Hate Holidays? (Coping Strategies and quick tips)

In this brief review, we are going to analyze the phrase: hate holidays. 

Hate holidays

Here are some tips that can come across as helpful if you’re someone who hates holidays:

  • Try learning and practicing mindfulness. Thi benefits your mood, brain activities, and overall health. Inculcate something which can easily become a part of your daily routine.
  • In case you find holiday shopping tiring, expensive, and unnecessary, then make a ‘no-present’ pact with your friends, family, and colleagues. Ask them not to get you any gifts and vice versa. You can also decide to get gifts only for the children.
  • As much as possible, try eating healthy during the holiday season. Learn to limit your intake of processed and junk food. Switch to healthy alternatives and keep away from situations or people that would tempt you to indulge in unhealthy food.
  • Self-care must be a priority during the holiday season. Do anything that helps you to wind out and make you feel good. It could be going to the spa, watching your favorite movie, cooking your customized meal, or just listening to your favorite playlist on repeat.
  • You could also opt for volunteering/assisting programs. It could be in old age homes, animal shelters, or rehabilitation centers. They all could do with the benefit of some extra care and love, a dropped off meal or some genuine kindness which you can provide. Also, it will benefit you as much as the people you are helping as it makes you feel lighthearted and satisfied.

Holiday stress (signs and symptoms)

If your muscles tense up and your heart skips a beat during the start of the season, it could be because of holiday stress. Yes! Holiday stress is a thing and it affects the majority of people living in the United States. Given below are some symptoms which will help you to know if you stress about the holidays.

  • Severe anxiety and worry at the beginning of the holiday season.
  • Pervasive and extreme sadness at the thought of holidays
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, body pain, and mental exhaustion
  • Severe sleep disturbances with difficulty in getting sleep or remaining awake during holidays
  • Excessive irritability and agitation during holidays.
Hate Holidays? (Coping Strategies and quick tips)

People who hate holidays

Holiday stress is something that can affect anyone including children. This is mostly because there are a lot of expectations around the holiday season which need to be met. This applies, especially to family gatherings and festival celebrations. 

These expectations inevitably lead to stress and anxiety. The need to keep guests happy and content causes unwanted stress in the hosts and makes them strive for perfection. There is also the need to create happy memories for cherishing later on and most people who strive for this end up going out of the way for making their holidays happening and fun.

Holidays can also be really difficult and overwhelming for those people who have lost family members and friends. The memory of loss will add up to their distressed mood and aggravate their hurt feelings. 

Holidays also turn out to be a pain for those who have to bear the financial burden of the period. It causes them to worry over the expenses they will have to incur that can include travel, food, gifts, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Coping strategies

Before fishing out ways to deal with holiday stress, you need to identify and understand the stressors and their nature. Recognize the situations where you feel stressed and try to gain insight into what exactly is causing the stress. 

Once you understand the causes behind stress, apply the below-given tips, and see if they work for reducing your stress level.

Plan ahead of time

Trying to include all of your activities into the holiday season is nearly impossible. With work schedules and family commitments, you need to decide on the things you would like to invest time and energy in, during the holidays. 

For this reason, make it a point to create an action plan of action. This will relieve you from unwanted stress and pressure. Prioritize and choose the things that are genuinely important to you. Keeping lists comes across as a great reminder in these situations.

Learn to prioritize yourself

With people and commitments swarming in and about, it can quite a difficult task to give yourself time and some extra care. However, it is very important to make time to tend to your needs and wants along with that of others. 

This will help in boosting your mood and making you feel less left out. It also gives you the required energy to take care of others as well. 

Make a schedule to do things that would make your mind and body happy such as a good jog in the morning or evening, treating yourself to your favorite dessert, or getting a good, peaceful nap when you feel like it. 

Mind the money

Make realistic and affordable financial plans for the holiday season, before it starts. If you are someone who worries about spending too much or need to keep away for future savings, then plan accordingly and adjust the holiday budget. 

Once you create the budget, also remember to stick to it. Resist your urges and temptations to overspend and keep a tally of how much you spend as you do it. This helps in keeping you happy and stress-free during the holiday shopping rounds.

