Grateful (A Comprehensive Guide)


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Page last updated: 21/11/2022


“Grateful is the catalyst of being happy.” Being thankful for the things we have in our life or receive in our life.

Being thankful to someone who has helped you in an hour of need and appreciates them for their help.

For example; if a person is living away from his home in a hostel for studying or job purpose and he gets sick and his neighbor roommates help him by bringing him medicine and taking care of his needs in his sickness then he should be grateful for his roommate’s help. 

Showing gratitude towards what you have in your life brings a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Counting your blessings increases the blessings in your life.

If a person keeps complaining about everything in his life and is ungrateful for his blessings then he will end up having nothing but negativity in his life.

In this article, we will discuss a grateful personality.

How to be more grateful in life:

Many researchers are doing their research on being grateful and how it brings positive change in our life.

It is proven from the researches that people who are more grateful in their life are more happy and healthy.

There are some tips discussed below through which can help us in becoming more grateful in our life.

These areas follow:

Remind yourself of three good things each day:

This is one of the good ways to become more grateful in your life.

You should remind yourself of three good things you have in your life or three good things that happened in your life.

No matter how small that blessing is. For example; you can remind yourself that God has blessed you with two hands where there are some people whose life has challenged them with this deficiency.

You can be grateful for having a family and being raised by parents and think about those who are being raised orphanage. 

Make a gratitude journal:

Writing a journal has always been helpful in many things the same goes for being more grateful.

Write anything which made you relaxed and relieved for a while.

Any blessing you received whether it is small or big.

Write if the weather of that day made you feel happy or you reached your point on time, you had a seat in point, your presentation went well, you got promotion whatever happened in that day write that in your journal.

And when you are having bad days in your life you can read again that journal and remind yourself of those blessings you have in your life.

Say thanks to your partner:

Paying gratitude to your partners prevails a sense of satisfaction in the relationship and both feel as if their needs are met.

And a healthy relationship brings more positivity in life. That couple who show more gratitude to each other has more intimacy and trust towards each other.

If a couple is having a rough patch in their life they should remind themselves about the good things about their partner and all the good they have brought in their life.

Grateful (A Comprehensive Guide)

Focus on the good in bad moods:

When you are facing bad mood or bad times and want to lash out on someone and try to release negative energy within you, it is time for you to remind the good things in your life and avoid the stormy mood of yours which can make you regret later when you come back to your normal mood.

You can remind yourself of good things about that person whom with you are upset.

If you are upset with the situation you need to believe that it could be worse than it is now.

Thank yourself:

Gratitude is not always for what others have given to you.

Or what you have received from others you can appreciate yourself for all the good things you did for yourself and others.

You should be grateful for all the good positive efforts you did for yourself and others.

You can be grateful for all the good habits you already have and for those you worked for. 

There are plenty of things about yourself that you can be grateful of.

If you leave one bad habit and practice to be firm on that you should be grateful for the efforts you are putting in yourself.

Try to see good in yourself when nobody can see you.

Do not let yourself stay in despair for the things you could not do and for the things you are not capable of.

Do not burden yourself with unnecessary thoughts. Just be grateful and appreciate your efforts too.

It will bring the positive energy within you and you can perform even more good in your life.

Use technology for being grateful:

Nowadays when technology is a major part of our life that 90% of our work is done through technology. 

Technology has both its good and bad effects it depends on a person how he uses it.

We can also use technology for being grateful. Social media is the largest platform to connect people as well as expressing one thought towards anything.

You can also share your thoughts and feelings about your family, friends and loved ones through this technology and tell them by tagging in some pictures or uploading a comment or merely a statement telling them how grateful you are for them to have them in your life and how they have been available for you always.

I appreciate their efforts.

Savor the good moods:

Cherishing good moments is also a way of showing how grateful you are. Whenever you feel happy you need to feel that moment even more.

Try to feel how it is changing your mood. Notice every sensation you are having in your body at that time and thoughts that are provoking because of that mood.

Pay attention to that happiness and be grateful for that happiness.

When you are trying to pay gratitude to the things you have you can also remember those things which made you happy and be grateful for those moments of your life.

Check silver linings:

“Every dark cloud have a silver lining”

It is in our darkest moments we need to remember that everything happens for a good reason. In the most difficult time trying to see the positive aspect of that time.

Looking at the bright side in every situation of life is a blessing itself and being grateful is an even bigger blessing.

Mistakes teach us great lessons of life every mistake always gives us bigger than the thing we lose.

So instead of losing all of your hopes in darkness try to find the ray of light through the gratitude.

Try to remind yourselves of the things which can help you lift the darkness from your life and fill you again with good positive energy.

Practicing gratitude can lift the clouds of despair.

It is always little and big things and moments in someone’s life for which he can be grateful.

You just need to remind yourself of that bright moment of your life. And think of the situation as you lose only one thing you could’ve lost it all.

Empathy for others:

Empathy can trigger gratitude towards others.

People feel more grateful when they focus on others than on themselves.

It benefits people if they are grateful for what others have done for them and it also helps them in their relation making even better.

Change your perspective:

When you feel like you don’t have enough in your life to be grateful then remind yourself of those people who do not have what you have in your life.

Compare your life to those who do not have enough and are still grateful for the things they have in their life.

To be more grateful in your life you have to change your perspective towards life and things you perceive.

There are plenty of things for which we can be grateful all we need to have those which can see greatness in your life.

You can be grateful for the things you have in your life every day and every hour of your life.

How being grateful to help in good health:

Researches prove that gratitude can help in elevating good mood and it helps in improving the immune system and it can also help in lowering the blood pressure.

Being grateful induces optimism in a person and those people who are more optimistic in their life have better outcomes after their medical procedure.

Those people who are more grateful have healthy eating habits, they are regular at their exercises and they have a happy mood most of the time.

Being happy also increases the flow of blood and is also a cause of glow on the skin.  

Being grateful also boost our immune system. Certain hormones in the body are released when someone is optimistic.

These hormones boost our immune function. 

How being grateful bring joy:

Robert Emmons, an internationally renowned scientific expert on gratitude, says that when we appreciate the good things in our life it brings positive emotions like joy and contentment in us and when we start to appreciate these good things in our life it lasts long.

There are little moments in our life which can bring a great amount of joy in your life.

A hug from your loved one could be a great moment of joy. Seeing them after a long time is a moment to cherish all the wait you two have done together.

These are the moments for which you have to pay gratitude. These little moments can bring joy to your life.

Gratitude and resilience:

It becomes easy to handle the difficulties in your life if you start to practice gratitude. It is easy to recover from the trauma when you become more grateful for what you have in your life. 

Gratitude can help you to deal with the most threatening crisis of your life and sometimes being grateful makes you more grateful for the life you have.

FAQs about Grateful

How to be grateful in your darkest time of life?

In your darkest time of life try to concentrate on the positive things that bring happiness in your life and be grateful for those positive things.

How to be grateful?

Be thankful for the things you have in your life. 

Does being grateful to release stress?

Being grateful can help in reducing stress as well as it also helps in reducing depression.

Practicing gratitude can help in improving our health.

How to be grateful for ourselves?

One can be grateful for themselves also by reminding them about all the good habits and all the hard work you put in your life to make it better. 

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