How to Be a Free Spirit? (+7 Distinct Signs)

We all must have come across a person who is naturally emitting vibes that are happier and we just love to be around these people.

These are people who are happier, carefree, and sure about themselves.

We often look at them and try to be as happy as them, as sure of ourselves as them and as free spirit as them.

A free spirit is a term often used for someone who does not conform to the usual norms of society and has their own way with things.

However, not everyone knows free spirit meaning and most people struggle with finding free spirit meaning.

We shall discuss free spirit meaning in this article at length. We shall also throw light about the signs for free spirit and what actually is the free spirit meaning.

You will also learn about the characteristics of people who are free-spirited.

The reason is that, let’s face it, everyone has tried or aspired to be a free spirit in their life at one point or another.

You might think it is difficult but if you become a free spirit or know free spirit meaning, it will be so worth it.

Before getting towards the characteristics or signs of a free spirit, we should first discuss free spirit meaning. 

  • What does free spirit mean?

Being a free spirit has been some people’s dream for a longer period of time but they don’t actually know the meaning of free spirit.

Free spirit people are the ones who think and act for themselves and they are rarely found.

They live life on their own terms and they are not bound to a specific doctrine.

It doesn’t always mean that free spirit people are inconsiderate of others but a true free spirit is a person who deeply connects to the world and always follows his heart.

As well all know that our hearts are bound with forces that will never leave us astray.

As princes, Diana once said “I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am”.

  • Explaining Free Spirit Meaning

Free spirit meaning can be explained simply in terms that a free spirit is a person who wants to be free of all external and internal tyrannical forces.

A free spirit can be seen as a rebel and a weird, eccentric, otherworldly, or even crazy person by society.

They select a less trodden part for themselves which is kind of difficult to accept to the world who does not clearly know free spirit meaning.

Their chosen path is supposed to give them power and listen to the voice of their soul.

Their path will be free from enslavement and suffering and to fulfill their destiny. 

If you are a free spirit then it doesn’t mean that you must be a bohemian traveler because according to free spirit you can be a homebody or adventurer or even a loner or a family person.

You can be anyone from a forthright extrovert to a philosophical introvert.

Free spirit meaning is not reflective in its label or an external image but it is more like an essence.

In a nutshell, if you are more concerned about freedom and truth rather than comfort and complacency then you are a free spirit.

We hope that it has clarified some of the myths about free spirit meaning. Now we’ll discuss signs of being a free spirit.

  • Signs of Being a Free Spirit

Our society mostly operates on stereotypes but here are few signs which legit make you a free spirit.

If you have these qualities in you then you are definitely a free spirit and you should stop looking for free spirit meaning and living your life fully. 

  1. Value truth and honesty
  2. Like challenges
  3. A dreamer
  4. Intuitive
  5. Follow your heart
  6. Rebellion (Duh!)
  7. Want Freedom

Now you know that these are the signs of a free spirit, we shall not leave you here with these bullet points.

You can learn more about these signs and how they are found in you in the section below. 

  1. Value Truth and Honesty

A person who is living a lie or spends most of his time lying cannot be a free spirit. If a person’s life is built on lies he can never be a free spirit.

In order to achieve true free spirit meaning, you need to be a person who values truth and honesty.

If you are a free spirit, you long for truth in both worlds, this and the metaphysical one.

There is a famous saying ‘the truth shall set you free’ and a free spirit person is the living embodiment of this saying.

A free spirit person is not afraid of being wrong and he is open to an explanation as long all these explanations are true.

The most important thing for a free spirit person is the truth and honesty around them. 

  1. Like Challenges

What’s a life without a little adventure?

A free spirit person can get easily bored with the mundane routine as they crave something which challenges them.

It can be both frightening and scary for them but challenges are always welcome by a free spirit person.

They know free spirit meaning is living up to these challenges and they know that to be free from both internal oppression and external oppression, they must grow above these challenges.

These challenges represent growth and because a free spirit does not seek complacency and comfort.

They want to feel alive and want to live in the moment.

You want to achieve your highest potential and they aspire to be at that level. 

  1. A Dreamer

If you are a dreamer and you are not afraid of letting your mind wander around to new things and new ideas, new horizons, and new realities you are definitely a free spirit.

Your innovative ideas are sometimes seen as bizarre and far-fetched for people who are not as enlightened as you are.

Sometimes free spirit people’s ideas are rejected for sheer innovation and novelty which is a problem for them.

Other people are not always on the same page as a free spirit person because they don’t know the meaning of free spirit.

A free spirit is a visionary most of the time and he finds new ways of doing different things that make them unique. 

  1. Intuitive

As much as free spirit people crave truth, they also desire authenticity and they have this innate ability to know people even from a distance.

They tend to read between the lines and they know the intentions of the other person if the other one tries to hide it.

They can sense deception and phoniness and they don’t want to be around fake people.

The free spirit meaning dictates that realness should be a top priority of a free spirit person and they can’t stand a person if he or she is lying or trying to be someone they are not.

They despise people who put on masks and play fake. 

  1. Follow your Heart

A free spirit person is often directed by his heart in his life and he uses his heart as a compass.

It doesn’t always represent recklessness because a free spirit person will strive for what they believe in and what they love.

The reason behind following your heart is that a free spirit person knows free spirit meaning and he knows that doing what he loves will make him feel free.

A free spirit person will never sit back and let something he is passionately lost in oblivion and he will find a way to keep that thing in his life.

Free spirit people have this natural ability to move back to things they love even if they have abandoned their passion.

They try to live a life they love and give back the world something they believe in. 

  1. Rebellion

This sign is sort of a given because free spirits are people who do not conform to the norms of this society.

They don’t want to tread a path paved for them and they want to pave their own path.

They want to trailblazer their own destiny because that’s who they are.

They can’t be put in a box and they would instinctively fight to the person who would try that.

They are against people who want to numb them, suppress them, contain them, or even try to silence.

They are vocal about their problems and can’t be made to do something they don’t want to do.

  1. Want Freedom

They have a tendency to break free from all the nonsense going around them. They try to leave people behind who make them feel oppressed or enslaved.

They are meant to explore and go after what they love and if someone tries to stop them or try to contain them, they will break free and if they can’t they keep on dreaming and trying for freedom.

They do this on every level be it physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual.

That is due to the reason that they want to go out and refuse to be tamed. 

Thus the free spirit wants freedom and is a rebellion by nature. A free spirit is intuitive and follows dreams.

Many people are like free spirits but very few fulfill the stick criteria of free spirit. You are very lucky if you have a free spirit.

You will love to roam around, travel without boundaries, and make friends. You are naturally very lucky. 

FAQ About free spirits meaning 

Can anyone be a free spirit?

Yes, but the desire and the need arise within a person.

If a person is tired of staying at the same place and wants to change them and wants to be free of a routine he can be a free spirit.

Someone who wants to be a free spirit has to believe in himself. 

Is a free spirit person selfish?

No, free spirit people are generally considerate and they tend to be easy going and loving for people they care about.

However, they refuse to sacrifice themselves for anyone around them and this quality sometimes seems selfish.

They ultimately find their own way and always do what their heart desires and people think they don’t care about anyone else except them. 

If trauma is weighing me down, how can I be a free spirit?

You need to understand that trauma doesn’t define you and you are much more than that and you need to love yourself unconditionally.

However, if you still have problems in getting over it you can get some help from friends or family around you.

You can also seek professional help from a therapist or a counselor. 

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