Genetic Sexual Attraction (A Comprehensive Guide)

Our world is filled with stuff which is sometimes hard to understand and we come across such kinds of things every now and then.

The sexual attraction is a global phenomenon and no one can deny it. It is also a part of our survival process and without sexual attraction, reproduction wouldn’t be fun.

However, it can cause a problem if people are sexually attracted to people and things they should not feel attracted to.

There are many disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Disorders, Edition 5 (DSM-V) in which people are attracted to the things which are not usually like sex objects for common people.

However, there are other types of sexual attractions that are not listed in DSM-V but they still exist is a problem and people are mostly bothered by the fact that they face such issues.

The genetic sexual attraction is one of those problems and more and more people are being affected by it as more cases are being reported.

However, there are still people who don’t know what genetic sexual attraction is.

We shall discuss this problem in this article and tell you its background and therapies or cures related to it.

Before going to any further details we should first know what genetic sexual attraction is.

  • Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)

In simplest terms, genetic sexual attraction (GSA) is a sexual attraction between close relatives who are related by blood like brother and sister who first meet as adults.

It occurs as a consequence of adoption when an adopted child goes out and seeks his true parents and blood relatives.

It is a rather uncommon consequence of adoptive reunions but a recent study has revealed that more people are affected by genetic sexual attraction is recently happened adopted reunions.

It is a highly distressing situation for everyone involved in it because it is against the socially acceptable sexual, moral structure as well as the legal structure.

The reason could be a similar genetic makeup and a genetic predisposition toward the same interests and possession of highly compatible personalities.

This can make relatives who have met each other only as adults to find each other attractive than any other two random people.

The genetic sexual attraction is rare in children who were brought up together in early childhood.

When children are brought up together, this phenomenon is avoided by a form of reverse sexual imprinting which is called the Westermarck effect that suppresses sexual desires between siblings.

It is hypothesized that this effect is the result of evolution to stop inbreeding. The science behind the Westermarck effect has not been clearly understood yet.

Another example could be of a father who has never met his daughter and when he meets his daughter for the first time, he feels physically attracted to her as an adult.

This one of the most complex topics and needs a complete and thorough understanding.

Let’s further discuss its history and how the term was coined. 

  • Background

Genetic sexual attraction was a term first coined in the United States by Barbara Gonyo in the late 1980s.

Gonyo was the founder of Truth Seekers in Adoption which is a support group for adoptees and their newfound relatives.

The group was based in Chicago and the term is fairly new and hasn’t been around for a long time.

Gonyo coined the term as she also developed sexual feelings for her son when she met after he was adopted away and he did not want to have any contact with her.

The phenomenon is rare and new and that’s why there are not many studies or research available regarding this.

However, a suggested explanation for genetic sexual attraction can also be possible with narcissistic feelings. 

  • Explaining Genetic Sexual Attraction

Before explaining genetic sexual attraction we should first know how romantic attraction works.

People are mostly attracted to those who have resemblance with them the most both in physical appearance as well as mental connection.

No, all the adoptees are sexually attracted to their relatives who they meet after a long period of time.

In fact, it is a rarely occurring phenomenon but many people are able to reconnect with their long-lost family members because of the internet so the incident of genetic attraction has been increasing.

If two blood relatives decide to engage in a sexual relationship after meeting each other for the first time it is called incest. 

  • How to deal with these feelings

We often feel troubled if we develop feelings for someone we can’t have and it could be even more problematic if the person you are attracted to is someone you are related to.

It is a taboo in many cultures and forbidden to even think about. Being attracted to someone and being willing to act are two different things.

However, being attracted to a long lost blood relative after meeting them for the first time is not really a new thing now.

It is a really confusing phenomenon and some people go through these issues.

It does not have to make you feel dirty or wrong as it is a common response after seeing someone whom you find physically appealing.

People just have to control their impulses and everything will stay under control.

  • Is This a Real Deal?