Moderation is the key

From meals, decorations, games, and travel; try keeping it simple and easily enjoyable. Do not always aim to go over the board in terms of anything. Keeping things moderate and peaceful will help you to genuinely enjoy the days and to avoid the post-holiday exhaustion phase. 

Say no when you have to

Learn to practice saying no in situations it is required. It is okay to say no and the more you do it, the more you would feel relaxed and grounded. Say no to commitments, plans, or obligations that you find uncomfortable or personally hurtful during the holidays. 

Try not to pay attention to what others have got to say about you and trust your own decisions when you decide for the greater good.

Remember and honor the ones you’ve lost

Holidays can be stressful and exhausting if you’ve lost loved ones or if they are not with you to celebrate and spend time together. 

In these times, try spending your holidays by recollecting your fond memories with your loved ones who are with you and try doing something meaningful to honor the ones you’ve lost. 

You can also decide to volunteer to an organization or for a cause to bring about a change in someone’s life and to help you feel content and grateful.

Up the ante with healthy communication

During family gatherings and mutual functions, it is important to interact and enjoy with your family members in a sincere and heartfelt manner. This can quite a challenge if relations with your family are strained and distant.

In these situations, try to improve your way of communication and build a healthy balance between personal and family needs. Talk extensively and try to come to mutual terms concerning your issues and concerns. 

When to see a doctor?

Even after inculcating the above tips and strategies in bringing about a change in your attitude towards holidays, if you still don’t see any improvement, that is when you could consider making an appointment with a trusted doctor or health professional. 

Share your genuine concerns and worries with your doctor and try to be as honest as possible. Your doctor is sure to come up with treatment plans with or without medications to help you cope better with the problem after proper contemplation and analysis.

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In this brief review, we discussed the phrase: hate holidays. We discussed why people hate holidays, symptoms of holiday stress, and ways to deal with holiday blues. 

FAQs: Hate Holidays

Why are the holidays so difficult?

Holidays become difficult to deal with when your expectations for the holidays do not match the reality. This leads to frustration and disappointment. When expectations are not aligned in the way you want in family gatherings or outing with friends, it can be very difficult to deal with the underlying resentment and to sail through the day, smoothly.

What is the most depressing holiday?

The most depressing holiday is termed as blue Monday. It is typically a day in January which mostly turns out to be the third Monday of the month. This concept was first published in a press release of the holiday company called Sky Travel who claimed to have calculated the date using a certain equation.

Is it normal to not like holidays?

It’s completely normal to not like holidays. When we are often running on busy schedules, erratic sleep cycles, hectic work timings, and improper meals, it is normal to feel exhausted, irritated, cranky, and down during a day off. It’s nothing out of place or abnormal by nature.

How can I make Christmas more fun?

There are several ways to make your Christmas celebrations more fun and less stressful.

Ditch old and boring ways of tradition and develop your unique ways of doing things
Accept that imperfections are bound to occur and embrace them. 
Gift yourself something which you truly love and could be of use.
Give yourself ample time to get things done for the celebration day. Do not rush.
Create traditions that help you connect with your childhood memories and your inner child

How can I be happy in the holidays?

During the holidays, to keep yourself cheerful, try to adopt a habit of making lists of things to do. This will ensure that your day does not end up boring or mundane. Make plans to meet up with your old friends and spent quality time with your family by indulging in family games or chores.

You could also try to learn something new which you always wanted to begin. Give yourself enough care in the form of good, healthy meals, short naps, and anything which makes you feel rejuvenated and energetic for your next working day. Try not to sit idle with unnecessary thoughts and worry about them on your holidays. 

What can I do with my family on Christmas day?

There are many things you could do with your family on Christmas day. Some of them are;

Making Christmas breakfast together
Organizing a treasure hunt
Decorating the house together
Baking cakes and cookies together
Watch Christmas programs together on television
Writing Christmas notes and letters for each other
Going for Christmas shopping

How do I survive the holiday season?

You can survive the holiday season by adopting the following ways

Try to find meaning and connectedness in the holiday season
Do one thing at a time and do not cramp your day with unwanted responsibilities
Involve yourself in doing things that you truly enjoy and cherish





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