Hemi-Sync Complete Review (In-Depth Analysis)

This is a complete guide to the products and services offered by Hemi-Sync, a company that creates audio content. Readers will learn everything they need to know about how this company came about and what their products can do. Our blog will give you detailed information on all aspects of the Hemi-Sync experience.

How does Hemi-Sync Help with Wellbeing?

Hemi-Sync is a portal to better living and wellbeing. It is a repository of countless audio tracks, guided programmes, workshops, and courses that can help you become the best version of yourselves.

Products by Hemi-Sync incorporate special technology using binaural beats that enhance cognitive performance and help you heal faster. If you’re struggling with a mental health issue, this technology can help you combat it in a far more effective way.

Here are some bullet points to summarise just how Hemi-Sync helps achieve these goals:

  • You can concentrate better
  • You get to learn and process information faster
  • It can induce an altered state of mind that is capable of better cognitive performance
  • Hemi-Sync is a highly effective tool for relaxation
  • You can use it to meditate, whether you’re a beginner or a pro
  • There are several programmes that help you change habits
  • Hemi-Sync can help you sleep better
  • You can use Hemi-Sync products to have lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences
  • It can help boost creativity
  • Hemi-Sync improves chances of recovering from a psychological disorder like anxiety and depression

Using Hemi-Sync for Better Living

The coolest thing about Hemi-Sync is that its products not only help you feel and perform better, they also lead to wellbeing. Anyone who has achieved stability for basic needs knows that it’s not enough. Even after you’ve managed to take care of physical and safety needs, there’s a thirst for more.

All humans want to thrive. This may involve peace of mind, purpose, and self actualisation. In order to sustain wellbeing, one must be able to grow and work towards manifesting their potential selves. If that’s your goal too, Hemi-Sync is the perfect tool to get there.

In the sections that follow, we are going to explain just how that is possible and what’s so unique about Hemi-Sync that it can help you achieve this. Let’s start with a basic introduction.

What is Hemi-Sync?

The official website defines Hemi-Sync as home to the largest online collection of content to help you relax, focus, meditate, sleep and lead a more vibrant life. This is a platform that gives you access to countless audio tracks that enhance your overall functioning.

You can use these to meditate, relax, or concentrate. If you have trouble sleeping or difficulty concentrating, there are plenty of products for that as well. Most of all, Hemi-Sync products are designed to aid you in your journey to wellbeing.

About the Company

Hemi-Sync was founded by Robert Monroe in 1953 when it was originally titled RAM Enterprises. Previously, Bob worked in radio broadcasting and consequently was an expert in sounds and frequencies. 

Back in the day, he started having out of body experiences, which he believed were induced by listening to certain frequencies. He was not a man of a spiritual or religious background so he did not understand why these experiences were happening to him.

This made him dig deeper into scientific research on the subject. In 1956, he was especially attracted to the concept of sleep-learning. Following this, his firm created a Research and Development division to study the effects of various sound patterns on human consciousness. 

Since then, the company has progressed to become the makers of a low-cost, patented audio technology that facilitates enhanced performance.

What is the Hemi-Sync Experience Like?

Products present in the Hemi-Sync catalogues are highly unique and useful for people at all walks of life. These are best enjoyed using speakers or stereo headphones so that you get a true binaural experience. Below, we will elaborate on what Hemi-Sync has to offer and how it can be of use to you.

Tools for Consciousness

If there is an area in your life that you wish to improve in, HemiSync can help you with its extensive catalogue of tools for consciousness. These comprise audio tracks that have instructions and guidance in addition to optimised binaural frequencies. 

Listening to these sounds helps your brain be more effective and in balance. These tools are divided into several categories based on the different ways you can use them. Some of these categories are:

  • Learning & Memory
  • Meditation & Spiritual Growth
  • Self Improvement
  • Health Issues
  • Weight Control
  • Sleep Better
  • Child & Baby
  • Concentration
  • Spa & Yoga
  • Dream Better
  • Reduce Stress
  • Behaviour Management


The songs and audio tracks available on the Hemi-Sync website give listeners something that is more than music. These are products that were created through collaborating with musicians to integrate Hemi-Sync technology into tracks. As a result, the musical journey is augmented with the right binaural frequencies for a sublime experience.

Listening to metamusic leads to consciousness expansion, focussed concentration, and enhanced creativity. Even if you’re not that particularly fond of music, you will find these soundscapes mysteriously connect with your mind and body.

