Give and Take By Adam Grant- Summary

In this brief article, we’ll discuss “Give and Take By Adam Grant- Summar” and the difference between takers and givers.

Then we’ll discuss about the career success for givers and common mistakes, we as a human make.

Finally, we’ll highlight the Future that entails with and for the givers.


Adam Grant is known as a popular professor at the Wharton School and he had managed to win accolades as well.

Grant has been a highly successful director of commercials as well, also he is a ski jumper and an experienced magician.

Grant has written the book Give and Take and it is considered to be one of his best selling books.

He believed that a person’s whole life’s success is divided into four factors and those are motivation, ability, opportunity, and ability to interact with people. 

Takers and Givers, Adam Grant has classified people into three categories:

  • In the first category, people only work for themselves in order to just increase the profit and to take care of themselves.
  • In the second category, people make conscious choices in putting others’ interests too and sometimes ahead of their own.
  • In the third category, people adopt different behaviors, they take, give or exchange but usually, everyone has a dominant model that determines their behavior.

The author believes that givers usually receive fewer benefits as they put others’ interests above and forgets about their own interests.

Positive psychology is all about the link between giving and positive emotion. Giving like sharing makes us human and it makes us happy.

Happiness is an emotion just like sadness, we get happy when we positivity is around us and positivity increases when we make others happy and their happiness doubles our happiness.


For anybody to succeed in life the things which are important are talent, skills and the right motivation.

The givers use all these three things effectively, they have the talent (of course) and they are supporting people and therefore, they willingly like to share their talent with the world which makes them good mentors and volunteers. 

They have skills, and they willingly like to share them too this way they achieve more supporters than any other individual who stays away from this.

This makes the givers more wanted in society so that what they have will be shared and increased for the betterment of society.

They have the right motivation, and they willingly like to motivate others too for the right thing at the right time.

It’s never too late to try becoming a giver and start the journey, what you have is precious and it will be better if it’s shared and doubled.

The givers are supposedly known to have reached higher levels in any sector or they have lost in the ground.

Yes, there have been times where the givers have seen the hard times as well because in order to successfully balance is also important.

The givers who go out of the way and give too much of their knowledge and skills and if to the wrong people (the takers), they see failure on their way. 


Takers, on the other hand, are people who take others for granted, for them, there is no such thing as sharing or giving they just like to take or even more precise, snatch from the people for their own personal reasons.

These people are very much competitive, they like to compete with every individual they get in contact with, either they are their colleagues, friends or their family they don’t spare anybody.

They believe in short-term gains and not in long-term relationships.

These people are always there around you, they are those people who try to dominate others and believe that they are the best among all.


In the book, author Adam Grant ha tried to warn in making the biggest and the most common mistake of assuming who are givers and who are takers.

It is easy to believe that people who are calm, polite and agreeable are givers, but we know we have been with people who seem to be polite and calm and agree to everything and anything until they are frustrated and become self-centered within a fraction of seconds.

On the other hand, people with strong reactions, loudmouth, and aggressive face take your back as soon as you are weak and vulnerable and never asks for a favor in return.

Therefore, it’s not just polite behavior and a happy face makes a person a giver.

It’s necessary to be sure of your environment, be it personal or professional, listen to your gut feeling and instincts and take appropriate measures to get rid of the people who are poisonous for you.

When you find people for whom everything is all about them then it is the time to take a step back from them and don’t fall into their trap.

Becoming assertive is important to let go of these takers from your life otherwise you’ll only be a pushover who can be taken down from anyone and anybody would be able to take advantage of you.


Well, obviously it’s the givers only who’ll have a bright future and more opportunities (personal & professional) will be waiting for the givers.

Many might have the question- why? Why only givers hold the future? Following are some answers to it:

  • Givers are not self-centered and they put others well-being above theirs unlike the takers who only think about them
  • Givers try to give and share their knowledge, skills, and talent with other people without any hesitation
  • They want other people to grow as they have always been, they want to give others the same chances and opportunities to grow that they have gotten
  • Givers work with people and in teams, they interact with each other and tries to bring out the best in people.

Therefore, the world will have a better future with more givers in it and the future will be relying on them and not on the takers.


In this blog, we’ve discussed “Give and Take By Adam Grant- Summar” and the difference between takers and givers.

Then we’ve discussed the career success for givers and common mistakes, we as a human make.

Finally, we’ve highlighted the Future that entails with and for the givers. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or suggestion, we would really appreciate that.

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