Grey Rock Method of Communication (A Full Guide)

 In this article, we will discuss the Grey rock method of communication.

When dealing with wicked narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, borderlines, stalkers, drama queens, and other emotional vampires, it’s commonly recommended that no reply is the best reply to unwanted concentration.

This is usually right and making no contact (the escaping of all communication) should be used whenever feasible.

There are some circumstances though when making no contact is not possible, as in when you share child guardianship with a psychopath.

Like another example, if you are being stalked by an ex, a restrictive order can irritate the useless suitor, and rejecting to react to him or she is seen as abuse.

They may become persuaded that they can make you take action and in that way satisfy their need for command over you. 

Besides, many of us have made an effort to end a relationship with a psychopath a number of times, only to make them support, every time.

They turned on the sympathy tactic and the charisma, and since we didn’t recognize that this is what a psychopath does, we fell for their agreement to alter.

They recognize all of our affecting hooks. For them, it’s simple and cool to tempt us back by being attracted to our emotions.

But a psychopath can’t transform.  Even if we don’t take them back, the riskiest time for an individual is when they first leave a psychopath.

The psychopath considers anger at being unnecessary. Losing power or control over a person is not just egoistic harm for them; they feel extremely vacant when their partner leaves them even if they had planned to destroy their partner.

The motive for the reason is that they have lost power. Psychopaths want to feel in power at all times.

For all these circumstances, we have the Grey Rock Method of Communication.

What is the Gray Rock Method of Communication? 

The grey rock method of communication is a practice where a person becomes emotionally unresponsive, boring, and practice acts like a rock.

Emotional indifference serves to weaken a narcissist’s efforts to tempt and control, causing them to grow uninterested and fed up. 

Grey rock method of communication is mainly a method of encouraging a psychopath, a stalker, or another emotionally disturbed person, to lose concentration in you.

It varies from making no contact in that you don’t openly strive to stay away from contact with these sociopaths.

As a substitute, you agree to contact but only give dull, monotonous, and boring answers so that the aggressor must go somewhere else for his supply of drama.

When getting in touch with you is constantly boring for the psychopath, his brain is re-trained to anticipate dullness rather than excitement.

Sociopaths are obsessed with drama and they can’t set to be bored. With time, he will get a new human being to supply his drama and he will find himself drained to you less and less often.

Ultimately, they just slide away to greener meadows.

Grey rock method of communication is a way of teaching the psychopath to view you as an indecisive quest you bore him and he can’t stand boredom.

Reasons for Grey Method of Communication:

Fabricating a psychopath off of his own decision is one claim of the grey rock method of communication.

One might say that the grey rock method is a method of breaking up with a sociopath by using the older, “It’s not you, it’s me.” excuse, but that you proceed it out as an alternative of saying it and the sociopath comes to that ending on his own.

One more motive to use the grey rock method is to stay away from becoming an objective in the first place.

If you discover yourself in the friendship of one or more egotistic personalities possibly you do work with them or they are your family members it’s essential to evade activating their greed.

By using the grey rock method of communication, you grow fainter into the background.

It’s likely they won’t yet remember meeting you.

If you have already unintentionally been concerned about their interest and they have already begun to focus on you, you can still use the grey rock method of communication.

If you must go on a relationship with a sociopath, the grey rock method of communication can serve you as well.

Parents sharing combined guardianship with a psychopathic ex-spouse can use a grey rock method when the ex-spouse struggles to activate their emotions.

It is acknowledged that any risk to the safety of children is tremendously anxious and irritating.

Here is where the grey rock method of communication can be useful particularly to draw notice away from what really matters to you. 

Why Grey Rock Method of Communication works:

A sociopath is simply bored. He or she needs stable motivation to zone off dullness.

It isn’t the type of boredom that ordinary people feel; it’s more like the French word, ennui which refers to repressive boredom or apathy.

Drama is a sociopath’s therapy for boredom. For drama, they require spectators and some company.

Once the drama starts, they experience whole and lively again. They are empowered when pulling the strings that bring out our feelings.

Any type of emotions will do, as long as it is a reaction to their events.

A psychopath is a fanatic. He is addicted to control and power. His power is obtained by gaining the right to use our sentiments.

He is fanatically alert of this and needs to continually check to make confident we are still under his power and control.

He desires to know that we are still eager to do his command, make him pleased, and stay away from his rage.