The Gateway Experience

This is the quintessential Hemi-Sync experience as it is a step by step guide to your optimised self. The Gateway Experience is a series of albums dedicated to developing, exploring and applying expanded states of awareness. 

Each album contains special exercises designed to gently lead the listener into profound states of expanded awareness. As you go further along the way, you get access to a broader range of perceptions with which to solve problems, develop creativity or obtain guidance. 

The album art of The Gateway Experience albums is identical to the Hemi-Sync logo as it represents what listeners become capable of.

Mind Food

Just as the name suggests, this is a collection of Hemi-Sync products that help you broaden and develop your cognitive capacities. In general, these are meditative journeys with guiding narrations to help you widen your perceptions.

The albums included here cover a wide range of topics that can be used at different times of the day or stages in life. Some of the titles under Mind Food are:

  • Getting to Know Your True Nature
  • Calm & Peaceful
  • Embody the Essence of Life
  • Deep Connection: A Meditation for Two
  • Creating a Positive Future
  • Sacred Sleep

Human Plus

The Human Plus range is a similar line of products that can be used to enhance your life experiences. These are focussed on specific life skills and bodily journeys that make us human. Listeners can benefit from them by becoming more authentic and powerful versions of themselves.

Just to give you an idea of the sort of topics included, we’ve made a list of album titles under the Human Plus series:

  • Reset
  • Let-Go
  • Hypertension
  • Detox: Body
  • Brain: Support & Maintenance
  • Recharge
  • Attention
  • Contemplation
  • De-Discomfort
  • Recall
  • Passages
  • Wake/Know
  • Tune Up
  • Think Fast
  • Speak Up

How Does Hemi-Sync Work?

We’ve spoken at great lengths about the various things that Hemi-Sync offers. By now, you must be curious to know how this is possible. How can just listening to a tape or CD or digital audio lead to so many phenomenal changes in your life?

In this section, we’re going to explain just that. We’ll begin with a description of the technology that Hemi-Sync products use. Then, we will cite relevant research to back this information.

Hemi-Sync Technology

The reason why this technology is titled “Hemi-Sync” is because that’s exactly what it does. It synchronises the performance of the cerebral hemispheres to enhance brain activity. Just like this video explains, if you listen to a particular frequency from one ear, your brain registers it as it is. 

Another frequency from another ear will be noticed as coming from that direction. But when both are playing together, the brain creates an illusion of a third sound, which accounts for the difference between the two frequencies. This perceived vibrato is called binaural beating.

Brain scans reveal that such a soundscape activates brain areas in a highly synergistic manner. As a result, your cognitive performance, indicated by mental, physical, and emotional states, improves in quality.

What Research has to Say

This meta-analysis reported the growing evidence that binaural-beat exposure is an effective way to affect cognition. Moreover, it is also effective in reducing anxiety levels and the perception of pain

A 2013 study revealed that binaural beats, regardless of the presented frequency, can affect divergent thinking and improve creativity. Possibly, this is because binaural beats lead to higher information transfer and better working memory as confirmed by this 2017 publication

However, there needs to be a lot more research done on the subject as it may not be effective for everyone. Nevertheless, if we look at the effect of technologies like Hemi-Sync on anxiety, they definitely have the potential to decrease symptoms significantly.

Who Should Use Hemi-Sync?

In the previous sections, we discussed how Hemi-Sync works and in what ways it can help. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the latter and see who can benefit from these products. Below, we will describe who should use Hemi-Sync products and with what expectations.

Meditation Enthusiasts

Hemi-Sync has practically unlimited options when it comes to guided meditation tapes. The binaural beats make it a lot easier to switch off the mind and to concentrate on the guide’s narration. 

The audio tracks available here come for all levels of practice. Whether you’re a beginner or a hard core enthusiast, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. You can even choose entire albums with progressive levels of meditation and achieve whatever you think you need.

People Struggling to Relax

As if people weren’t already struggling with things like fatigue and burnout, the pandemic made things worse. Given that we barely have any control over the situation, it can be hard to get your mind or body to relax.

This can further lead to illnesses, sleep disturbance, and aches of all kinds. Hemi-Sync helps put things back in balance as it offers plenty of content that promotes relaxation. Listen to the instructions the guide softly narrates and achieve deep relaxation thanks to the binaural beats.

People Struggling to Concentrate

If you have a condition like anxiety, depression, or ADHD, you probably have difficulty concentrating on your work. This can be quite frustrating as you’re not able to perform as well as you’d like.

