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This blog aims to provide you with numerous gratitude list templates.

These gratitude list templates have been curated from reputable third-party websites after extensive research on gratitude list templates.

As we all know, gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thankfulness that we experience when something good happens to us or when we do good to others, it is very important to count on the things that create a sense of gratitude in us.

This is because it reminds us all the time that we are lucky, blessed, and fortunate.  

Gratitude is a positive emotion that enables individuals to pay attention to the blessings they have rather than crying over things they lack.

All of us have so many things to be grateful for, still, most of us do not sense happiness or satisfaction till each need is met, and this rarely takes place.

We are continuously waiting to experience true happiness or contention.

There’ll continually be matters that we lack in life no matter how fortunate we are, however if we cognizance on what we do have, we will enjoy existence so much extra!

So, it is a very good habit to make a list of the things that makes you feel blessed, great, and content.

Before we move on the gratitude list templates, let’s have a look at why gratitude is so significant and what we can add in our gratitude lists.

Significance of Gratitude List

The following are some marked benefits of gratitude:

  •  Gratitude enhances mental power. It increases the level of happiness of individuals and makes them less probable to be afflicted by melancholy.
  • Gratitude boosts self-esteem. When individuals acknowledge the great things that people do for them, they feel cherished, that’s an outstanding booster for self-esteem needs.
  • Gratitude allows individuals to make new buddies through appreciation and thankfulness.
  • Gratitude can promote an individual’s bodily fitness.
  • Gratitude can enhance an individual’s mental health.
  • Gratitude enables an individual to understand other human beings closely and authentically and makes them experience the need to take revenge form others seldom.
  • Gratitude is also known to enhance an individual’s sleep.

Gratitude List Examples

Gratitude list of an individual consists of the things that make him feel grateful, content, and fortunate.

Gratitude lists can include things related to the following domains:

  • Well-being
  • Family, friends, and relationships 
  • Career
  • Home 
  • Pleasurable activities
  • Activities that trigger a sense of mastery
  • Favorite things such as a song, dress or a movie

Now let’s move on to find out some of the best gratitude list templates that you can use to create your gratitude list.

Gratitude List Templates

The following are some of the best gratitude list templates that can be used to make a list of things that make you feel grateful: 

1. Daily Gratitude List

The daily gratitude list is one of the best and very interesting templates offered by the 101planners website.

The daily gratitude list enables individuals to make a list of things that made them feel grateful about specific people, certain things, places, books, movies, qualities etcetera.

Some other amazing gratitude list templates offered by this website are based on these topics: I am grateful for, 50 things to be grateful for, weekly grateful list, monthly gratitude list, and so forth.

You can visit the site from here to access these amazing gratitude list templates. All of the templates are printable. 

2. Memories 

Memories gratitude list template, as the name implies, is the template that allows individuals to enlist memories that made them feel grateful, happy, and contented.

It enables individuals to recall all the pleasant memories that are close to their hearts and gives them a unique kind of happiness.

This gratitude list template can be accessed from here.

3. Kindness 

This is another gratitude list template. Kindness template allows individuals to recall and make a list of events when you showed kindness to others or when you performed acts of kindness for yourself.

Recalling kind act not only triggers the feelings of gratefulness but also helps in eliminating the effects of stress and depression.

The preview of this template is shown next. You can access this gratitude list template from here. 

4. The Extraordinary  

This gratitude list template allows individuals to focus on their daily routines and daily happenings closely, and make a list of things that made their day extraordinary from the rest of the days.

The individuals are supposed to enlist at least one thing that makes their one day distinct and worth it from the rest of the days.

Doing this activity can help individuals feel grateful for each day they live.

The following is the preview of the extraordinary gratitude list template. You can access this template from this site. 

5. Take a Look at Yourself First

The Penzu website offers multiple gratitude list templates. Another way of being grateful is to identify the positive, good, and worthy things that the individual himself contains.

The individual writes about the things he likes about himself such as his abilities and capabilities, his strengths, his way of looking, his style, his skill that he is a master of, the activities or games daddy plays efficiently, and other things that make him feel grateful about himself.

6. Zero in on a Pleasant Surprise

Another gratitude list template can be about recalling and enlisting the events when something unexpected and unusual happened to individuals.

