11 gifts for a friend that is going through IVF in the UK

This article will discuss what are the best gifts you can give to a friend that is going through IVF and lives in the UK. The article will explain what IVF is, and how it can emotionally impact your friend.

11 gifts for a friend that is going through IVF in the UK

If you have a friend that is going through IVF, sending them a gift can be a great way to show them you got their back, and that you are interested in being part of this moment in their lives. Here are some things you can give your friend that is going through IVF.

IVF planner 

Having a planner when going through IVF can be extremely helpful. Your friend may need to keep track of many dates. There are the dates they are taking the shots, the ones to collect the eggs. Having all those marked somewhere can help.

Aside from that, in their IVF planner, they can write down how they have been feeling, their worries, and their concerns. Externalizing their feelings can be important so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Send them IVF milestone cards or positive affirmation cards

The IVF is made of many milestones. Sending them cards will show them you are keeping track of what they are going through, and that you are supporting them through this process. 

They will also give them a positive, and thoughtful message. There are also some cards of positive affirmations you can give them. They can read those each morning, to have a positivity ritual.

IVF bracelet 

There are many forms of IVF bracelets you can give your friend. There are some that focus on fertility, others on good energy, and love. Find the one that you feel will give your friend what you think they require and show them your support.

Hot/cold bags 

When a woman is going through IVF they will take many shots to stimulate egg production. You can give them a hot or cold bag, which they can use right after the shots, to calm the pain in the location.

IVF care gift box 

If you want to give your friend that is going through IVF a complete gift, you can make a gift box for them. Add the cards, some socks, the planner, the calendar stickers, or any other ideas you may have. 

Giving them an IVF gift box will let them know you are available to support them in this process they may be starting.

IVF socks

There is a tradition on IVF that a woman should wear a pair of lucky IVF socks on the day of the egg retrieval, and their transfer day. You can find a lot of them with fun sayings. Pick one you think describes your friend the best. 

IVF medication bag 

Going through IVF can be extremely stressful. There is so much your friend needs to do. So having a place in which they can put all their medications and vitamins, will help them organize their routine.

IVF calendar stickers 

Your friend may be using a planner, a calendar in the walk, or even a journal to keep track of the dates and procedures she has. You can give her IVF calendar stickers that she can glue on one of them to keep better track of what she is going through at the moment.

Pregnancy and IVF crystals

You can find an assembly of crystals, such as Tumbled Stone, Bloodstone, Moonstone, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Unakite, and Rose Quartz that are related to pregnancy, IVF, motherhood, and birth. 

It can be a great way for your friend that is going through IVF to have crystals in their life. This is a way to vibrate the most wonderful energy. In using this combination of crystals, you will sense the great energy of all of the processes they are going through. 

Baby bodysuit with the IVF theme

This gift can be a sweet and motivational one. There are many bodysuits with IVF theme phrases printed on them. This can remind your friend of why they are doing this process, and show how supportive and hopeful you are.

IVF T-shirt

Many T-shirts are IVF-themed on Etsy. You can give one to your friend to give them some encouragement in the journey they are going through. 

What is IVF? 

IVF is a form of conceiving that will help people that have trouble doing it naturally. The cause of infertility can be many. Such as if one of the partners has a fertility issue, or because of age. During the process, the woman will receive a high dose of hormones, through some daily injections.

That high dose of hormone focuses on making the woman produce more eggs, which will be later on retrieved. Those will be fertilized with the sperm, and then the embryos will be put in the woman’s womb so they can grow and develop. 

Through the years it has become a more and more frequent way for couples to have children. And even though it is expensive, and the success rate is around 20-30%,  it is a safe way to help people conceive. The process of IVF can have many emotional impacts on people. Let’s discuss what they are. 

What are the emotional impacts of IVF?

When a woman is going through an IVF treatment they can feel overwhelmed. The big first impact is discovering that they are having trouble getting pregnant. Which can lead to a sense of failure, and frustration that can take a toll on both of them.

Once they decide to go through IVF, and the process starts, the woman will go through many changes. The hormone shots that are used to stimulate egg production can affect them to a point that they can develop depression and anxiety. 

Since IVF is not a sure thing, the couple can also fear that the IVF will not work, and that can also have a negative emotional impact on the person. They can become more nervous, and irritable, and the fear of failure can even lead them to isolate themselves from others so they are not asked about IVF.

The matter that IVF is not a sure thing can also impact couples going through it. As they keep trying to get pregnant, and the results don’t come as they expected, the sense of failure and frustration can become even stronger. Because of all that, one should be considerate and careful when talking to someone that is going through an IVF process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the best gifts to give to a friend that is going through IVF in the UK? 

How can I keep hope when doing IVF?

Going through IVF can be an extremely emotional time. But it is important that you keep hopeful, and care for your mental health during this period. The first thing you can do, that may help you feel calmer, is try to write down what you would say to a friend that is going through IVF, and read it over.

Directing those kinds and caring words to yourself will surely help you feel better. Aside from that, it may be important that you learn to deal with stress. Accepting your feelings, and looking at them through caring eyes. This doesn’t mean you should be okay with being sad, but mostly that you should try to work with them positively.

For that, you can try meditating or even doing things that you love, such as being around friends, cooking, or even reading a good book. Keep in mind to always have people around you that you can trust, so you can talk. It can be a friend or even a therapist.

Many support groups are focused on people going through IVF. Putting your feelings out will be important. And most of all, you should keep your life active. Don’t stop doing things. It will be great to be pregnant, but don’t focus all of your energy on this. There’s a lot more to you than that.

What is the success rate of IVF?

It is important when going through IVF to keep in mind the success rates but to not let that define how you will go through this experience. There have been reports of women that had a full-term pregnancy in the first cycle, and others that had to wait longer. 

But, with that in mind, when. a woman is younger than 35 years old, the chance of her having a full-term pregnancy, and the baby will be born with the appropriate weight, is around 21,3%. 

How long does an IVF cycle last?

Each cycle of IVF will usually go on for around 3 weeks. And each of them will cost around 10 thousand dollars. In the United States, around 1-2% of the babies that are born nowadays, are babies that were conceived from IVF.

What should I do before my embryo transfer?

In the days leading to your embryo transfer, there are some things you should do. One of them is to remember to take your medication on time. And to help with your bed rest, and all the trash from the medication, keep a trash can close by your bed. Get yourself plenty of things to do. Books, shows, movies, music, you name it.

There is an idea that you should have warm feet in this process, so you can get yourself some warm socks. And try to sleep well, before and after the transfer. Aside from that, prevent extreme temperatures in your abdominal area, and have meals that are good for you. You may want to talk to your doctor about what you can have.

But usually, they recommend you to stay away from things that have an endocrine-disrupting chemical. Which can be present in meat and dairy. Aside from that, plan the logistics for the transfer, and have your bag ready the night before. And avoid sexual activity after the transfer.

And finally, talk to your doctor about what medications will be necessary after the transfer, and keep taking them. 

What is the flower that symbolizes fertility so I can give it to my friend going through IVF?

The flower that symbolizes fertility, and is the symbol of IVF, is the Floral Pineapple.


This article showed what are the best gifts to give to someone that is in the UK and is going through IVF. The article also explained what IVF is, and what are the emotional impacts of going through it.

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