When a guy tells you you are a good kisser (3 meanings)

In this blog-post, we shall talk about what it means when a guy tells you you are a good kisser. We will also look at some ways in which you can respond to his compliment. We will also look at some tips to be good at kissing. If you have a lot of kissing related queries, this blog can be quite handy.  

What does it mean when a guy tells you you are a good kisser?

Some pretty obvious signs that a guy would wish you would know when he tells you you are a good kisser are mentioned below. 

  • He desires you to be close to him
  • He wishes you would continue kissing him or lean in again for more kissing 
  • He is impressed by your kissing techniques
  • He is surprised by your confidence 
  • He finds it exciting to pursue you or impress you

He desires you to be close to him

Of course, kissing involves a great deal of physical intimacy. When a guy tells you that you are a good kisser he finds you physically desirable and attractive. Compliments on your kissing ability will make his chance of making the kissing more frequent and last longer. 

It could also indicate that he wishes to develop a good relationship with you, one that includes emotional closeness. Generally, in non-committal relationships, communication is very limited. Using words of appreciation is minimal because they just wish to be with you to fulfill their sexual needs or to some extent companionship. Using words of appreciation is an ideal characteristic of committed partners and healthy relationships.  

He wishes you would continue kissing him or lean in again for more kissing 

When he knows that you are a good kisser, he would not wish to pull himself back. Stating it outright that you are a good kisser increases his chances of you leaning in again for another kiss. 

He could probably even be wishing that things move on to something more than a kiss. It’s natural for someone to feel motivated to show the other person what else they are good at when they are appreciated for one thing. Blame or thank human psychology for this.  

He is impressed by your kissing techniques

Kissing is not as simple a task as it is viewed to be. Many people have apprehensions about how good a kisser they are because kissing does require you to know some things. Kissing is not just about what you do with your mouth and lips, it is about how you engage the whole of your body in the experience to make it enjoyable. Nobody enjoys a sloppy kiss either. The amount of saliva exchanged, the intensity of the kiss, the speed at which you proceed and deepen the kiss is important.  

When he mentions that you are a good kisser, it is a clear sign that he finds your kissing techniques appreciable. You probably tried something that was unique and different from what he had experienced before. Probably you are his first kiss and the thrill of kissing is exactly how he imaged it would be. Or, probably you took lead in the kissing, some men appreciate it when the woman takes the lead. When he compliments you or your kissing ability, it surely means you managed to meet his expectations or even could surpass them very well.    

He is surprised by your confidence 

When you take lead or do something unexpected, it leaves him in awe. He is surprised by your confidence. Some people do appreciate a little shyness and blushing during kissing but most people surely do appreciate someone who knows what they are doing or at least appear to be knowledgeable. 

When it comes to kissing, practice does make a difference and it shows! The experience of kissing someone is unique and new with each person. People who have kissed before would have some experience in the basics at least. But that does not mean that if you are new to the game you cannot pretend confidence. You can fake it till you make it. But, don’t behave like a know-it-all either, leave some room for exploration and newness. 

He finds it exciting to pursue you or impress you  

Probably you are making him chase you and the chasing is exciting for him. Guys like a good chase, where you make it evident that you like him but keep him wanting for more. The thrill is much more when you make it interesting for him to get the things he wants- a date, a trip together, a kiss, sex, etc.  

How to respond when a guy says you are a good kisser? 

Often people are at a loss of words when they are given a compliment. Also, being complimented for kissing skills can feel quite different than the other compliments on personality, looks, clothes, etc. But, it is okay if you cannot find the words to use in the situation there are body language cues that can always come to your rescue. Read this section to understand how to receive the “good kisser” compliment graciously, with or without words.  

  • Smile
  • Blush 
  • Say thank you
  • Lean in for a kiss to thank him for the compliment 
  • Compliment back


Finding a reason to smile? A guy complimenting your kiss is a pretty good one. 