These events could be any occasions that were expected to go in a different way but they produced an unexpectedly positive result.

Surprises are known to result in long-lived emotional reactions such as gratitude, happiness, awe etcetera.

Enlisting the things that surprised the individual is a good way to practice gratitude.

7. Gratitude Journal: Three Good Things

Gratitude Journal: three good things, is a very interesting gratitude list template offered by website.

It allows individuals to mention the good things that happened in the whole day of the individual regardless of how small or big those events were.

Since gratitude is found to be a very positive emotion that gives rise to other positive emotions, it is recommended to practice gratitude regularly.

This template allows individuals to recall their daily happenings and mention the things that they feel grateful for.

This template can be accessed from here.

You can also download it in the form of a PDF for your convenience from the same page.

 The following are some all the best Amazon tools and books related to gratitude, for you. You can use these books and Amazon to practice gratitude.

Some of these are self-help books that can help you acknowledge ways in which you can practice gratitude.

The list includes gratitude journals as well as a means of teaching you have to practice mindfulness, gratitude, happiness, and other positive emotions.

Just click the book you wish to study and you will be redirected to the page from where you can access it.

  • 52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy by Moorea Seal  | Sep 20, 2016
  • The One-Minute Gratitude Journal by Brenda Nathan  | Jan 18, 2016
  • Gratitude Journal: Practice gratitude and Daily Reflection – 1 Year/ 52 Weeks of Mindful Thankfulness with Gratitude and Motivational quotes by GreatPress | Nov 8, 2018
  • Gratitude Journal: Journal 5 minutes a day to develop gratitude, mindfulness, and productivity: 90 Days of daily practice, spending five minutes to … journal for Women, Men & Young Adults) by Sujatha Lalgudi  | Jul 15, 2019
  • Start With Gratitude: Daily Gratitude Journal | Positivity Diary for a Happier You in Just 5 Minutes a Day by Happy Books Hub  | Aug 28, 2018
  • Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude: Gratitude Journal by Pretty Simple Press | Sep 16, 2017

How do you write a gratitude list?

Some tips for writing gratitude list include thinking of the things that made you feel grateful today and listing them in a gratitude journal, breathing deeply whenever you feel stressed out or frustrated, keeping the gratitude list up to date, and finding things to be grateful for even in difficult or challenging times.

What are the examples of gratitude?

Gratitude is referred to as the feeling of appreciation for feeling thankful for something or someone.

Some examples of gratitude include: Children feeling grateful to their dad for bringing them new toys, a girl feeling grateful for the help her friend had given her, and so forth.

What do you write in a gratitude journal?

In a gratitude journal, we write about all the things that made us feel grateful.

These things could be kind words, friendly actions, anything with somebody did to make you feel happy for anything which you have done that made you feel proud and nice.

What is the best gratitude journal app?

Enter Gratefulness app is considered to be the best gratitude journal app. This app makes it easier for you to count on the things that made you feel grateful for the whole day.

It makes you feel good and emit positive vibes.

The app saves your previous information and keeps it private for you so whenever you are depressed or feel low you can go back again and experience the same positivity.

What are some ways to express gratitude? 

Some ways to express gratitude include: saying kind words, including others in your plans, listening actively to what the other person is saying, bring over lunch for others, text or email your friends to keep a check-in, ask your friends if there is something you can do for them.

What is the difference between gratitude and thankfulness?

Thankfulness is a social norm that is applied only in certain situations whereas gratitude is a very unique, positive expression of spirituality, kindness, and love.

In addition to it, thankfulness is just an activity where our gratitude is a feeling.

When somebody does something good to you, you feel grateful and give them thanks in return.

This blog provided you with a number of gratitude list templates. These gratitude list templates were curated from reputable third-party websites.

The blog also mentioned the importance of practicing gratitude to motivate individuals to practice gratitude regularly to benefit from its countless advantages.

Some good books to read about gratitude were also mentioned in the blog so you could find your favorite one to read and enhance your knowledge about gratitude.

Your reviews about the blog are welcomed.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this blog, let us know through your comments in the comments section. We will be glad to assist you in this regard.

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