List of Grief Worksheets (5+ Trustworthy Exercises)

This page displays grief worksheets.

Grief worksheets aim to help individuals deal with their grief by accepting the situation and moving forward in life.

Grief affects an individual emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Therefore it is essential to work on it to prevent their negative effects on the mind and body.

These grief worksheets are helpful for individuals in dealing with their loss.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

Grief Worksheet- Acceptance 

Grief is characterized by intense sorrow or bereavement on a loss.

Grief could result from someone’s death, losing contact with a loved one, losing a house, losing a job, encountering problems in a romantic relationship etcetera. 

There are seven stages of grief. The first stage is characterized by shock and denial of the loss.

Then in the second stage, the individual experiences pain and guilt, followed by anger, the third stage.

The fourth stage is when an individual feels depressed, lonely and reflects his thoughts.

The fifth stage is referred to as an upward turn.

It is when an individual starts to move towards the bright side of the happening.

The individual reshapes his thoughts and works on his loss in the sixth stage and finally accepts the situation with a hope for good things to come in the future in the last stage.

Although it is a long journey, the individual finally accepts his loss.

Each stage of grief has its own importance.

Grief helps an individual to free some energy to deal with his loss in a productive way. 

Grief Worksheet- Focusing on Positives 

When the rain comes, it brings a rainbow with it.

The black clouds have a silver lining around them. When night comes, the brightness of the moon spreads light.

Thus, with every hardship there is an ease, in every negative happening, there is a positive facet.

Griefs are inevitable. We can not avoid them but we can heal from those losses. It is true that our feelings arise from dominant thoughts.

If we focus more on negatives, we will feel depressed, low and sad.

On its contrary, if we focus on positives, we will feel content, satisfied and relieved. 

Accepting one’s loss is not as easy as we think but focusing on positive facets of the happening can help an individual heal from his loss.

Grief Worksheet- Controlling the Situation

When an individual experiences grief, he feels he has no control over the situation.

It is normal to think like this because while grieving, an individual is focusing on the loss only, he forgets the positive facets of the happening and the negative ones automatically dominate. 

Not being able to control things is referred to as “learned helplessness”.

When an individual thinks he can not control anything, without even trying to manage the situation because of his prior failed experiences, he is actually going through “learned helplessness”.

In such a situation the individual passively gives up. 

In this case, an individual must not give up but to figure out what things he can control and which things are beyond his control.

Then he must work on the things that he can control.

For example, the one who lost his job because of his careless behavior can not get back his job but he can work on changing his behavior so he could do well in the next job he gets.

Grief Worksheet- My Stages of Grief

There are five major stages of grief. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. An individual passes through all these stages to heal from his loss. 

My stages of grief worksheet is a stepwise activity for an individual to acknowledge his feelings, emotions, and condition through all these five stages of grief.

This enables an individual to reflect his emotions, feelings, and behavior in each stage to have a know-how of the healing process.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can download it from here.

Grief Worksheet- Grief Sentence Completion

Grief sentence completion worksheet is an effective worksheet for teaching the individual the healing process.

This worksheet directs the individual to acknowledge his feelings and emotions on his loss, and the changes this loss have made to his life and the individual.

Then it directs the individual to recall his good memories with that person and the things he learned from his loss.

This worksheet is brief yet effective. It comprises of only eight sentence completion questions and eliminates any chances of fatigue while solving these incomplete blanks.

It is a good source for helping an individual heal from his loss.

The worksheet is available in the pdf form, it can be accessed from here.

Grief Worksheet- My Grief Plan

Griefs are inevitable as are losses, but if good planning is done, an individual can heal from his loss successfully.

My grief plan worksheet is a very brief worksheet consisting of only four questions yet it helps individuals cope with the grieving situation in more than one way.

   My grief plan worksheet enables an individual to think of ways he could cope with his sadness and the people whom he could contact when he feels uncomfortable.

The worksheet helps an individual identify the negative thought pattern and aids him in making an effective coping plan for dealing with uneasy situations.

This worksheet is can be bought from the site.

Grief Worksheet- My Grief Response

My grief response worksheet is a detailed worksheet that aims to help an individual identify his unhealthy responses after the grieving situation.

It provides an individual with a list of responses that are common in an individual after a loss.

The individual is directed to identify and mark his responses and behavioral changes from that list. 

This worksheet enables an individual to think of ways he can cope with his present situation and the things he needs from his social circle, such as support, time and so forth.

This worksheet needs to be bought in order to bring it in use.

You can buy this worksheet from the site. 

This page displays some of the most effective grief worksheets.

These grief worksheets aim to help individual accept their loss and heal. 

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know in the comment section.

We will be glad to assist you.

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