Giving up due to Depression in Life (5 Signs and stages)

In this guide, we will discuss the different signs and stages that we can see in a person you are giving up due to depression in life. 

Depression can be an extremely tough time for us and lead us to have thoughts and feelings that we never wanted to experience. Sometimes things can get so bad during depression that we feel like giving up on life. Before we fully give up on life because of depression certain signs can be visible in our behavior. People around us can notice the difference in our behavior and tell something is off with us. We can slowly notice these changes within us.

The faster we can recognize and identify these signs the faster we can seek help for depression. 

Giving up due to Depression in life

Here are certain signs and stages that we can notice in a person who is giving up due to depression:

  • Disregard for physical hygiene
  • Loss of appetite
  • Being dehydrated
  • Lossing sleep or sleeping too much
  • No productive behavior
  • Feel indecisive and confused all the time
  • Dwelling on the past too much
  • Continuously tired and fatigued
  • Cutting off socially
  • Being apathetic
  • Reduced physical activity
  • Do not feel pain
  • No will to live

Disregard for physical hygiene

One of the things that can be noticed in a person and within ourselves when one is giving up due to depression in life is their disregard for physical and personal hygiene. The person no longer cares about what they look like and how they are dressed up. At times they do not take a bath or engage in activities of self grooming. They give on caring about their physical hygiene. You can smell bad breath and like they haven’t showered in weeks. Their clothes will also be dirty and unclean. They might also have long uncut hair and fingernails. 

Loss of appetite

A person who is giving up due to depression in life can be seen losing their appetite levels drastically. They no longer feel like eating anything, not even things that used to be once their favorite. They eat maybe 1-2 meals a day too if forced by other people. Even in those meals, they have very little food, which many times are unhealthy and cheap. Their diet does not include anything healthy and nutritious. They look like they haven’t eaten anything in months and look sick all the time. 

Being dehydrated

People who are giving up due to depression in life can hardly be seen drinking water and keeping themselves hydrated. They have dry skin and lips and can be seen hardly drinking any water. They do not care about their body and if proper amounts of water are consumed by the body in a day. They have a maximum of 2-3 glasses of water in a day too if they are stepping outside and it is hot. 

Losing sleep or sleeping too much

A person who is giving up due to depression in life can be seen either sleeping all day and not getting out of their bed. Or they will hardly sleep for 3-4 hours a day. Their sleep cycle is not regulated and completely messed up. They do not have particular hours of sleeping and waking. They sleep whenever they feel like it and only get up when it is completely necessary for them too. The person is likely to just think about different things inside their heads and not sleep at proper times. 

No productive behavior

A person who is giving up due to depression in life will showcase no productive behavior at all. They can be seen wasting their entire day sleeping, or binging watching tv series. They can be seen doing no work or anything productive that would contribute to their future. It seems like they are just spending the whole day without any aim or motivation in life to guide them. They have a similar routine every day where they might engage themselves in a few activities in the beginning by stop doing them also. 

Feel indecisive and confused all the time

Individuals who are giving up due to depression in life can be seen to be more indecisive and confused than usual. They are unable to decide and take quick decisions on small things like what to eat or what work to do first. For any decision, it takes them a lot of time to decide upon them and work their way through implementing the decisions. They are hesitant in making decisions and tend to postpone the process of decision making until the very last moment.

Dwelling on the past too much

A person giving up due to depression in life can be seen dwelling too much on the past. They have no hope for the future and do not expect things to get better in life. They feel like their life is only going to be filled with sadness and despair and that no matter how much effort they put in it’s going to be the same. They are continuously reliving their past days, either missing the old happy days or recounting the mistakes they made and how they could have avoided them for a happier future today.

Continuously tired and fatigued

The person is continuously tired and fatigued and seems to have no energy to work or perform any task. They lie in bed all day or are seen binge-watching. They find every task exhausting requiring energy from them that they do not have. They can be seen doing things slower than before, like walking or getting up. They do not seem to at times have the energy to get out of bed to use the bathroom. 

Cutting off socially

Individuals who look like are giving up due to depression in life, tend to cut themselves off from the world but not interacting with anyone. They cut themselves off socially by not talking to or meeting their family members, friends, or loved ones. They can be seen distancing themselves from everyone and just spending time alone with their thoughts. They claim to not have the energy to attend social gatherings. 

Being apathetic

Individuals who have started giving up due to depression in life tend to also become apathetic. Apathetic meaning showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern for anyone or towards anything in the world. The person is uninterested in everything and feels disinterested in performing activities or hobbies that we once pleasurable for them. They do not care about anything and feel like they are just floating through life unhinged and unaware of what is happening around them. 

Reduced physical activity

A person who is giving up due to depression in life can be seen not getting out of bed, going out for walks, or leaving the house for anything. They will coup up inside their rooms all the time and only come out for food. They do not seem to leave their house anymore or call someone over. The only movement they do is probably for going to the bathroom and getting food. They do not engage in any physical activity like walking, jogging, or exercising. 

Do not feel pain

These individuals stop experiencing any pain mentally or physically. This is one of the second last stages when a person is giving up due to depression in life. The person can be seen walking around emotionless and like nothing in the world bothers them. If they get hurt physically, they tend to shrug it off like it is nothing. They do not even experience the concept of physical pain cause their body has becomes so numb. 

No will to live

The last stage for people who are giving up due to depression in life is their want to die. They no longer have the will to live and experience suicidal ideation and attempts. They have no will to live and because of that they at times just lay in their beds doing nothing for days at a stretch. They perform not activities, eat, drink, or sleep. Sometimes when things get extremely severe they lie in their beds in their excretion without bothering to get up and change their clothes or bedsheet. Nothing in the world matters to them anymore. 

In case you correlate to the above-given signs and stages, talk to someone who is close to you, or contact a mental health professional about it. 

In this guide, we discussed the different signs and stages that we can see in a person you are giving up due to depression in life. 

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FAQs: Giving up due to Depression in Life

What are the signs of someone giving up on life?

The most common signs of someone giving up on life are social withdrawal from their family, friends, and loved ones. They show apathy towards everything, that is, they show a lack of emotions towards everything that is happening in their life. The person starts to lower their physical activity and movement and can be seen as being very inactive. 

What is the #1 cause of depression?

According to studies, the #1 cause of depression is not just chemical imbalance in the brain, where there is too much or too little production of certain neurotransmitters and hormones. There are multiple possible causes of depression like faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, highly stressful life events, and other medical problems. 

What are the 9 causes of depression?

The major 9 causes of depression that have been identified are;
Abuse- physical, sexual, or emotional abuse
Medications for certain health problems
Conflict with family, friends, or at the workplace
Death or loss of a loved one
Serious medical illness
Highly stressful work or living environment
Co-morbidity with other mental health problems
Tragic life events

Does being poor make you depressed?

No one factor or reason makes a person depressed but a bunch of factors like genetics, tragic life events, or abuse. But yes being poor can contribute to making a person depressed. Poverty can lead to mental health issues, especially in most cases depression. 

Does a person know when they are dying?

It is quite impossible to tell the exact time you will die, so generally, a person does not know when they are dying. But when a person is seriously ill they can identify certain changes in behavior that help provide information as to when the person might die. 

What causes a person to give up?

There are many different causes as to why a person gives up, one of them being fear of failure. The person is afraid to fail as they care too much about what other people will think of them. There is a fear of judgment from others if they fail and therefore many people give up.