He needs to produce drama so he can perform the power of controlling our emotions.

As with any obsession, it is exciting to the psychopath when he gets his dose of emotional responses.

The more times he practices an incentive for his dramatic activities, the more obsessed he becomes.

On the contrary, when the incentive stops coming, he becomes restless. He practices repressive boredom and he will oppose it by making more drama.

If we stay the path and show no sentiments, the psychopath will ultimately make a decision that his toy is out of order.

It doesn’t squeeze feelings when he compresses it anymore! Most likely, he will slide away to find a new plaything.

The grey rock method of communication does come with a warning: sociopaths are hazardous people, if you are in an association with one that has already decided to destroy you, it will be tough to alter his mind.

He might already be poisoning you or damaging your vehicle. Take all the essential safety measures.

In this case, the grey rock method of communication can only anticipate buying time until you can make your break out.

How Grey Method of Communication works:

Sociopaths are fascinated by pretty, shiny things that move rapid and to intense lights.

These things indicate excitement and reduce the sociopath’s chronic boredom.

Your emotional reactions are his food of preference, but they aren’t the only things he desires.

He desires everything pretty, glittery, and shiny that you have and he needs whatever you value.

You must cover anything that he will perceive and desire. If you happen to be very handsome, you need to modify that during this time.

Use your cosmetics to add bags under your eyes. If you aren’t married to the sociopath, any wealth or possessions he desires should vanish “in a terrible asset conclusion”.

Your sparkly sports car has to go, get a blender.

If you have a sparkling status, predict that he will or has already begun to insult you; so, don’t let yourself be put into any cooperation or pressed into inconsistent activities. 

Why is it called the Grey Rock Method of Communication?

You don’t just perform the grey rock method of communication; you turn out to be a grey rock.

There are grey rocks and pebbles all over you go, but you not at all notice them. None of them draw your consideration.

You don’t consider any exact rock you saw today because they merge with the landscape.

That is the kind of boring that you want to guide when you are dealing with a sociopath.

Your uninteresting personality will disguise you and the sociopath won’t even observe you were there.

In the natural world, there are many plants and creatures that explain to us how to stay alive in a world of predators.

Surrounded by others, birds pretend injury to guard their babies, and mice fool around dead until the cat loses attention.

Both of these strategies can be helpful and they can be channeled when appropriate.

Yet, it’s tricky to analyze each and every progress that a sociopath will create and to decide the best line of action every time.

The easy, modest grey rock has all the insight it needs to evade being noticed, it’s boring.

The Risks of Going Gray Rock:

As it is an effective means of dealing with a narcissist when going no contact is simply not an alternative, the grey rock method of communication does have one or two drawbacks.

Firstly, you may try to use it in the mistaken conditions. When it is likely to go no contact with a narcissist, you have to always take this option.

You might be attracted to only use the grey rock method rather than go through all the irritation of cutting them out just once and for all, but this is not sensible.

You might still have thoughts for them. Yes, you might grasp our wish that they can change.

It does need some turmoil and endeavors to make sure your paths never cross again. 

The second risk of using this method is that you allow it to sneak into other parts of your life and other affairs.

You might start using the silent treatment with acquaintances or new partners, you might experience growing wisdom of apathy toward the wider world, and you might lose attention in all the possessions you once had a passion for.

You can also mislay the ability to identify with others as you insensitive yourself to any sentiment, fearing it leaves you susceptible to exploitation.

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FAQ about the Grey Rock Method of Communication

What does it mean to Gray Rock?

Gray Rock is primarily a way of encouraging a psychopath, a stalker or other emotionally unbalanced person, to lose interest in you.

Gray Rock is a way of training the psychopath to view you as an unsatisfying pursuit — you bore him and he can’t stand boredom

What happens when you go gray rock?

One strategy for dealing with a narcissist or sociopath is to act like a “gray rock,” meaning that you become uninteresting and unresponsive.

This maneuver removes the narcissist’s “narcissistic supply.” For sociopaths and borderline personalities, it deprives them of drama.

What is GREY rocking a narcissist?

One strategy for dealing with a narcissist or sociopath is to act like a “gray rock,” meaning that you become uninteresting and unresponsive.

This maneuver removes a narcissist of his or her “narcissistic supply.”

For sociopaths and borderline personalities, you deprive them of drama

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