19 genderqueer celebrities (you don’t know)

In this blog post, we talk about what it means to be genderqueer. We also talk briefly about 19 genderqueer celelbrieties and what their sexuality means for them.

What does it mean to be genderqueer?

Genderqueer is a gender identity that is built around the term “queer.” To be queer is to exist in a way that does not align with heterosexual or homosexual norms.

Although it is usually used to describe a person’s sexual orientation, it can also be used to express nonbinary gender identity.

In order to really make sense of what genderqueer means, it is important to remember that gender is not always black and white.

There are two parts to our sexes. Gender identity is the way you identify, whether as a man, a woman, or something else entirely.

Gender expression is the way you express yourself and present yourself in terms of masculinity and femininity.

Although we have often been taught that man and woman are two completely different categories, both gender identity and gender expression exist across a spectrum.

People can identify more closely with being male or female, or they can fall anywhere between the two categories.

Also, a person can identify more with masculine expression, feminine expression, or both. They can also identify somewhere in the middle, or they can switch between the two on any given day.

People who are genderqueer can also present and express themselves in any number of different ways.

A person who does not need to look androgynous or act in a way that is neither masculine nor feminine to be genderqueer, although they can do so if they feel entitled to them.

It is about how a person understands their own personal gender identity.

People who are genderqueer can only identify as genderqueer and something else.

For example, a person may identify as a trans genderqueer woman or a bigender androgynous genderqueer person.

Transgender people can also identify as genderqueer and vice versa.

Some genderqueer people choose to undergo social, legal, or medical transitions, including taking hormones, changing their name, or having surgery to assert and express themselves in a way congruent with their gender identity.

Now that we’ve clarified what genderqueer means, it’s time to introduce you to the 21 genderqueer celebrities!

Jonathan Van Ness

There is an inflatable track on a stage. It is a theatre and it is full of people. Jonathan Van Ness is 5 feet 6 inches, wearing black leggings, blue Maya, and white socks.

His long hair is slightly organized in a braid, except for the strands that escape and frame the face. His dense beard is characteristic. 

Thus, Jonathan raises his arms in front of the audience, asks for an ovation, stands in profile, stretches his entire body from the tips of his fingers to the heels, takes momentum and jumps. Two backflips and one final stride. 

Returns to the edge of the stage to thank and dance with happiness or gratitude in front of those who scream.

Some, from what can be seen from a video that was recorded from behind the scenes and is now on Instagram, raise fists.

Everyone is there, looking at it because they found an example in it.

Jonathan’s role in Queer Eye is to advise on skin and hair aesthetics. But it is also a laughingstock in each chapter for its occurrences.

However, behind the laughter, there is, like those that count in the series, a story of overcoming.

And Queer Eye, in addition to being the series that made him famous, is his own lifeguard.

Lachlan Watson

If you like the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you may have noticed that it is a production that addresses different and novel topics.

For example, the empowerment of women and sexual diversity. And it is that the series has at least two characters that represent pansexuality and non-binary gender people.

They are Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo) and Susie Putnam (Lachlan Watson) respectively.

The character that Lachlan Watson plays is not much different from him. The actor was born in 2001.

At birth, due to his genitalia, he was assigned the female gender.

However, he does not identify with this gender, so he prefers to refer to it with masculine or neutral pronouns. Something that Lachlan said clicked into his lifestyle.

Asia Kate Dillon

Billions, the series dedicated to solving tax crimes in the US, has shown a non-binary sex scene in a historical movement.

Last year, the Showtime drama introduced Taylor, a character who does not identify as either a man or a woman, played by Asia Kate Dillon, who is also non-binary and who is already known to us for her role in Orange Is The New Black.

Taylor is considered the first representation of a non-binary character on television.

The acclaimed television show, starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, tells the story of a battle between a major hedge fund and the New York District Attorney.

Angel Haze

From its origins, one of the most common accusations that have been made to hip hop is that of machismo, but the truth is that more and more women are venturing into this musical genre, and they do it successfully.

Thus, rappers like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea or Azealia Banks are some of its greatest exponents, and another artist to consider is Angel Haze.

Born into a dysfunctional family that belonged to a religious sect, Raykeea Angel Wilson’s childhood could not have been more traumatic: in a version of the Eminem classic Cleaning out my closet, the artist revealed that she suffered sexual abuse at the age of seven years.

However, her strength of character and passion for music allowed her to get ahead, and in 2012 she began to attract the attention of critics with her first E.P., New York, and various mixtapes that she released for free online.

Tom Phelan

YouTube personality named Tom Phelan who was part of the Teens React web series and later Fine Brothers’ Adults React.

He has also landed a role in a series derived from the previous series called Nickelodeon’s React To That.

