Genogram Worksheets (5+)

This page provides you with some of the best genogram worksheets. Genogram worksheets help individuals track mental illnesses in their families by making a family tree.

Genetic material is transferred from parents to offsprings and this continues from one generation to the other.

Likewise, mental illnesses can also be transferred through genes from one generation to the other.

Genogram worksheets help individuals make a family tree to track mental illnesses and their families for checking the chances of getting a mental disorder.

These worksheets can also help individuals to identify the pattern of relationship and behavioral styles in their family. 

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing the relevant content in bulk.

Genogram Worksheet- Tracking Illnesses Running Through Families

A genogram is referred to as a diagram that represents the family tree of the individual. It shows the relationship between different members of the family and the specific characteristics of those members.

It is not like a traditional family tree. It is a great approach to help individuals learn similarities and differences among their family members. 

A genogram holds great importance.

It is a good source of identifying psychological illnesses, physical diseases, social and emotional issues that run in a family.

It can help individuals identify hereditary factors and psychological factors that have been affecting their older generations and are predicted to influence the incoming generation.

This can help individuals take preventive measures before it’s too late. 

A genogram is a great resource for storing data of a family including their history, their relationships, their personality, diseases and disorders that run in their families and so forth.

Genogram Worksheet- My Personality 

A personality is defined as a combination of characteristics that an individual holds. These characteristics define an individual and distinguish him from others.

An individual’s personality includes his character, behavior, attitudes, nature, cognitions, and emotional factors that the individual has adopted from his ancestors or his environment. 

An individual’s personality is affected by his ancestors a lot.

Most traits that are common in an individual and his family members have been inherited from his previous generations.

Therefore heredity plays a major role in shaping the personality of an individual.

Environmental factors also influence the personality of an individual but studies have shown that the effect of heredity is more than the environment. 

Hence to predict the personality of an individual, the personality of the individual’s family members can be considered.

The genogram helps an individual keep track of his family member’s personality traits to identify why the personality of that individual is that way. 

Genogram Worksheet- Emotion Regulation

Emotion regulation is defined as an ability to regulate emotions with respect to the situation.

It involves expressing, changing and controlling emotions according to the situation. 

Emotion regulation is essential to maintain the well-being of an individual. It enables an individual to express his emotions in the most effective way and at the proper time.

Emotion regulation is helpful for maintaining good relations with others and improves overall health.

An individual’s behavior is not always the response of his immediate emotions. Often emotions are shielded by other emotions.

The immediate emotions are a result of those emotions.

The ability of an individual to regulate emotions is also heredity. The individual inherit emotional regulation skills and abilities form their ancestors.

Although these skills can be learnt afterwards the inborne skills to regulate emotions are inherited by the individual form their previous generations.

Keeping a track of an individual’s family member’s emotion regulation abilities can help the individual acknowledge if he can regulate emotions efficiently or he needs to learn emotion regulation skills.

Genogram Worksheet- Genogram Symbol Sheet

The genogram symbol sheet by the website is a brief but useful worksheet that helps individuals learn different genogram symbols and their meaning so they can use them to make a family tree. 

The genogram symbol sheet mentions the common symbols that are used to construct family genograms.

These genogram symbols include symbols for gender, emotional relationships, family relationships, children, relationship comments and lifespan.

The individual can learn the different genogram symbols from this worksheet and use them while making their family trees. 

Genogram symbols sheet is accompanied by another worksheet or in other words a guide that helps individuals learn more about genograms and their uses. This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

You can download the worksheet from here.

To read the blog about the genogram, genogram for psychotherapy, click here.

Genogram Worksheet- Family Genogram Worksheet

Family genogram worksheet is a worksheet that explains the procedure to make family genograms for identifying the conflicts that run in families from generation to generation.

This worksheet mentions 7 steps for constructing a genogram. First of all the individual is directed to construct a family tree.

Then he is asked to mention the keywords describing each family member and the person who has the power in the family.

The individual then needs to mention the relationship between each family member with other family members using different genogram symbols.

Once the family genogram is completed, the individual can identify the commonalities in relationships among his family members. 

This worksheet is a great resource for helping individuals construct a family genogram and identify the relationship issues present in his family.

The family genogram worksheet also mentions A sample genogram to help individuals construct the genogram easily. 

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet.

You can download it in the form of pdf from here.

Genogram Worksheet- Genogram Template Worksheet

The genogram template worksheet different genogram symbols that an individual can use to construct his family genogram.

We are familiar with the benefits of having a family genogram.

A family genogram is a great source of identifying family illnesses, relationship issues, personality issues, and other diseases and disorders that run in a family to help an individual take preventive measures. 

The genogram template worksheet mentions several genogram symbols that an individual can use for making a genogram for his family. 

You can download this worksheet in the form of pdf from here.

Genogram Worksheet- Genogram Your Family

Genogram your family worksheet is a simple and brief worksheet that helps an individual to construct a family genogram for him.

The worksheet also mentions some symbols for relationship issues, gender and relationship statuses to help an individual construct the genogram efficiently. 

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can get this worksheet from here.

You can also download it in the form of pdf for your convenience.

This page provided you with some of the most effective genogram worksheets.

These genogram worksheets are helpful for individuals in constructing family trees or family genograms to track the diseases or illnesses that run in a family so the individual can take precautionary or preventive measures before it’s too late. 

Some of these genogram worksheets were created by us while some of them curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any queries or questions regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you in this regard.

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