13 Good Reasons To Miss School(+Tips)

This article will list down and explain 13 reasons that are good enough to miss school. It will also explain why someone may want to miss school and why this should be of concern for parents.

Good Reasons To Miss School – Top 13

Here are 13 good enough reasons to miss school:

  • Illness
  • Upset Stomach
  • Car Problem
  • Too Much Traffic
  • No Transport
  • Bad Weather
  • An Accident
  • That Time Of The Month
  • Rescued An Animal
  • Forgot Your Homework At Home
  • Your Eyesight Glasses Broke
  • Your Friend Is In The Hospital
  • No One To Pick You Up After School

Let us take a look at each of these reasons in detail!


This is one of the best reasons to miss school and it won’t be hard to convince your parents you actually need a day off. Becoming sick necessitates that you get rest. Working harder or carrying on with your daily routine will only worsen your condition because your body is not getting the rest it needs. 

Furthermore, you need to keep others safe too. You may come down with something that is contagious and hence need to stay at home. If you are sneezing or coughing too much, it is possible your school asks you to go home so as to keep the other students safe from catching whatever it is that you have.

By getting sick you could feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous and even cold so all this will prevent you from actually focusing on your studies. Hence this is one great reason to miss school.

Upset Stomach

Diarrhea is something that deserves recognition on its own. No matter how bad you want to go to school – you just can’t. Maybe you had something last night that caused your stomach to become upset and now you just can’t leave the bathroom! You absolutely cannot go to school and hence this is one good reason for students to miss school.

Sometimes not staying warm enough or engaging in too much activity can make the condition worse so this is actually a good reason to stay home.

Car Problem

Is your car not starting in the morning? Did the cold do something funny to it’s engine or has it finally given in because of all that maintenance that was needed since the past few months. Nevertheless, a car problem is one of the best reasons to skip school and no one can do anything about it.

Yes maybe you could carpool with your neighbors but the funny thing is that by the time you realize there is something wrong with your car, others have already left for school. So remember, a car problem is the best excuse to miss school especially since the parents have one added burden on their heads now!

Too Much Traffic

Traffic is one of those things that annoys everyone! Not to mention it can go from bad to worse in minutes just because of one small mistake or hastiness a driver showed and ended up blocking someone. Traffic jams get so big they are oftentimes reported on the news. 

If there is a traffic jam on your way to school, it’s possible it may last for hours if it’s a bad one. Hence, even if you try, you will miss most of the day. Hence, this is another good reason to miss school!

No Transport

Sometimes the school bus driver falls sick or you miss the bus. It’s even possible that your neighbors who carpool with you had their car break down. On top of that your parents have an important meeting at work none of them can miss! This is the best time a kid can tell their parents they want to miss school. It is like the perfect chance!

Bad Weather

In some places, the weather can become very bad. Crazy hailstorms, tornados, thunderstorms and even strong winds can do a lot of damage hence it is advised to stay indoors. If you are getting ready to go to school and the sky starts blackening up and it gets windy or you start to see those big black clouds roll in, know that the weather is about to get crazy!

This is another great reason skids have to miss school!

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An Accident

Something that has usually happened to all of us once in a lifetime is ending up in an accident either on the way to the grocery store, work or of course to school. Nonetheless, even if it isn’t a severe case and everyone is fine, this can be a stressful event after which everyone needs a breather. Hence, kids can remind their parents that this is the time when they want to take the day off.

Sometimes you can get hurt. You might fall off your bike, scrape your knee on the pavement or fall of a tree and fracture your arm. Not only does this require immediate attention by the doctor but you will need plenty of rest not only for your body but whatever you hurt. So kids can put this up as a great excuse to skip school.

That Time Of The Month

Girls everywhere have those special days when they need to be extra careful and of course become moody or experience crying spells or are very sensitive. This is because they are on their period or monthly cycle. This is a natural biological process every female goes through however it can become unpleasant at times or even unbearable. 

Young girls who go through this can experience back pain, body aches, cramps and even nausea. Hence is it not advisable to go to school in such a condition. 

Rescued An Animal

Everyone is fond of animals – well most people are! It is not unusual if you are preparing to go to school and find an injured bird, wandering kitten or injured squirrel that needs immediate attention or assistance. Your natural reaction would be to tend to them and possibly take them to the vet if they needed more help. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that coming across an animal that needs help isn’t so simple. They may need more attention for the rest of their day or a few days. So you must be at their side. Nevertheless, rescuing an animal is always an interesting experience and is a great time to ask your parents to let you take the day off!

Forgot Your Homework At Home

Ever been in that position where you are going to school and you suddenly remember you forgot your homework at home! You are already almost there and you know very well that it is no use to go to school today if you haven’t done your homework. Also, your mom is in no mood doing two rounds of getting you to school!

So don’t hesitate and try suggesting that this is a great time to just go back and home and stay there! Take the day off!

Your Eyesight Glasses Broke

If you can’t see what is the use of going to school? Your eyesight glasses broke and now you have no way of seeing what you will be doing at school. On top of that, all the blur you see will only give you a headache. This is a great time to take the day off and get your glasses fixed instead!

Your Friend Is In The Hospital

Friends are a very important part of one’s life. They are always there for you when you need them and they expect the same too. Even parents, remembering their own times, realize the role your friends play in your life.

A good reason to take the day off and miss school is to visit your friend in the hospital. They may have broken an arm or gotten very sick. This is the only time you have to show how much you care about them.

No One To Pick You Up After School

This is an easy one. Your parents are stuck with too much to do at work and none of them can pick you up on the way back. Hence, you should take this as the cue to suggest that it is a good time to take the day off and stay at home!

Parents – When Should They Be Concerned?

It is necessary for parents to realize that if their child demands to miss school often then this could be a sign of worry. They need to talk to their child as well as the school and figure out what problem is causing this behavior in their child. Some problems could include:

  • Bullying
  • Teachers discriminating against the child
  • The child find school work difficult – learning problem
  • Children are not friendly
  • They are treated poorly by others and school staff

These can be the reasons why a child may not want to go to school often.


This article looked at 13 good enough reasons to miss school and when should parents be concerned about such behavior. The article also highlighted the possible reasons why a child may want to miss school regularly.