Tom Phelan, who plays a transgender teenager on ABC Family’s “The Fosters,” said that as more young transsexuals like him have joined the national acting collectively, there has been an increase in wealthy roles demanding that actors emotionally deepen.

Remember the recording of a scene located on a beach that required you to remove your shirt. “The camera sees my scars, which I think is great,” he said. “If I were a young transsexual living somewhere where there is little information, it would be amazing to see that on television.

Nico Tortorella

“It”. Nico Tortorella and the label crossing.

The American actor, writer and painter has become, along with Ezra Miller, one of the Hollywood characters who embody the new masculinity.

The first time Tortorella labelled himself was in 2016 when he openly manifested himself as genderfluid.

And since then he has spent every hour and every second explaining the way of living sexuality and gender.

Such is his concern that before interviews he stresses that it should never attribute any pronoun. Neither he nor she.

IT should be. The “Space Between” between both genres, fluidity.

Ser Anzoategui

Ser Anzoategui was used to hearing no. “Oh it is not possible!” they heard at home from family. “No,” they heard at casting calls and auditions. “No,” the world seemed to be telling them.

 Living in Los Angeles, which greets all those who arrive with the promise that, “Yes, you can make your dreams come true here” made it even harder.

Anzoategui always felt like the realities of their gender identity and their racial identity (they describe themself as a non-binary Latinx / Chicanx actor/playwright/artivist) made hearing those “No’s” all the more debilitating. 

But rather than wallow in negativity, they persevered. After penning solo shows about their life, nabbing a role on Hulu’s East Los High, and working alongside the East Side community where they grew up, Anzoategui is ready to take on the role of their career as Eddy in Starz’s upcoming series, Vida

Ellie Desautels

In Rise, Ellie Desautels plays Michael, who l is part of the high school choir and has one of the best voices, so Lou does not hesitate to give him a chance in the theatre group. 

There he finds an environment in which he feels welcomed and not judged by his condition as a transsexual boy, nor by his physical appearance.

He does not lack the smile on his face and always gives off a great desire to face his fears and find his place. 

Something that could collide with the more reserved character of Simon, who lives with greater fear of facing who he really is.

Michael is an example of self-improvement who struggles every day to be true to his identity and his desire to feel one more.

Amandla Stenberg

In an interview with Wonderland, Amandla explained that the lack of lesbian and black representation meant that she did not even imagine that she could be.

One of her biggest inspirations is singer Syd, who showed her that there was nothing wrong with being attracted to women.

“I am grateful for how being gay has given me this ability to experience and understand love and sex, and therefore life, in an expansive and infinite way. The ongoing process of unlearning heteronormativity and internalized homophobia can be difficult, but one of the greatest blessings lies in the magic that comes from understanding love outside the confines of learned heterosexual roles. ”

Sam Smith

The singer, a winner of four Grammy awards, has made his physical complexes a crusade: dismantle the classic canon of masculinity.

In 2018, the singer dated Brandon Flynn, an actor on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, for nine months, and has since gone public with no other relationship. Last March, in an interview for Instagram, he defined himself as a “non-binary” genre, which earned him the mockery of the presenter of the Good Morning Britain television program, Piers Morgan. 

And it is not lost on anyone that How do you sleep? the video, in which Smith releases what in slang is commonly known as “pen”, also has a political dimension.

The one that claims that gender fluidity is not only a privilege of stylized influencers but an exercise in freedom and expression. 

Ruby Rose

Actress, model and presenter Ruby Rose was born on March 20, 1986, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Her mother, the artist, Katia Langenheim, had her at the age of 20. Attended University High School and Footscray City College.

She assumed her homosexuality at age 12, so she suffered verbal insults and physical abuse at school by her classmates.

At some point, she thought about having the operation for gender reassignment, but in the end, she did do it.

Jacob Tobia

Jacob Tobia, an American with Syrian roots, has put the ‘genderqueer’ community on the map.

At just 26 years old, Jacob writes articles for the New York Times, has participated in the production of the series ‘Transparent’, has starred in MTV shows and is going to publish her memoirs.

For me, genderqueer identity means freeing your gender expression from masculinity and femininity. I no longer live my life trying to be a man, nor do I live it pretending to be a woman. I just try to live my life in a way that makes me feel good, not caring “what am I expected to do” as a person who was assigned a man at birth. Just because he has a body type doesn’t mean he has to obey the rules of manhood as I was taught.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle, is a non-binary mini-star, of much greater musical richness and a capacity for memorable phrase and unmatched trendy melodies. 

It is quite complicated to talk about Janelle Monáe without remembering Beyoncé.

And it is even more complicated to take sides with Monáe without lacking a little respect for the success and significance that the former Destiny’s Child has acquired in the last two decades.

Brigette Lundy-Paine

The co-star of the hit series Atypical, Brigette Lundy-Paine, confessed to being a non-binary person and prefers to be referred to as “they”, as is Sam Smith.

