Good Reasons To Transfer Schools(+7 Reasons)

In this article, we will focus on numerous reasons that are good enough to transfer schools for your child and why. Furthermore, the article will explain how to prepare your child for transferring schools especially if they are happy being at their current school.

  • Your Child Is Not Happy
  • Moving To Another City
  • You Plan On Changing Your Job
  • Bullying
  • More Facilities
  • Not The Right Environment
  • A Clean Start
  • Long Term Planning

Let us take a look at each of these reasons in detail now!

Your Child Is Not Happy

Your child is not happy and that is a good enough reason to consider transferring schools. It is possible that the current environment does not suit them, they are bullied, teachers discriminate against them or they just don’t have the right friends. Whatever the reason is, they are unhappy as a result of it. So, although you do not want to opt for homeschooling, you can always opt to transfer schools.

Look for these signs in your child that will point to his/her unhappiness:

  • Are not excited when you mention school
  • Don’t make any friends
  • Find it difficult to do school work
  • Their energy levels seem low
  • Eating habits have changed
  • Prominent behavior patterns

In this you note any of the above changes, talk to your child in a safe and comfortable environment while assuring them they can be truthful it is possible there may be more to why they are not happy with the school they go to.

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Moving To Another City

This is one of the best reasons to transfer schools when it comes to your child because you have no choice and must do so. It would be crazy moving to another city but having your child go to their previous school with long traveling hours. There could be so many problems and you wouldn’t be able to reach their school in time. It is always best to have your child study close.

Hence, when you plan on moving to another city it is best to plan on how to take your child out of school by preparing not only yourself but your child too! You could opt for homeschooling in the other city you move to or transfer them to another school there.

We will look at how to prepare your child to begin a new journey elsewhere in the upcoming sections in this article!

You Plan On Changing Your Job

Yes you plan to change your job and hence move to another city or are now a part time worker who engages in remote working. You now have more time on your hands or do not live in the same city. So how does this affect your child? You can either opt to homeschool your child or have them enrol in a new school. Nonetheless, you will have to take them out of theri new school especially if you are moving to a new location or want them homeschooled! In this case, if the only reason is changing your job and moving to a new city, then transfer your child to a new school! 


Bullying is a problem that is common in schools nowadays and there are a number of factors that promote it such as problems at home, the school or societal culture or a child’s personal problems or past experiences. Nevertheless, it is an issue that needs to be confronted.

In the case the school administration is helpful, you can easily tackle such issues with their help, the bully’s parents and your child’s input and reach a happy ending. However, if your school administration does not offer a positive response, you can consider taking your child out of school and transferring them to another branch or school!

Bullying is a problem that prevents your child from growing emotionally, mentally and as a person who can connect to others. Such behaviors will prevent them from learning efficiently at school, decrease their self esteem and discourage them from making friends. They can also lose their confidence. In some cases, physical harm can be involved. There are severe cases where bullying can lead to suicide in even young children – extremely unfortunate.

More Facilities

Nowadays people move from one place to the other without hesitation due to the ease of doing so and the option of remote working. You might live in another city but you feel closer to home because of all the facilities you have either because of the access or the new job that gets you all the benefits you need! 

When it comes to schools, it is possible schools in another area provide more facilities like libraries, healthier activities, better equipped sports grounds and gymnasiums – all these facilities play a huge role in helping your child develop skills they will need when they grow up. Hence, accessing more and better facilities could be one reason why you want to transfer your child to another school – either in the same region or a new place!

Not The Right Environment

It is possible you are happy with the school’s policies, their teaching staff, the education they provide and your child is absolutely ecstatic about going to school however, the environment your child operates in may not be a healthy one.

The people we meet in our daily lives have a huge impact on us – especially if we are younger and are still developing our worldview and understanding of how things should be. It is easy to brainwash a child although they may raise questions at first! Hence, you might be concerned about the environment they are exposed to, either at school or after school because of other kids or the neighborhood you live in. it is possible your child may pick up bad language, be exposed to drugs, pornography, violent behaviours or gestures or even words and other harmful behaviours which may ‘seem’ cool at first but cam have very bad effects in the long terms once you get involved in such things,

Hence, this is a good reason to consider transferring your child to a new school and possibly moving to a new neighborhood.

A Clean Start

Life can throw all types of drama at you and you never know, you and your family can be at the center of attention for even the most trivial of reasons. Without going into the details or what possible scenarios could lead up to such a state, sometimes people can fall in a bad light. Maybe someone made a bad decision or your child ended up doing something funny at school because of which he or she is the new ‘clown’ of the class. Nonetheless, being in the center of attention and people constantly reminding you of what happened can become a source of stress and embarrassment for you or your child and make it hard to get on with life.

Hence, in case you and your family ever fall into a situation like this and people are not so forgiving or sensitive, it is best to take up a new start and transfer schools and move to a new place!

Long Term Planning

You might not be doing things immediately but you have long term plans! Even though your goals are in the future, you start preparing for them beforehand right! It is possible that you and your spouse plan to find jobs in a new city and your current employer has given you the opportunity to work remotely. It would be easier to move to the city of your choice and look for jobs there – exposure and meeting new people help – while earning your income at the same time! Furthermore, you might be planning to move to a city which is closer to where your parents live so you can care for them. In that case it would be easier to transfer to your child’s school rather than take part in those long car pooling activities!

How To Prepare Your Child For A Transfer?

Preparing your child to transfer schools can be tough especially if they are happy at their current school and have great friends! Here are a few tips:

  • Show them video materials that make ‘transfers’ seem normal and good
  • Talk to them about why this decision needs to be taken
  • Figure out ways with them to still be in touch with their friends – letters, video calls, etc.
  • Explain the fun side of exploring new places and meeting new people
  • Look for places to visit in the new area
  • Show them the benefits of going to a new school
  • Teach them how to adjust or make friends
  • Prepare them for difficult situations they may face at a new school


This article shone light on numerous reasons to transfer your child to a new school all while explaining each reason in detail. Furthermore, the article not only talked about sensitive issues such as bullying but also how parents can prepare their child to move to a new school.


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