Hemi-Sync takes care of that by enhancing brain activity and instructing your mind to focus. Listening to this content will give you the means to become the best version of yourself. You will be able to concentrate like never before thanks to this technology.

Individuals with Sleep Disturbances

Sleep disturbances are as common as a cold in today’s world. With all the screen time we get and complete lack of sleep hygiene, it’s inevitable that people will struggle to sleep. The first and last thing we do in a day is to look at our phones.

Unfortunately, even when people know that this severely damages their diurnal rhythm, addictive phone apps make it hard to break free. Hemi-Sync gives you access to a large number of audio tracks that can aid healthy sleep. Use these to build a more appropriate sleep routine and work your way towards wellness.

Hemi-Sync to Boost Creativity

Research shows that technology like Hemi-Sync promotes divergent thinking to boost creativity. If you’re working in a field that requires continuous development and fresh ideas, Hemi-Sync could be a useful tool for you.

By making you a more creative self, it will ensure that work never stagnates. Find yourself flowing with productivity and clever ideas with a little help from Hemi-Sync.

Hemi-Sync for Wellness & Better Habits

We all need to keep working on ourselves to become better as long as we are alive. When we’re aware of our strengths and weaknesses, we are able to sharpen or alter them to work towards growth.

Sometimes, this may involve identifying patterns of behaviour. It may even require us to make or break habits. Thankfully, Hemi-Sync makes this whole process easier as it has a vast catalogue of content addressing such issues. In addition to the guided programmes, the binaural beats improve our chances of progress.

Hemi-Sync for Mental Health Issues

It’s important to accept that mental health conditions and psychological disorders are quite prevalent. If you’re dealing with something like anxiety, depression, a personality disorder, bipolar, or anything more or less severe, you’re not alone.

Hemi-Sync helps remove the stigma because it shows how popular each product is. Since they have numerous programmes and albums that help improve mental health, you can use these for your own development. You’ll also see that many others too struggle with such issues and recover with continued efforts.

What Customers Should Know

If you’re still reading this extensive guide, there’s a good chance that you’re interested in buying these products. In that case, there are a few things that as a buyer you would want to know. This section is all about that. It will give you all the information you need to know so that purchasing these products is an informed decision.


When it comes to pricing, Hemi-Sync has options for all sections of society. You can get access to various categories of products for prices less than $10. Moreover, you can even create a free account to get limited access to free albums as a starting sampler.

If you’re quite invested into the whole concept of binaural beats, you might find their workshops and courses highly useful. These cost up to a few hundred dollars and often have discounts for fixed periods. Visit their official website to request a catalogue.

Shipping & Returns Policies

When it comes to shipping and returns, the company is quite accommodating. The rates for shipping and handling in the US are based on first class mail or ground UPS service to all contiguous U.S.A. addresses. This includes addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

For countries outside of America, the shipping and handling rates are based on airmail service only. The pandemic might have created obstacles because as of March 2021, Hemi-Sync has been shipping physical products only to Canada and Australia.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product within 30-days in good condition. You will receive a refund or exchange of the product excluding shipping charges. Please note that returns don’t apply to digital download purchases

Hemi-Sync Content for Children

If you’re wondering whether your children can also benefit from Hemi-Sync, they absolutely can. All non-verbal recordings work really well with children of all ages. You can help your kids with better concentration, memory, learning, and calmer emotional states.

However, when it comes to the recordings that do have verbal content, it is better if you listen to them first. Based on whether the content is appropriate for your child’s maturity level, you can decide whether to play it for them or not.

Policies & Guidelines

The Hemi-Sync website is well made, easy to access, and quite transparent. At the footer you will find quick links to all important declarations. In addition to everything that we’ve covered here, you’ll also find useful details like contact information, terms and conditions, privacy policy and security, etc. 

Since tapes have already phased out and CDs are from yesterday, most of the products are digital. When you’re selling something slightly intangible like that, it really helps customers if the merchant is as informative as possible. 

You can find easy access to information about their products, technology, and customer support at the bottom of the home page. These menus also have links to their social media handles, newsletter, and more.

