Why Does He Want to See Your Baby Pictures? (+9 Positive Signs)

In this blog post, we talk about what it means when he wants to see your baby pictures. We also give you 9 signs that he is serious about you. We also talk about the signs that he is just not that into you.

Why does he want to see my baby pictures?

If you significant other wants to see your baby pictures, you shouldn’t be too worried. In most cases, it means that he wants to get to know you better. He may be interested in your childhood, happy memories, how your family was, how were you as a baby.

You can always ask him why he wants to see your baby pictures, but it is not strange and it happens in all relationships at a certain point. 

Below you will read 9 signs that he wants something serious with you. If more than half of these points sound familiar to you, it is possible that he is really thinking that you are the one.  

9 signs that he wants something serious with you (and he is not playing)

With these signs that he wants something serious with you, you will be able to know with much more certainty if the person you are dating and whom you like so much has the intention of establishing a more formal relationship.

In any case, you have to know that if a person wants a stable relationship with you, he or she will make it clear to you, telling them properly or through these signals that we tell you below. If a person is entangling you a lot, maybe it is that they are not very clear about their intentions or that they are not really looking for anything else.

1. He always wants to spend more time with you

If the person you date wants more than to hang out, they surely worry about spending time with you. That is to say, he makes plans so that you can see each other constantly, instead of making excuses or avoiding you so that you don’t see each other so much.

 In fact, this person doesn’t care, rather he likes it if you see each other more than once a week, and he will probably seek you out; This is one of the first signs that he wants something serious with you.

2. You are his priority

In line with the first sign that he wants something serious with you, he likes you so much that this person will make you his priority. Unless it is something truly circumstantial and immovable, if he has to decide between staying with you or seeing his friends, he will choose you and this is a large and quite clear sign of his interest in you.

3. You are keeping in touch

Another sign that he wants a more formal relationship with you is that he is always in touch. He writes you messages during the day or at least every day. This only means that he is thinking of you and that he cannot contain the desire to speak to you and know about you.

And, who would like to spend their time and attention writing to someone in whom they have no real interest? So, if that person tries to contact you all the time, then surely it is because they want more than just having fun.

4. Pays attention to everything you tell him

When a person really likes you, then he wants to know more about you and get to know you, which is why he gives importance to your stories, your thoughts, your anecdotes and your points of view. 

You will notice that while they are talking, they will be truly paying attention to everything you tell them, actively listening and showing interest; this is a sign that he wants something serious with you that does not fail.

5. He likes to be seen with you in public

Now, this is a very important and determining point to know if you want something more. Ask yourself, every time they see each other, they do it privately or in public? And you have to be careful when we answer it. Why?

It is possible that you have sometimes been in public and others in private, because you are already in that facet in which you have more confidence and you like to enjoy the company of each other. But you can also go out in public and that this person is happy to have you by his side. On the other hand, this person may always find an excuse for you to stay home.

If your case is the first, then you can add it to the signals you need to know that this person you like is serious. If your case is the second, it may be a little different and maybe he is not interested in having anything serious.

6. He is interested in your well-being

If that person you like also shows interest in your well-being, then it is one more sign that he wants something serious with you. That is, he asks you how you are; if you have had a bad day, say or do something about it to improve your mood; or if you have become ill, have any details with you regarding your recovery.

7. He has introduced you to his friends

Another way to know that the person with whom you want to formalize something is serious with you, is when he shows his intention to introduce you to his group of friends. 

This only applies if they have different groups of friends and are not part of the same environment. In any case, the fact that she wants you and your friends to get to know each other is a positive indication that her intentions go further.

8. He wants to know your social circle

In the same way, that you care and want to meet your social circle only shows that you want to be part of your life.

Since your friends are important to you, that person also wants to start building a good relationship with them, so this is another sign that they want to formalize your relationship.

It is possible that the person you like directly tells you to introduce them, as it is also possible that they say yes without hesitation when you ask them to accompany you to an event of your friends.

9. He makes future plans

You don’t have to get excited about this point since we are not talking about marriage and children or moving together. With this sign that he wants something serious with you we mean that he makes future plans of the type, “we should go to that festival together” or “when summer comes we should go to this bar”. They are simpler things, but they show that things go beyond the moment and you want to continue your relationship.

If you want to know when it is time to move to the next step of your relationship, I recommend this article

Signs that he is not that into you

He tells you directly, I don’t want a relationship now” – or any other similar line, including “I am not relationship material”, “I’m not ready to get involved now”, “what I would like is to have fun, without obligations “,” why can’t a woman and a man be good friends and lovers at the same time “,” I would like to be friends with benefits “,” I hate commitments “, “I’m not looking for serious relationships”, “I love independent women who don’t always want to have relationships”… 

Anyway, he says it, if he says it, he believes it! So it would be a huge mistake to hope that you will be the one who makes him change his mind and suddenly want a serious relationship.

The way he looks at you – from the first dates, you could tell if he has a real interest in you or just a real interest in your body. Follow his gaze: when he is interested in you as a person, he will focus mainly on the face area; when he wants you only for love, the eye will more often admire different attractive anatomical parts.

It gets too intimate too fast. A man who is really interested and not only physically attracted to you, he will not rush you, he will not press you and he will not risk making gestures, too intimate touches too soon – in any case at the first meeting. And he won’t make sexual allusions too soon, he won’t rush you to bed. 

One who wants you only for love, only in bed, will make insinuations and try to entice you and convince you to become intimate as soon as possible (sometimes very subtle, but he will). The one who presses you and threatens you to lose interest if you don’t jump in bed with him is clearly just looking for an adventure…

FAQ on he wants to see my baby pictures

Why does he show me pictures of his family?

He shows you pictures of his family because he wants you to get to know him better, all aspects of him. He trusts you enough for you to meet them.

What does it mean when a guy talks about his family?

When a guy talks about his family it means that he is really proud of them, that they are close and he also wants you to understand and know him better. 

What does it mean if a guy shows you his baby pictures?

If a guy shows you his baby pictures, it could mean that he wants you to know him better. It depends on what stage of the relationship you are. Perhaps he wants a baby of his own or he just wants to tell you something about his childhood. 

How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

When a man is falling in love, you will know. He will include you in his plans, he will make time for you, he will not be able to stop touching you, he will want you to know everything about him and vice versa. 

Why do guys take a step back?

Guys take a step back when they feel that the relationships are evolving either too fast or in a direction that they are not ready for. In some cases, when a guy says he wants to take baby steps, it is because he wants to get to know you better before diving in. It is not necessarily a bad thing.

How do you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you?

You can tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you if he has a very random and unpredictable behaviour; he is not consistent in anything he tells you or the way he behaves with you. 


In this blog post, we talked about what it means when he wants to see your baby pictures. We also gave you 9 signs that he is serious about you. We also talked about the signs that he is just not that into you.

We always encourage honest conversation in a relationship. You are the one who knows your partner best. Thus, it is indicated that you ask him why he wants to see your baby pictures. Although, we don’t find anything strange in his request.

What do you think? Please let us know if you have any comments or questions!





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