Lundy-Paine, who defines herself as a queer person, came out of the closet as a non-binary person in a post she shared on Instagram, where she uploaded a photo of her cat with the caption: “I am not binary, I always felt like a little boy, a little girl, a little of none ”.

I’ve felt good using ‘they’ lately. I was scared to come out of the closet and I’ve been putting it off. But I feel like I owe it to myself and to all of us who struggle with gender. If you are NB, comment and celebrate. You are beautiful and you are complete, “added” Casey. 

Asia Kate Dillon

Talking about the non-binary genre generates a real blow between progressive and conservative ideas, presenting it and making it visible on a TV show definitely matters, both for non-binary people and to give a social message.

To be non-binary is to feel outside the concepts of man or woman, it is to live and express yourself without the need to follow gender stereotypes, to be non-binary is to flow, to do what you want with your clothing and not to fall in the expectations of attitude like “a man is strong and determined” or “the woman is fragile and submissive”.

A very important challenge for all of us is to understand that the assigned sex is very different from expressing a gender or failing that, fitting into it.

Sex is that biological composition that tells you if you correspond to being female or male, gender tells you how to behave according to certain rules established by society.

Tommy Dorfman 

Tommy Dorfman has made himself known to the public as Ryan Shaver, one of the young protagonists of ’13 Reasons Why’, the Netflix youth fiction.

Now Dorfman has starred on the cover of Gaytimes magazine where he not only takes off his shirt but also his taboos.

In an honest interview, he openly declares himself to be queer, fluid gender and a fan of the Spice Girls, but denounces the lack of information about LGBT diversity:

 “We have not had proper sex education. If you were not, you know, a man or a Heterosexual cisgender woman … That was all you should know. And I think as a gay person you can only learn on the go, for better or for worse.

Bex Taylor-Klaus 

At 22 years old, this actress who became known for her roles in ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Killing’ and who currently stars in the MTV series ‘Scream’, has decided to make her lesbian orientation public through a message in their social media profiles.

Hello my name is Bex and yes the rumours are true I am gay. Live on YouNow in ten minutes. ” With a direct, clear and concise message … in this way, the actress has decided to make her lesbian orientation public.

For years, the young woman has had to listen to numerous rumours about her sexuality.

In fact, three years ago she posted a message on her Instagram profile in which she stated that she would never make her orientation public.

Indya Moore

Indya is 24 years old and at his best. From Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein to Vogue and Elle all want to have it.

Not only for her exotic face or her dark skin but also for her sexual condition: she is the most famous and sought-after trans model of the moment.

As I was born male, my parents expected me to be male and to behave like most children. But that was never the case for me. They did not understand and did not know what it was like to have a queer person around,” said the New Yorker in an interview.

Liv Hewson 

To quote Liv:

 ‘I’ve only started to talk about my gender identity publicly within the last year or so. That wasn’t for any specific reason. I wasn’t quite sure how to, I wasn’t quite ready and it’s been very gradual. Me being more expressive with my pronouns, that’s something that happens in very small steps.

 And that’s okay. You know, I’m figuring it out and I’m happy that it’s something I’m starting to feel more comfortable with now.

One thing that I want to make very clear to people is that there’s not just one-way non-binary people are supposed to look. 

People have a sort of preconception as to what being androgynous means and what non-binary people have to look like. There just isn’t one way to be non-binary. There isn’t one way to play around with gender and there’s no wrong way to look and be non-binary.’

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FAQ about genderqueer 

What’s the difference between genderqueer and gender fluid?

The difference between genderqueer and genderfluid is: Genderquers can identify any non-binary gender, while genderfluid people cannot identify to one gender, instead they identify to 2 or more.

Is there a difference between genderqueer and Nonbinary?

Yes, there are some differences between genderqueer and non-binary.

Non-binary tends to be used as more of a catchall for people who do not identify with the binary categories of male and female.

Genderqueer often describes a special experience under this umbrella, which may include the feeling that a person’s sex is fluid.

What does it mean to be gender fluid?

Gender fluidity is a gender identity that can change over time and you have the feeling that you do not have a defined gender.

Gender fluidity can be completely different from person to person.

For example, it may express masculinity, femininity, or an androgynous personality in sexual experience or self-concept.

What is the difference between binary and Nonbinary?

Binary means having two-parts/identities/genders (male and female).

Non- binary tends to be used as more of a catchall for people who do not identify with the binary categories of male and female. 

What is a pansexual person?

A pansexual person, or pansexuality, is sexual attraction or desire, romantic love or emotional attraction to people of all kinds, regardless of gender, nationality, social status or religion.

How many genders are there now?

There are 5 genders now: male, female, hermaphrodite, female pseudohermaphroditism and male pseudohermaphroditism. 

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