Free Example of Resignation Letter (+5 Samples)

In this blog post, we’ll look at free examples of resignation letters. The article has five sample resignation letters for your reference.

Free Example of Resignation Letter

There are several free examples of resignation letters on the internet. While some are just in the template form, others have the blanks filled out with hypothetical information. Either way, here are some important points to keep in mind when writing your resignation letter:

  • Check your employment contract to find out how much notice you need to give your employer
  • Include a statement that states that you are going to resign
  • Mention your last date of work
  • Explain in brief the reason for resignation
  • Say something positive about your experience working for them
  • Offer your assistance with the transition
  • Politely thank the organisation at the end

Sample 1: Free Example of Resignation Letter

“Ellis Kwong

12 Station Street




Martin Burn

Human Resources Manager

Roving Multimedia

256 Little Street


1 May 2015

Dear Mr Burn,

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as Youth Affairs Journalist for Roving Multimedia.

As required by my employment contract I am giving two weeks’ notice, effective today. My

last day at work will be 15 May 2015. I have given this decision a lot of thought. I have decided that it is time for me to move on and have accepted a position elsewhere.

Please let me know what I can do to assist with the transfer of my responsibilities before I leave. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Roving Multimedia for having me as part of your team. I wish you all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Ellis Kwong”

Sample 2: Free Example of Resignation Letter



[Name of Addressee]

[Designation of Addressee]

[Name of Company]

Subject: Resignation letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as a [designation] for [company], effective 2022.

During my time at [company], I have learned a lot and grown professionally. I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to be a part of the organisation and for allowing me to develop my skills. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and all my colleagues.

I would be more than happy to help the new person who will be taking over my roles and responsibilities with the transition process.

Should you need further information, do email me at or call me at 87*****801.


[Sender’s signature]

[Sender’s name]

[Sender’s contact details]”

Sample 3: Free Example of Resignation Letter

“[Today’s date]

Dear [name of manager],

Please accept this as notice of my resignation from the position of [your job title] at [Business or organisation name].

[Optional] Since my notice period is [X weeks/months], I believe my last day will be [date]. Please let me know if that is incorrect.

[Optional] Please let me know how much accrued holiday and pay I am owed.

[Optional – adapt this for your personal circumstances and relationship] Thank you for the support you’ve given me during my time at [Business or organisation name]. Please let me know if there’s anything you need from me before I leave.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]”

Sample 4: Free Example of Resignation Letter

“Date: _________


The HR Manager,

Company Name_______


City & State:__________

Pin code__________

Dear Sir/Madam,

With regret I would like to inform you about my resignation from my current role of Manager – Administration & General Affairs from (Mention Company Name) in order to pursue an opportunity outside.

This was not a very easy decision for me and after having deep thought over it for quite some time, now I decided that it would probably be a good move for me to pursue for my career growth.

It has really been a rewarding experience for me with (mention Company Name) from various perspectives and I have thoroughly enjoyed my stint in this organization. I will put my best possible effort to extend all the help and assistance for a smooth hand over.

I would like to put my last working day as 18th September and would request you to please relieve me from my duties by date (______) and clearing my accounts accordingly please.

Thanks and Regards,

(Employee Name & Designation)

Employee ID

Contact Details”

Sample 5: Free Example of Resignation Letter


Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code  

Phone Number  •  Email

Supervisor’s Name

Supervisor’s Title

Company Name


City, State/Province

ZIP/Postal Code

Today’s Date


With regrets, I will be departing from my role as [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME] in two weeks. My last day of work will be [MONTH, DAY, YEAR].

Although I’ve been very happy working at [COMPANY NAME] for [XX] years, I will be leaving in order to [REASON FOR DEPARTURE].

Working for [COMPANY NAME] has been an honor and a pleasure. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve formed friendships with my outstanding colleagues that I will always value deeply. 

I’d be more than happy to do anything I can to train my replacement, should you find one before my departure. Thank you so much for having given me the golden opportunity to work at [COMPANY NAME].



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FAQs (Free Example of Resignation Letter)

Can resignation be rejected?

No, it is not possible for an employer to reject your resignation. In many nations, if the employer does not accept the resignation, you can take legal action against them.

What are the rules of resignation?

There aren’t any declared rules of resignation unless otherwise specified in your contract of employment. It is an intimation in writing to your employers for your intention, reason, and timeline of resigning.

Should I talk to my boss before resigning?

You may talk to your employers if you feel like it but you are not compelled to. Talking to them may prevent damage to your professional relationship but at the same time, it’s a personal decision.


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