Good Reasons To Reschedule An Interview(7 Reasons)


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Page last updated: 24/09/2022

Good Reasons To Reschedule An Interview(7 Reasons)

The article will focus on reasons that are good enough to schedule an interview and why it is better to reschedule than go on with the initially agreed arrangements. Furthermore, the article will explain how to reschedule an interview so as to seem professional and reliable and hence leave a good impression on the other party.

Good Reasons To Reschedule An Interview

Here are good reasons to reschedule an interview:

  • You have the feeling something can go wrong
  • You Are Unwell
  • Bad Weather Is Coming Up
  • Transportation Issues
  • Family Emergency
  • Not Prepared 
  • Other Job Offers

We will be taking a look at each of these reasons in detail however, let us first take a look at why someone should put so much thought on rescheduling an interview!

Interviews – The Beginning Of Something New

Interviews can be a turning point in your life! They serve as a great platform where people who need opportunities can meet those who have the opportunities and see whether or not they are great for each other. Such meetings or interactions involve a series of questions, discussions, activities and even demonstrations – anything that helps two parties learn more about each other for a greater and beneficial purpose.

Going through someone’s resume may be a great way to shortlist the candidate, but talking to them or observing them in real life simulations can actually bring out their true face. Furthermore, just by observing how the other person talks to you can give you a huge hunch on whether or not they would be great on the team.

It is necessary to say that the opportunity giver is not the only one who benefits here. This is a great chance for the interviewee to determine if these are the type of people he or she wants to work with. Do they offer what they need? Are they understanding and flexible? Most importantly, do they understand what you expect and are willing to give you that and much more?

Hence, you can understand why interviews are so important. Yes the first impression effect does have much value and this is why one needs to put in much thought when it comes to scheduling or rescheduling an interview. Although it is advised that whatever was agreed upon should be followed, there are good reasons to reschedule an interview.

In the upcoming section, we will look at these reasons one by one!

Good Reasons To Reschedule An Interview(7 Reasons)

7 Reasons To Reschedule An Interview – Don’t Take The Risk!

In this section, we will point out those reasons or situations where you should actually consider rescheduling an interview so not to miss it entirely!

You Have The Feeling Something Can Go Wrong!

Although it isn’t wise to just act on your feelings, your gut feeling can actually help you determine what you need to focus on more – don’t ever ignore it. However, with feelings one needs to consider the facts!

Sometimes there is a lot going on in life. You have too many meetings, somebody is sick at home, your work tasks are piling up and your car is giving you problems. All during this time, you get that little thought in your head that what if you can’t make it to your interview because of something popping up at the last moment? This is the time when you need to sit down and reevaluate the situation. If too much is going on then thing again. Should you reschedule your interview or not?

You Are Unwell

Feeling ill is common and happens to everyone! It can happen when nothing is going in life or when you have so much to do that even the smallest inconvenience can ruin everything – it is funny the latter situation happens more often! Nonetheless, it is possible you have started to feel ill just before your interview date.

Feeling sick could mean you are coming down with the flu, have an upset stomach, feel lightheaded or become dizzy or nauseous. Any of these signs is not good because they restrict your ability to think clearly and of course reduce your energy a lot. You feel weak, unsure and unable to do what you could easily do. Hence, it is not advisable to give an interview doing this time. Why?

Well, your interview is the first time you actually meet a company, institute or individual who considers you for an opportunity that could be a job, internship, admission or the chance to take part in a new program. Hence, you need to be at your best where you radiate the energy you usually have as well as the motivation that drives you to get things done. However, when you are sick, your energy levels are down and you barely have the motivation to do anything. You might even feel and seem more grumpy who just does not want to be disturbed at all!

Hence, if you feel unwell, it is the best time to consider rescheduling an interview.

Bad Weather Is Coming Up

In some places, the weather can become very bad. Crazy hailstorms, tornados, thunderstorms and even strong winds can do a lot of damage hence it is advised to stay indoors. If you are getting ready to go for an interview and the sky starts blackening up and it gets windy or you start to see those big black clouds roll in, know that the weather is about to get crazy! This is one good time to call in and reschedule an interview.

Transportation Issues

Is your car not starting in the morning? Did the cold do something funny to it’s engine or has it finally given in because of all that maintenance that was needed since the past few months. Nevertheless, a car problem is one of the best reasons to reschedule an interview.

Maybe the public transport in your area is not working or has already called in to inform you that there will be maintenance issues. So don’t take any chances and call in immediately to request for a rescheduled interview.

Family Emergency

People understand when there are family problems and hence this is a good reason to ask for rescheduling an interview. Maybe your spouse has an appointment where you are required to go with them, your daughter may have had a fall and needs to be taken to the doctor regularly in the week in which the interview is scheduled or you just found out someone in your close family died. Don’t feel awkward but understand that family emergencies are normal and people understand!

Not Prepared 

If you think the people who are providing the opportunity are flexible and do not mind rescheduling interviews, then consider one if you are not prepared because of the busy week you just got through and hence couldn’t prepare for the interview!

Other Job Offers

If you have other job interviews you want to consider then consider moving the date ahead so you have more time to decide if you want to consider this job or not. Keeping in mind your priorities, request for a new date!

How To Reschedule A New Interview?

Here are things to remember when rescheduling an interview:

  • Request timely: If you have a busy schedule ahead, you need to request well beforehand, however if you are rescheduling because of feeling slightly unwell, it would not make sense to call in a week before the interview and ask for a new date. It is likely you will get better by then!
  • The Other Party: You need to consider how flexible the other party is and how much time they can actually give you, keeping that in mind request for a new date.
  • Be Professional: Inform them well ahead of time and through a proper channel by telling them what you need and why.
  • Be Flexible: If they are being compromising then you need to be so too! Ask them what suits them and tell them you are ready for online interviews too as well as interviews at any time in the upcoming week if not tomorrow. Show them you are serious!


This article highlighted and explained what reasons are good enough to reschedule an interview. It also explained what interviews are and why we should ensure we are prepared for them and do not miss them! The article also explained how to ask for a reschedule so as to seem professional and reliable to the other party!