheap rates. 


Any kind of physical activity is a great hobby for anyone, especially if you experience bouts of depression or related loneliness. Running is a great solitary activity however, it can also improve the state of your physique.

Other than these physical and mental benefits, exercise or running can also help you meet new people who also love running through marathons or through the shared activity of working out together in the gym.  

Animal sitting/Dog walking

Another activity you can engage in is dog walking if you have a dog. If you don’t have one, you can adopt one from a shelter but it is important to know that pets can be expensive. 

If you don’t have the space or the financial strength to adopt a dog, you can offer to pet sit for your friends and family. You can take them for walks to the park where you can meet fellow animal lovers and strike up a friendship with them. 

Having a companion pet- dog, cat, fish, bunny can be a wonderful way to experience unconditional love and partnership, it has been confirmed by various studies that having pets can alleviate stress and improve overall well-being. 

Collecting tokens

There are plenty of collectors who pride themselves in their collection of stamps, coins, art, wine, books, and even bugs. In fact there is an entire community of collectors for various tokens and articles. It is a solitary hobby but you can engage and connect with people through online forums and various shows, auctions, and conventions.


Cooking is an excellent hobby for anyone. It challenges you to be creative, provides an observable result, that you can enjoy alone or share with others. It is an excellent way to connect with other people, and some people also consider cooking relaxing/ 

You can learn recipes from the internet, ask a friend to join you, join classes to meet new people, you can even bake some cookies for the next door neighbor to start a friendship. 






Frequently asked questions related to “hobbies for lonely people”

What is the main cause of loneliness?

One of the main causes of loneliness is situational factors such as physical isolation, moving to new locations, divorce, death of a loved one. There is no one cause for loneliness, it can also be triggered due to mental health issues, self esteem problems, and behavioural problems.

What habits do lonely people have?

Common habits of lonely people include:

  • They are extremly busy and occupied
  • They end to engage in impulsive behaiours like shopping
  • They are extremely guarded
  • They are critical of others
  • They prefer connecting with people online
  • They are irritable and tend to be defensive
  • They might also indulge in substance abuse

What hobbies do introverts like?

Some Hobbies for Introverts and Loners

  • Cooking. 
  • Writing.
  • Take an Online Class
  • Yoga
  • Collecting items
  • Reading 
  • Watching movies
  • Gaming online

How do you fight loneliness?

A few things that you can do to fight loneliness include:

  • Learning how to say yes to opportunities and people
  • Start with small talk when engaging with new people
  • Hand out with people who support you. 
  • Get physical and take up exercise
  • Build online relationships 
  • Do things that you can do alone
  • Write down how you feel
  • Talk to someone about it

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