Listening Tips

Of all the policies and guidelines described in the previous paragraph, we thought that “listening tips” deserved a special mention. We’ve explained each suggestion given there in the following bullet points:

  • Listen over a portable device or home stereo system using headphones for best results
  • You can play non-verbal recordings while performing another activity or simply relax and enjoy the experience
  • For verbal recordings, sit or lay comfortably in a distraction-free environment
  • Do NOT listen to the products while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity
  • In case you have health issues like a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), consult your physician before listening to the products
  • Even if you fall asleep while listening, your brain will still benefit from the audio
  • If you can hear a hissing sound, it is a combination of all the frequencies the human ear can perceive, with higher and lower frequencies adjusted to be equal in volume
  • Listening can cause you to become aware of different body sensations; or have sensations of hearing or tasting, or simply “knowing.”
  •  Your experience may be different each time you listen to a particular exercise

Alternatives to Hemi-Sync

We took a look at comparable merchants and products but there isn’t much competition. Yes, there are plenty of binaural beats that people can buy online, but nothing compares to the variety, effectiveness, and transparency that Hemi-Sync offers. 

It seems like the Monroe Institute pioneered this technology and appears to be far more competent and trustworthy than similar brands. In our analysis, we compared the Hemi-Sync experience with two other sources of binaural beats: Holosync by Centerpointe and Binaural Beats Meditation.

Let’s take a deeper look at these two alternatives to Hemi-Sync:

FeatureHemi-SyncHolosync by CenterpointeBinaural Beats Meditation
Workshops & Coursesx
Verbal & Non-Verbalxx
Products Beyond Meditationx
Out-of-Body Experiencesx
Subliminal Messagingxx

Holosync by Centerpointe

Holosync is a product by the Centerpointe Research Institute, a company established in 1989 by Bill Harris and Wes Wait. This product delivers almost the same things as Hemi-Sync. It promises better cognitive ability, deep meditative states, and steps towards wellbeing.

Unlike Hemi-Sync, Centerpointe isn’t as transparent about the technology being used in Holosync. Their website keeps mentioning it to be a highly researched and profound technology but it doesn’t give any concrete information about how it works.

The company pairs Holosync with Autofonix, a patented technology constructed from a technological method for communicating with the profoundly deaf. This is supposed to work a little like subliminal methods but can use the customer’s voice too.

While Holosync may work to create similar end results, it is only one product limited to a few nature-based sounds. In contrast, Hemi-Sync is a significantly larger collection of different types of products that have a lot more variety.

Binaural Beats Meditation

This is a similar collection of soothing, meditative tracks, each layered with specific frequencies (sound waves) that enable you to access deeper states of relaxation, focus, learning, and healing. Through binaural frequencies, these tracks result in brainwave entrainment.

Users can use these tracks to improve health and wellbeing. Unlike Hemi-Sync, Binaural Beats Meditation has a section for subliminal messaging. These programs contain positive affirmations to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

The biggest difference between this website and Hemi-Sync is that the product range is far more limited. There are only six categories for products and these are not available in multiple languages like Hemi-Sync products.


This was a complete guide to the products and services offered by Hemi-Sync, a company that creates audio content. Readers learned everything they need to know about how this company came about and what their products can do. Our blog gave you detailed information on all aspects of the Hemi-Sync experience.

First, this blog talked about the company, its services, products, and history. We then explored what the Hemi-Sync experience is like and what makes it so unique and effective. We also described how this technology works, who can benefit from it, and things customers should know. Finally, we compared two alternatives to Hemi-Sync to conclude this in-depth analysis.

FAQs (Hemi-Synch Complete Review)

Can someone with hearing impairment use Hemi-Sync?

Yes, it is an established fact that you do not need to have intact hearing in order to benefit from Hemi-Sync products. Both experts and individuals with hearing impairments report that the frequencies in the binaural beats can reach the brain through the movements of bones inside the ear.

There are three small bones in the ear canal that vibrate when the audio plays. This vibration transfers from the outer ear all the way to the inner ear. As a result, the frequencies are effectively carried to the brain.

Is Hemi-Sync hypnosis?

The Hemi-Sync process is quite similar to hypnosis as both result in an induced, altered state of mind, in which the body is deeply relaxed. There are many myths about hypnosis in general that may confuse potential customers of Hemi-Sync. To be clear, the only motive of this state is focused concentration.

You are able to maintain your faculties for choice and value systems, including choosing to follow suggestions from the therapist or not. It simply creates an effect that helps you move into a certain state, providing that you relax and are open to responding to the Hemi-Sync process.

Are Hemi-Sync products subliminal?

This is a common misconception that many people have regarding Hemi-Sync products. For the record, no, these products do not have subliminal messages. Subliminal recordings have the intention of embedding a particular thought in the mind of the listener by recording words at sub audible levels. It is achieved by recording them at high speeds.

No such recording is done in the making of Hemi-Sync products. Though some sound patterns are recorded at a sub audible level, they are not verbal messages and are not recorded at high speed.


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