Genetic sexual attraction has been described as pseudoscience by some experts who have tried to debunk it.

According to these experts the idea of being attracted to someone whom you share your genes with is a total bunk.

Therefore, not many types of research are out there to prove if the genetic sexual attraction is a real deal or not.

The idea is too disturbing for people to study and because it is often labeled as sheer nonsense.

That’s why there is only a little evidence available to prove whether the genetic sexual attraction is a scientific fact.

However, there are many internet stories and incidences related to the genetic sexual attraction which makes it a rather rarely occurring phenomenon (if not commonly occurring) which exists but we have only a little awareness about it.

  • What does it feel like?

A person may have developed some feelings for one of their blood relatives but he or she may not know what genetic sexual attraction feels like.

You might have a question that how to know for sure what sexual attraction feels like or what signs are there for genetic sexual attraction.

The sexual attraction is not always what has been shown in the movies or television.

The person does not actually want to rip his clothes off the second he or she sees someone attractive.

Actually, it happens as once a person finds someone attractive he starts mimicking them such as their facial expressions, body language, or the way they laugh, almost everything about them.

This is actually we are trying to bond with them subconsciously. 

When you are sexually attracted to someone you also feel the same feelings as you feel when you are embarrassed, say you get red in the face when you are embarrassed.

Your heart starts racing and your dopamine levels increase which can also turn into that giddy feeling which can also turn into an obsession in some cases. 

Once a person feels sexually attracted to someone he couldn’t resist touching them, these could be simply a casual touch on the arm or shoulder.

Even if you are not a touch person, you might also remember every detail of the conversation you have had with them.

Let’s just say that you will remember if they have told you about their favorite television program or how they like their coffee.

This is how your mind tries to bond with someone you barely know.

These are not always signs of sexual attraction but these can provide you an idea of how sexual attraction usually goes.

It is not always a cause of concern but you should look for the signs too. 

If you think you are suffering from genetic sexual attraction or you think you are suffering from any kind of paraphilia(like Somnophilia) then you should always consider reaching out to a licensed counselor to help you deal with this problem.

One should always remember that nobody is going to judge you for this and you will be provided with the best form of therapy online.

A counselor will work with you and help you find solutions to make your everyday life easier.

Online therapy and online counseling are very convenient and you are definitely will be able to reach out from the comfort of your own home.

If you have been struggling with sexual problems and want to talk to someone you should talk to an online counselor as it would be an amazing opportunity for you.

Online counseling has been made easier with the availability of a number of platforms and licensed counselors.

Don’t wait up too long and reach out for help so the issue is tackled at earlier stages before it starts affecting your mental health worse or causes any occupational or functional distress. 

Men suffer from different types of sexual dysfunctions, other than genetic sexual attraction. One such example is of Hebephiles.

Some problems with sexual attraction may be that you are asexual, this can lead to you still being an adult and a virgin.

FAQ about Genetic Sexual Attraction 

Why does genetic sexual attraction happen?

Genetic sexual attraction usually happens because many traits are mostly determined by genetics and people could find attractive the same shared traits with others.

People who believed in the concept think that it occurs as the result of an adoption reunion after a long period of time.

According to clinical sexologists, people who have experienced genetic sexual attraction have been estranged during a critical stage of their life leaving them confused.

How genetic sexual attraction is similar or different than incest?

A major difference of genetic sexual attraction from incest is the fact that there was a common element in almost all cases of people who engaged in sexual relations in the genetic sexual attraction were separated when they were children and reunited as adults.

They did not meet with each other during this period.

Genetic sexual attraction and incest are often classified separately on the basis of upbringing in both cases.

Some people consider genetic sexual attraction as wrong but understandable that meeting a family member for a long period of time urges them to cross boundaries in order to catch up on the lost years.

Does genetic sexual attraction happen often?

It is a rarely occurring phenomenon and it has caught the attention of the public in the past few decades.

The reason could be the fact that people are trying to reach out more to their biological families.

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