Good Reasons To Change Your Job(+7 Reasons)

Here we will list down and explain various reasons that are good enough to make you consider changing your job. The article will also comment on important topics such as toxic workplaces and co workers or bosses that humiliate you or put you down for no good reason.

Good Reasons To Change Your Job – The Top 7 

Here are some good reasons to change your job:

  • You Don’t Like Your Work
  • The Pay Isn’t Enough
  • A Toxic Culture
  • Your Boss Doesn’t Like You
  • A Better Offer
  • It’s Too Far Away
  • Harassment Issues

We will look at each of these reasons in detail now!

You Don’t Like Your Work

One of the best reasons to change your job is because you simply do not like the work! So many people go through this realization once they enter the workforce or start a new business and realize that this is not what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately some believe this is the only opportunity they have and hence continue with what they are doing – others take control of their lives and take chances!

So, one of the reasons you may want to change your job is because you do not like what you do or believe it is of any benefit to you or others. It is possible you work for a company that sells unhealthy food and pollutes the environment, provides non beneficial services to people like low quality consultation, second hand products cheap in value or promotes the sale of dangerous products such as cigarettes. These beliefs could be based on your social, cultural or religious beliefs – nonetheless you do not believe in what you do and feel bad. You experience cognitive dissonance which further puts strain on you or makes you anxious. In such situations it is actually advisable to change your job.

Next time you sign up for a new job, be sure of what you are getting yourself into. Don’t expect the company to tell you each and everything! Do your homework and ask the right questions.

The Pay Isn’t Enough

It is possible you have more and more needs that are growing either because of your family, changing lifestyle, medical requirements or investments you plan to make in the near future! As a result your current pay is not enough and you are nowhere near a promotion and your company cannot afford to increase your pay in the near future.

It is important that employees are compensated in a manner that is acceptable to both parties where the company does not experience strain when compensating them due to low funds while at the same time the employee feels they have been rewarded enough for the effort they put in. however, in some cases this is not true and one of the parties will feel unsatisfied. In the case of the employee, they will either experience feelings of unhappiness, demotivation or reduce the effort they put in or not cooperate with management like they used to.

Hence, in such cases, it is better to change jobs once you realize your company will not increase your pay and you need more compensation to fulfill your needs.

A Toxic Culture

This is one of the worst situations someone could get into because when you do realize it, it is too late – the irony. Toxic cultures are something that are real and they only end up making people in them feel miserable, doubtful about themselves, insignificant and confused. There are various activities going on in such environments such as passive aggressive comments, the silent treatment, belittling others, not submitting work on time, spreading rumours and what not! Too much drama!

Hence, if you do get stuck in a toxic culture there are a few things you can do such as:

  • Stay Calm: If the coworker is out to get you then the worst thing you could do is show them you are angry at what they keep on doing. That is what they want! They want you to get annoyed every time they point out a mistake in your work.The best thing you can do is keep your cool. Don’t let them see how frustrated you are inside or even the fact that you are on to them
  • Confront Them: If you think enough is enough then confront your coworker. Some coworkers need to be questioned, only then will they back off and leave you alone. Next time they come up to you openly ask them about their habit of constantly giving you advice. Tell them how you feel and that you will not tolerate this anymore. 
  • Tell On Them Issues between coworkers can go from bad to worse and even become toxic! If you feel your coworkers habits of correcting your work are somewhat resembling any form of harassment, immediately inform upper management. They will tackle the situation without compromising your request.

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Your Boss Doesn’t Like

It is possible that your boss simply does not like you and of course it is natural they will put hurdles in your way so that you cannot shine like your other coworkers! If this is the case it is best to change your job because this attitude won’t change. However before taking such a big decision, take a moment and consider do the following:

  • Listen: It is important to ensure you actually listen to what the other person says. Sometimes our biases, beliefs, wants and feelings towards others prevents us from hearing what they are trying to say. It is indeed an interesting phenomena. Hence, if your boss is having a go at you then try and see what he is actually to say to you! You might as well figure out the problem he has with you and fix it!
  • If you like the company you work at and definitely think your boss is not out to get you but has genuine issues with how you work, then talk to him in person rather than in front of everyone. It is possible you may prove your boss wrong in front of all your co-workers but it may not leave a good impression on your boss even if he realizes he was at fault. Talk to him alone and tell him how he makes you feel. He might realize his wrong doing and you may end up having a better relationship than before with smoother working.
  • Coworkers: Before you think of doing anything, talk to your co-workers – the trusted ones of course! Sometimes we are not aware of the problems going on with other co workers and they might actually provide some insight from their own experiences which may help you make a better decision.

A Better Offer

It is possible you have a better offer and there really isn’t much to keep you glued to your current job – maybe you find a coworker cute! However, on a serious note, if you have a better job offer then there is no harm considering the offer and actually taking up. Do remember that it is good to finish up prior agreements with the company you are currently working at and then moving on to better and more interesting opportunities.

It’s Too Far

Your first job may instil so much excitement in you that you don’t mind working overtime or traveling far distances just to ‘get the entire experience of working!’. However, over time you may realize this is too much work for what you are getting. You may not only have to travel far but the traffic is horrible, there is no flexibility in terms of timing and you don’t get paid enough. Hence, this could be a good reason to change your job!

Harassment Issues

Both men and women go through harassment. It is a serious issue that causes much harm to the person emotionally, mentally and physically. Although much focus is on women when it comes to harassment, men also go through similar experiences. There are different reasons why someone may harass the other person – especially at work – such as attraction to them, sexual pleasure, perceiving them as a threat, wanting to get rid of them and wanting to feel in control or superior. If your workplace does not cooperate when it comes to harassment, the best thing to do – while also protesting – is to leave your job. Don’t be afraid to speak up for the right reasons but do so timely and in an appropriate manner!


This article pointed out good reasons to change your job while at the same time addressing important topics such as toxic workplaces, bosses that dislike you and harassment at the workplace.


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