Very often people are not well accustomed to receiving compliments well. Maybe it is rare that they get any sort of flattering remark or they are just too humble to feel too good about themselves that they really do not know how to respond. Smiling is always a safe bet. It would never seem obnoxious or understated. Smiling indicates a warm sense of reciprocity to the comment he made.  


Blushing is endearing. You do not have to fake it, but know that blushing is not an embarrassing response to a compliment of this kind.    

Say thank you

A legitimate way to respond to any compliment- the good old simple ‘Thank you’. It is applicable to this situation too! You could add in a slight remark of how flattered you are along with the Thank you. For example, “Really? Thank you.”, “That is flattering. Thank you.” 

Lean in for a kiss to thank him for the compliment 

What could possibly be a better response than proving his judgment right by kissing him again, right? 

But judge the moment before you decide to kiss him again. If it feels right to keep him tempted for more, for the sake of thrill in the relationship, then don’t kiss him again. 

Compliment back 

If you are in a loving relationship you can say “I love kissing you.”, “I am good at kissing because you make me want to give you the best.” if you genuinely enjoyed kissing him too then reply back saying “You are a good kisser too, your energy and skills rub on to me.” 

What makes someone a good kisser?

Just a little bonus content here! Read through this section to know what makes someone a good kisser. 

Some things that make someone a good kisser are:

  • Knowledge 
  • Patience
  • Gentleness
  • Playfulness 
  • Understanding the rhythm and likes of the partner 


Educate yourself, probably it would be more interesting than other kind of education you might receive. But, really. Learn how to kiss. There is a lot of content available online including videos on how to kiss and of the things that could be done to enhance your kissing experience. 

Know about the kind of things are proven to ruin a kissing experience. For example, bad breath, lot of saliva, foods that leave a strong aftertaste in your mouth, etc. also, know some quick fixes to these problems. Like, carrying a pocket mouth freshener, chewing a mint gum, etc.  

There is a learning curve involved with kissing. If it is your first few times, be patient. Even if it is not your first time kissing but it is with a new person, know that every person and experience is different and it takes time to know and become better. No one is born a good kisser.   


While kissing, take it slow, there is no rush. Keep it light in the beginning if it feels good then go ahead and deepen the kiss. Even if you have known the person for long and you have kissed many times, know that it is okay to begin slow and then build up. There is a certain charm and elegance in a slow kiss.  Frankly, you do not have to poke the tongue right in all the time. 


Be gentle with how you are kissing. In the heat of the moment, if you both are rigorous, that is different. It is always a good and safe idea, especially the first few times, to not be aggressive with the mouth, lips, tongue, hands and whatever else. It is understandable that you want a good experience or a quick arousal but also try to understand the other person. You do not want to intimidate them and throw them off guard. Think if they are also on the same page as you.

Be playful 

It is okay to laugh in between a kiss or smile so widely that you have to take a halt. Bite your lower lip a bit or tease him in other ways to make him really want to kiss you. After a deep kiss, give a quick peck on the lips.     

Understand the partner’s rhythm and likes 

A good kisser is someone who can be in the moment, understand the partner’s style and adjust their kissing styles accordingly. For example, if the partner is not into a lot of tongue action or does not like a lot of saliva exchange, do not try to force it on them.  


In this blog-post, we talked about what it means when a guy tells you you are a good kisser. We also looked at some ways in which you can respond to his compliment. We also learned some tips to be good at kissing. If you had come in here with a lot of kissing-related queries, hope this blog could answer some important questions for you.   

Frequently Asked Questions: When a guy tells you you are a good kisser

What does it mean if you are a good kisser?

It means you have the skill set required to please your partner and yourself. You can judge the partner’s moods, skills, and likes and adjust yourself accordingly. You can help each other be aroused for sexual intercourse. There is also a healthy understanding of the vibe and energy that both partners bring into the act of kissing. Not one person is in-charge or dominant but both are equally contributing and reciprocating the warmth and passion eluded through kissing. 
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