What are good animes for depression? (15 good ones)

This article will show what are the 15 best anime for people that are struggling with depression, and why they are good.

The 15 best animes for people struggling with depression 

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

This is a comedy but it has a morbid twist to it. It tackles depression differently, using humor to treat those serious themes. 

For example, one of the main characters will carry a rope around his neck as soon as he has a difficult situation to deal with. There is also a suicidal teacher in the story. So a lot of lessons about depression can be taken from this anime.

Aoi Bungaku Series

This anime that is made differently, is divided into 6 episodes each of them a short story, set in its independent universe. And even though all of them center on mental health, the first story called No Longer Humans, deals with depression the best.

In this episode, we learn more about a boy that has been living completely socially isolated and is crushed under his ego. Through the episode, we learn he hasn’t been using the safest coping mechanisms, but by the end of the episode, you will surely relate to how he feels.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This show can feel like it is just exposure to nihilism. There are so many negative things going on. It is a show with great battles, but also one filled with depressed people. Themes like struggling for intimacy, the search for acceptance, sexual development, and inferiority complex are all present in this show.

This isn’t a show that will bring you a Disney-like happy ending, but it will surely show you more about the ways depression can impact a person.

Casshern Sins

This show causes people to reflect on what they would do if they were facing their mortality. In this anime world, robots have taken over the earth. And at first, they were all immortal. But that changed, and they are all now facing the possibility of death. 

And this leads them to deal with dying, or they can believe in a legend that says that they will be immortal if they eat something called Casshern. This show will put in perspective what are the good things of being alive, and what is lost if you die.

The Tatami Galaxy

If you have gone through depression, or are still struggling with it, this may be an anime you will relate to. This anime centers on how every little decision we make affects our lives. 

Through the anime, many protagonists choose different outcomes considering what they think would make them happy. Some may think it would come from getting a girlfriend, others from being popular. It puts you to think about how each decision can impact your life.

What are good animes for depression? (15 good ones)


Colorful is an anime movie that centers on a boy that thinks life is not worth living anymore. In it, an impure soul will take over the boy, and will have the task of understanding his biggest sin, but it also begins to discover all the complex events that have happened throughout the boy’s life.

Although it can be hard to watch, since it deals with a heavy topic like suicide, especially at such a young age, one can take away a lot from this anime.


This anime usually deals with a lot of themes. But there is one episode, called Mirror Lake, that will tackle depression. The idea of the show is that Mushishi, the protagonist, travels the world looking for Mushi, a spirit that can meddle in people’s affairs and bring negative occurrences.

So Mushishi will try to help people that are in pain, but also discover where Mushi comes from.

Your Lie in April

This anime will surely bring you to tears, as it shows two musicians that are dealing with their dark, depressing past. Through the anime, you notice that they deal with their pain in different ways, which helps them balance one another.

You should know, before watching this anime, that the dark themes on it are not exactly “my girlfriend doesn’t like me” theme. The show reaches deep into the theme.


This is an incredibly sad anime. It brings the darkest and harshest reality in life, leading to things you wouldn’t wish on anyone. The story focuses on 7 inmates and all the torture they will go through at the hands of the guards.

This anime makes you constantly think about how would someone go back to their life after enduring so many traumatic experiences?

Welcome to the N.H.K.

If you have been following anime for a while, this may be the first one you think about when you think about animes that talk about depression. The anime follows a hikikomori NEET as he tries to get his life back.

And it shows how that is not a simple thing. It tackles matters such as love, paranoia, ambition, and loneliness. 

A Silent Voice 

This is an anime about depression that can be extremely visually pleasing. This anime centers on Shouya Ishida, and how, when a deaf girl joins his classroom, he and his classmates decide to bully her. 

And as the girl remains empathetic, the main character starts to feel guilty. In the end, he goes through a bullying experience himself, which leads him to apologize to her just before he ends his own life.

Serial Experiments Lain 

This anime centers on the impact social networks will have on people’s lives. It tells the story of Lain Iwakura, a 14 year old girl that is extremely introverted. She received an email from a colleague that just ended her life.

And as she digs deeper into technology to learn what happened, she will learn about how the virtual world changes the concept of identity and consciousness.

March Comes in Like Lion 

This anime tells the story of Rei Kiriyama. A boy that is a great player of Japanese chess.it shows that he is under a lot of pressure. And as he moves alone, he starts to have trouble caring for himself.

Through this move, he will need to learn that, and how to interact with others. This anime shows depression rather than sadness, but apathy.

Aku no Hana 

This is an anime about depression that is often underrated. It centers on a bookworm boy named Kasuga Takao. And he has a girl, called Saeki Nanako whom he considers his muse. This leads him to constantly admire her from a distance.


Narutaru brings depression as a storyline when the female lead starts to experience bullying. This will ultimately lead her to self-harm, as a way to deal with all the stress and suffering she is feeling.

It shows a happy schoolgirl named Tamai Shiina, who meets a strange creature during her summer vacation. As she returns home, she discovers other people in her school have also made friends with a creature like Hoshimaru, but not all of them are friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are good anime for people with depression? 

Are anime good for mental health?

It can be that watching anime will be good for your mental health. In this form of entertainment, they usually speak very clearly about mental health issues, they can even talk about the gory details of it all.

So it can be that, for some people, watching an anime discuss mental health, and relating it to how they feel, will lead them to feel less alone. And even if you are not struggling with mental health matters, watching an anime that discusses it deeply will show you what are signs to be careful with, and even how to care better for your mental health.

What is the saddest anime? 

Some anime brings a sad theme. Some of them are Angel Beats, which takes place in a sort of limbo. Along with that one, Rascal Does Not Dream of A Dreaming Girl, is a comedy about a teen self-discovery.

There is also Assassination Classroom, which is classified as a science fiction comedy; and Channad After Story which brings up the question if it is better to have love and loss, than not loved at all?

And finally, there is Banana Fish, an anime that talks about a young gang leader that is investigating a drug.

What is anime addiction?

As with any other form of addiction, anime addiction is what leads you to become anxious if you are not able to watch it. You can begin to feel cravings, and want to watch anime all the time since it seems to offer you an escape from something that can be bothering you in your life.

As with any other form of addiction or compulsion, it will be said that you have an anime addiction as it starts to harm your life and relationships. When it turns into your primary focus and makes you let go of other things that should be important to you.

How can I get over anime addiction?

The first thing to do is to realize you are addicted to it. You can start to ask yourself if anime has become a priority in your life if you have let go of other things in the chance of watching an anime, and why it makes you so happy.

Once you have realized it has been a problem, try to limit the time you will spend watching anime, and how many shows you watch. You can try to think of other fun things to do other than watching anime, and you may want to watch it as a reward for doing something.

Try to limit your exposure, meaning doesn’t buy as much merchandise and spend time away from websites that discuss anime. And as you open some space in your life, try to consider new hobbies. You can go outside, make new friends, or learn a musical instrument.

Can watching anime affect my grades?

It can be that watching anime will affect your grades. This is not necessarily linked to the anime, though. But rather about how you discipline yourself to watch it. Your grades will most likely be affected if you start to develop an anime addiction, which will mean that you have stopped prioritizing other things in your life, and are focusing mostly on watching anime.


This article focused on showing what are the 15 best animes for people that are struggling with depression. The article explained briefly why they would be interesting to watch.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.