Best Gratitude Meditation Scripts (9+ Unbeatable Options)

This blog mentions some of the best gratitude meditation scripts that you can follow to practice gratitude meditation.

Gratitude meditation provides us with many benefits but before we acknowledge them, let’s find out some interesting facts about gratitude meditation and what exactly is. 

What Is Gratitude Meditation?

The easiest kind of meditation is breath control, in which we concentrate on our breathing pattern.

We utilize our five senses to focus on our inspiration and expiration patterns so we can stay in the present moment and notice the things going around us.

Study indicates that since our brains are inventive and crave for articulating themselves, giving it the area to develop its strength and concentrate on only itself, can easily relax the raging storms within.

Gratitude meditation is a mindful effort to value what makes us feel great. It’s linked in with opening the hearts of ours and embracing the blessings we’ve.

Many Buddhist nuns and monks actively practice gratitude meditation initially and end of the many days paying tribute to every little thing that helped them live through that day, such as the sufferings of theirs.

Gratitude meditation is being practiced for a long time.

Unlike conventional meditation practices that will require physical arrangements as sound adjustments, illumination, or posture, gratitude meditation is much more adaptable which enables them to be practiced in various settings for a long or short duration.

It empowers people to explore the darker phases of their life and their weaknesses, and lighten them up as well as make their weaknesses their strengths.

Benefits of Gratitude Meditation

Practicing gratitude meditation is very beneficial for an individual’s physical as well as psychological health. It could be used to advertise a good mood, resilience, and hope.

As individuals experience good emotions like compassion, loving-kindness, and gratitude, their understanding broadens, as well as their creativity and problem-solving capacities are promoted.

In addition to it,  people start to be more efficient in whatever they decide to do.

Gratitude Meditation Scripts

The following are some gratitude meditation scripts that you can find easily on the internet.

You can practice these gratitude mediations with guidance, to avail the numerous benefits of gratitude meditation.

1. Guiding Light Gratitude Meditation

Guiding light is an internet blog site that focuses on providing training as well as knowledge about mediation.

The guided gratitude meditation script that they stick to is based on the retreats of, Mr. Deepak Chopra, who is known as one of the popular meditation trainers.

The gratitude meditation carefully guides the follower by way of a serene path of internal wisdom and peace.

Beginning from the expression of gratitude to the breaths of people, their heartbeats, their 5 senses, and lastly, to individuals they love, this meditation awakens the consciousness of people in the most gentle way, leaving them refreshed and mentally happy from inside.

This gratitude meditation script can be accessed and listened via this site, or perhaps practiced by the individuals themselves by following the written script from here.

2. Change to Chill Gratitude Meditation Script

Change to chill is a web-based organization that aims to aid individuals, like adolescents and children, to conquer emotional stress and also improve resilience.

This gratitude mediation script is worth mentioning and is one of the many self-help resources of meditation and mindfulness, the gratitude meditation piece of software warrants talking.

You can access gratitude meditation scripts from the website from here.

It’s an emotion-focused process, and like all other gratitude medication practices, it starts with noticing and controlling one’s breathing patterns.

After the follower is submerged in the process, the narrator gradually advances toward changing the main focus to the follower’s deepest feelings of love, care, affection, and empathy.

It lets people face their positive energies and convey appreciation to themselves as well as others.

To access the content of this gratitude meditation script, click here

3. Gratitude Meditation by Flourish Yoga

Krista, the founder as well as coach of Flourish yoga exercises, dedicated her Canada based organization to foster knowledge about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Krista’s blogs and instruction manuals convey all the information about proper diet, yoga, active lifestyle, and deep breathing.

Krista’s gratitude meditation script is actually comforting and might be practiced during any part of the day.

It’s versatile, nourishing, as well as awakens people’s physical senses immediately, making them far more aware of the current time.

The complete audio program along with its description is offered on her original website which you can visit by clicking here.

4. Guided Gratitude Meditation by Still Minds

In a recent blog based on gratitude meditation, writer Kasey Carrington has given a unique compilation of several of the most popular guided gratitude relaxation scripts.

Those gratitude meditation scripts include short as well as long texts defined by different practitioners and well-established meditation teachers, and it is an all-in-one assortment of such meditation scripts.

