9 Good Reasons To Take Your Child Out Of School(+Tips)

In this article, we will list and explain reasons that are good enough to actually take your child out of school. The article will also comment on the disadvantages of the current education system that is mostly followed around the world.

Good Reasons To Take Your Child Out Of School

Here are the top reasons to take your child out of school:

  • Learning Not Good Enough
  • Your Child Is Not Happy
  • Bullying
  • School Administration
  • Moving To Another City
  • You Plan On Changing Your Job
  • Planning Vacations Is Easier
  • Don’t Just Read But Do
  • Socialize With People You Like – Not People With The Same Zip Code

We will now look at each of the above reasons in detail!

Learning Is Good Enough

How would it feel if you pay large fees for your child’s tuition only to find out his teacher doesn’t even notice all the spelling mistakes he has been making in his notebook and casually checks them off as correct! Most schools do not focus on the quality of education. This could possibly because of the lack of experienced teachers in your area of the policies of the school your child is currently enrolled in!

So, changing schools or transferring your child to another branch may not work. Being seriously concerned about his foundations which will determine how he learns new things in the future, you feel that as a parent you need to take strict action.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself before taking such a decision:

  • Are you a single parent?
  • Do you stay at home or work?
  • Are you a full time or part time employee?
  • Can you teach your child?
  • Can you afford private, at home tuition?

Once you are clear about what is possible for you and what is not, take action accordingly and try to give your child a better education even if that means staying at home to help them!

Your Child Is Not Happy

Your child is not happy and that is a good enough reason to take them out of school. It is possible they are still not ready to go to school and be around others or learn from people other than you or your spouse. Hence you should consider taking your child out of school and opting for baby steps when trying to socialize them into such settings where they learn in a collective environment.

Look for these signs in your child that will point to his/her unhappiness:

  • Are not excited when you mention school
  • Don’t make any friends
  • Find it difficult to do school work
  • Their energy levels seem low
  • Eating habits have changed
  • Prominent behavior patterns

In this you note any of the above changes, talk to your child in a safe and comfortable environment while assuring them they can be truthful it is possible there may be more to why they are not happy with the school they go to.


Bullying is a problem that is common in schools nowadays and there are a number of factors that promote it such as problems at home, the school or societal culture or a child’s personal problems or past experiences. Nevertheless, it is an issue that needs to be confronted.

In the case the school administration is helpful, you can easily tackle such issues with their help, the bully’s parents and your child’s input and reach a happy ending. However, if your school administration does not offer a positive response, you can consider taking your child out of school or transferring them to another branch – if you like their policies!

Bullying is a problem that prevents your child from growing emotionally, mentally and as a person who can connect to others. Such behaviors will prevent them from learning efficiently at school, decrease their self esteem and discourage them from making friends. They can also lose their confidence. In some cases, physical harm can be involved. There are severe cases where bullying can lead to suicide in even young children – extremely unfortunate.

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School Administration

It is possible that your child is unhappy because of various factors at school that are actually the result of the school administration’s policies or their attitude towards handling problems. So in such situations, it is best to abandon the school entirely and homeschool your child.

There are a number of areas where you may expect the administration to be cooperative but they are not such as:

  • Dealing with a strict teacher
  • Bullying
  • School workload
  • Special needs your child has
  • Teachers who discriminate
  • Incorporating more activities

In such cases, where the administration does not cooperate and it affects your child’s learning experience or causes them discomfort in some way, it is best to take your child out of school.

Moving To Another City

This is one of the best reasons to take your child out of school because you have no choice and must do so. It would be crazy moving to another city but having your child go to their previous school with long traveling hours. There could be so many problems and you wouldn’t be able to reach their school in time. It is always best to have your child study close.

Hence, when you plan on moving to another city it is best to plan on how to take your child out of school by preparing not only yourself but your child too! You could opt for homeschooling in the other city you move to or transfer them to another school there.

You Plan On Changing Your Job

Yes you plan to change your job and hence move to another city or are now a part time worker who engages in remote working. You now have more time on your hands or do not live in the same city. So how does this affect your child? You can either opt to homeschool your child or have them enrol in a new school. Nonetheless, you will have to take them out of theri new school especially if you are moving to a new location or want them homeschooled!

Planning Vacations Is Easier

Taking your child out of school and engaging them in homeschooling makes it way easier to plan family vacations! Although all of us question why it is absolutely necessary that a child so young as 8 or 9 attend each and every class, they have to and that is what schools demand! So, restricted by their policies, families cannot plan vacations so easily. Taking your child out of school and homeschooling them can be a great idea because it allows for more family vacations!

Don’t Just Read But Do

Although schools are changing how they teach students, many follow the same old teaching system of just reading and not doing! At home there are many opportunities where children can learn by doing instead of learning by reading. Not only is this technique more effective but it is one which children enjoy engaging in.

Give your child a better childhood and learning experience by taking them out of school and allowing them to learn in creative ways at home or take up short courses online or at different learning centers which will give them much more exposure!

Socialize With People You Like – Not People With The Same Zip Code

It is interesting how we group students into one class. The factors that make the classroom less diverse go against what we want today in a more diverse world we have much exposure to. Maybe your child does not enjoy learning in a group of children her age; they prefer learning with you or your husband at home! Don’t give in to traditional views of learning with your own age group. It’s more about who you enjoy being with rather than what factors make you different from each other!

So this is a good reason to take your child out of school! If they don’t seem happy at school and articulate that they would rather learn at home with you then consider taking them out of school!


The article looked at numerous reasons as to why someone should take their child out of school such as low quality education, uncooperative school administration, moving to another city or keeping your child happy and comfortable. The article also touched upon important but sensitive topics like bullying and discrimination.


10 Reasons to take your kids out of school, from a top NYC teacher