Top 13 fun games for depression


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Page last updated: 17/09/2022

Top 13 fun games for depression

This article will center around showing what are the 10 most fun games to play when you are feeling depressed. The article will also explain why they are considered fun for people with depression.

What are the 13 most fun games for depression?

Although depression can affect your interest in things, and how much pleasure you will feel from it, some games can improve your mood. Here are 13 of the most fun games for depression.

Super Mario Galaxy 

All the colors and the happiness in any Super Mario game can brighten up a person’s day. If you are feeling depressed, helping that grumpy Italian guy will most certainly put you in a better mood.


This PS3 video game has beautiful settings. It also has some simple puzzles and a great soundtrack. The course of the game is moving, as it deals with overcoming obstacles and moving forward in life.

Robot Unicorn Attack 

This game has a great soundtrack, and it is also extremely funny. This will most certainly help someone that is not feeling so great at the moment.

World of Warcraft 

World of Warcraft, like any other form of online game, can be great when you are depressed because it will allow you to be in touch with other people. Of course, killing zombies is also fun, but being able to get out, even if just a little bit from the isolation that depression brings, can be a huge step forward.


Rock band center on music, and music has always been a great way to cope with depression. This game will allow you to experiment with music more interactively, you can play along to songs you like, and can even change them up a little. That will certainly make you feel better.

Dead Rising 2 

Dead Rising 2 may be an extremely fun game for those days when you just feel mad at the world. Getting things and not paying for them, fighting zombies, all in this game will allow you to externalize your feelings that you may consider to not be the prettiest ones.

But don’t blame yourself, there is no problem in putting it all out there through a game. We will all have our angry days, and feel like the world is failing us. On those days, playing a game like this can help.

Mass Effect 2 

This game that shows destroyed planets, and aliens, is also one that focuses on communication, talking, and dealing with family problems. It also talks about learning to forgive and overcoming prejudice. 

In the game, you need to work as a part of a crew to solve the problems, and dealing with those relationships can be cathartic when you are depressed.

Top 13 fun games for depression


This is an incredibly enjoyable game. And the bad guys are the ones that make it more fun. They often come out of nowhere and often don’t have an exact form or shape. 

This can easily relate to how our fears can, at times, have no form or shape, and how we are just here trying to battle those monsters. Aside from that, in this game, you will not only care for yourself, but also for others that are helpless, and this can make you feel good.

Desert Bus 

Desert Bus can be a boring game. In it, you will have to drive from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas. And there are no challenges to this game, no speeding, no ramps, it is just you on this long road trip. And even though that can be boring, it may be good to have some time on the road to think about your life.


GoldenEye is still one of the most fun James Bond games. And when you are depressed, feeling low, and with low self-esteem, it may be good to role play James Bond and how successful he is in so many aspects of his life. It can make you feel like James Bond will fix pretty much anything, and still get the girl in the end.

Depression Quest

Depression Quest is an interactive game that tries to help people going through depression. As soon as the game starts, the opening paragraph goes in like this:

You’ve spent the past several hours at work. The past week or so you’ve found your job motivation flagging more so than usual; you’ve been in a fog practically all day today, simply going through the motions without realizing even what you’ve been doing half the time, and yet time seemed to be moving at half speed. You’re so checked out that when your boss approaches you to tell you that it’s dead and you can go home early it barely registers.”

The goal of the game is to help the main character navigate through depression. The player will help them find the best course of treatment, understand better how depression can impact their lives, and even how it can affect their ability to make decisions.


The name of this game is an acronym for Smart, Positive, Active, Realistic, X-Factor thoughts. It is a role-playing game that focuses on treating young people with mild and moderate depressive episodes.

The game is set in a Maori-culture world that will guide the person through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it goes through the game so it doesn’t feel so threatening. When they begin the game, the players will answer some questions about their state, which will define the treatment plan. 

Through the game, the player will have to do the common role-playing game things. Conquer territories, find opponents, and find gems. 


This game focuses on teaching the player about what causes depression. This game uses a lot of metaphors to explain, in its images the nature of depression. As you begin the game, you start it in a state of normalcy, but as you go on, you will fall into a world of depression.

The aim of the game is for the player to take themselves out of this dark place, and even to rock bottom, and find their way back to normalcy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the 13 most fun games for depression? 

What are the benefits of playing video games for my mental health?

Video games can have some benefits if you are struggling with mental health conditions. The first thing it can do is work as a form of mental stimulation. This will improve your mental development, and thinking skills. It also helps you with a sense of accomplishment once you can finish a task.

Video Games also allow for mental recovery, they can help you deal with the traumatic situation you may be going through, and they can also work as a distraction for the negative moments you have been in. Once you are in a multiplayer game, it can also help you move away from the isolation mental illness can bring. 

It will allow you to connect with people with similar interests, and work with them towards a common goal. Because you can often fail on tasks on video games, they are a great way for you to work on your emotional resilience and learn better ways to cope with frustration.

Can video games cause anxiety?

There is no clear evidence that video games can cause anxiety, and it is still being studied what comes first. If people play video games because they have anxiety, or if playing video games makes people anxious. 

What is known is that people that have anxiety usually use it as a form of coping mechanism, which can help them escape the negative thoughts and feelings that anxiety brings. 

And even though anxiety may be related to personality traits, genetics, and even moments in a person’s life, it is known that if they play too many video games, it can make their anxiety worse. 

What is gaming disorder?

Gaming disorder is a condition that was stated in the ICD-11 by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is a condition that happens when the person is unable to control their gaming activity and may start to make it a priority over other things in their lives. 

It is possible to say a person has a gaming disorder when playing video games and starts to harm the person’s life. They can start to let go of their self-care, have a deterioration in their relationships, and impair their work, or studies for longer than 12 months.

When a person has a gaming disorder, they may start to experience some health consequences of videotaping, this means they can start to develop injuries due to strain, and even skin problems. It usually leads to vision issues and problems in their musculoskeletal.

It can also make people go overweight and become obese, and in extreme cases, the gamer can experience seizures. It is a condition that is important to prevent, and or can do so by knowing the importance of being without video games, and how there are other important things to focus on.

How many hours of a video game is safe?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a person should play video games or be exposed to any form of screen entertainment for a maximum of two hours a day. 

To expose children to that, parents should create a media plan, with what they will allow the children to see, for how long, and how they will take them off when it is time. Keep in mind that screen time, be it tv, or video games, shouldn’t affect the kid’s routine, school, and homework.

What are the most stressful games?

Although video games can usually help you release stress, and help you distract from your troubles, some games are so ten that they tend to make you more stressed than you were before. 

The most stressful game is Outlast, because it’s a scary environment, which can bring fear to people playing it. The game takes place in a dark psychiatric hospital, and you need to run to achieve your goals, which can be stressful. 

Another quite stressful game is Amnesia: Collection. This one is stressful because you have to deal with a lot of creatures in the night, they can be real, and sometimes even hallucinations, which leaves you tense the whole time you are playing. 

And a surprisingly tense game is Mario Kart 8. Although it may not seem like it, there is scientific evidence of how Mario Kart can be stressful because of its extremely competitive nature.


This article centered on suggesting 13 of the most fun games people with depression can play. This recommendation is a way for people going through it to have some positive experiences.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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