5. Mind-Body Balance Guided Gratitude

Linda Hall, who is recognized as the trainer in  Mind-Body Balance Meditation Training Institute, developed a mind-body balance guided gratitude script that helps individuals to relieve stress, treat sleep deprivation, and enhance resilience.

This script can be accessed from here. It is a good source of practicing gratitude and developing self-awareness. 

6. Gratitude meditation by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra who is an American writer, and then motivator of Indian origins, is among the most honored alternative medicine and meditation trainers experts of the present time.

His gratitude meditation scripts have been practiced throughout the world and accepted.

Deepak Chopra’s gratitude meditation scripts are very helpful for the people who wish to eliminate negativity from their bodies and relief stress.

Deepak Chopra’s gratitude meditation scripts are very simple, effective, easy, and modifiable for use by beginners as well as the young generation.

Deepak Chopra’s gratitude meditation script can be practiced by following this link: 

7. Gratitude and Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Exercises presented the  Gratitude and Mindfulness Meditation that can be practiced for free.

The website, Mindfulness Exercises is a very helpful website that aims to aid individuals by providing them with various mindfulness as well as meditation resources.

The Gratitude and Mindfulness Meditation script can be accessed from here

8. Morning Gratitude Meditation

Josie Robinson, the writer of the ebook’ Gratitude Jar: A Guide In order to Creating Miracle’ is really a wellness counselor who thinks gratitude can help us achieve whatever is he wants to.

According to her, the finest way to begin one’s day is by expressing appreciation to every little thing which helped one experience yesterday and also provides one the desire of living today.

Her gratitude meditation is very encouraging and uplifting.

It just requires 5 minutes of this practice in the early morning before the individual begins his day.

You can view, practice, and avail the various benefits of gratitude meditation by following this link:

9. Gratitude Meditation For Happiness

Gratitude Meditation For Happiness is another effective gratitude meditation script that works on the purpose of promoting positive emotions in individuals.

This mediation practice introduces a small exercise that can be practiced at any time during the whole day and is best for the beginners.

To know more about gratitude mediation for happiness, visit the follow the below-mentioned youtube link:

10. Guided Gratitude Meditation for Wealth

Guided Gratitude Meditation for Wealth was developed as one part of Bob Baker’s 21-day mindfulness program.

This meditation exercise is designed to be done in the morning time. The writer of this gratitude meditation script says that this practice attracts happiness and wealth towards an individual.

You can follow the below-mentioned link to learn more about this gratitude meditation script:

The following is a list of some of the best books on gratitude meditation scripts. You can find effective gratitude meditation scripts and tips in these books.

These books guide you on how to practice gratitude mediation efficiently to avail of the benefits of this practice. All of these books are easily accessible from the amazon store.

Just click the book you wish to read and you will be redirected to the page from where you can access it. 

  • The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy by Max Highstein
  • Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations for Finding Peace in the Everyday by Matthew Sokolov, Daniel Henning, et al.
  • Guided Imagery for Groups: Fifty Visualizations That Promote Relaxation, Problem-Solving, Creativity, and Well-Being by Andrew E. Schwartz  | Aug 1, 1997
  • A Guide for Writing and Recording Guided Imagery Meditations: 70 Healing Scripts included: For yourself, your clients, patients, and students by Glenda Cedarleaf
  • Meditation for Relaxation: 60 Meditative Practices to Reduce Stress, Cultivate Calm, and Improve Sleep by Adam O’Neill, Jef Holbrook, et al.
  • 20 Guided Meditation Scripts for Stress & Anxiety: Mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, body scans, imagery and visualization for anxiety, stress relief, panic attacks, and self-healing by Rayna Zara

This blog presented ten of the best gratitude mediation scripts to you so you can practice it and benefit from it.

As mentioned earlier, gratitude meditation is a very healthy and beneficial practice, it is recommended not to miss an opportunity to avail of its positive aftermaths.

This blog has mentioned a list of ten gratitude mediation scripts and links to access them so you don’t have to utilize your energy and time on finding gratitude meditation scripts.

All you have to do now is to select your favorite one and start practicing it.

Your reviews about the blog are highly appreciated.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this blog, let us know through your comments in the comments section.

We will be glad to assist you in this regard. 


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