Free counselling in London

In this brief article, we will be discussing free counselling in London, the benefits of free counselling in London, the concerns addressed by the free counselling in London, and more information about free counselling in London.

Can I get free counselling in London?

Yes, you can free counselling in London.

You don’t even need your general practitioner’s referral to get this kind of counselling.

In this case, you can refer yourself immediately to a counselling service. There is a chance that you can find this kind of service in your local area.

You can talk to your general practitioner if you want to get a referral instead of referring yourself.

You can also access this kind of counselling service through the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service (IAPT).

What are the different kinds of free counselling in London?

The different kinds of counselling in London focus on making sure that you get the best mental health care which can help you in your daily.

These kinds are very important since they can be effective when they are tailored to your mental health needs.

The following are some of those free counselling services in London:

  • CBT is a kind of therapy that aims to enhance your mental wellbeing by aiding you to comprehend how your thoughts can lead to unhelpful emotions and behaviours 
  • guided self-help is a psychological intervention where a therapist supports you as you work through a self-help course in your own time whether you are using a workbook or an online course
  • counselling for depression is a kind of counselling built especially for people with depression

These kinds of counselling services are provided in different methods such as the following:

  • using a self-help workbook with the support of a therapist
  • as an online counselling course
  • over the phone or telephone consultation
  • one-to-one
  • in a group discussion

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Where to find free counselling in London?

You can find this kind of counselling in London by looking at the authentic examples below.

You cna use the following services to find these kinds of services in your local area.


This can relate to what the NHS has to offer.

This service offers the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies which is a service that increases the accessibility of everyone to therapies.

An example of government provided health care services can be a counseling center in Kent for example, the Dover Counselling center which is NHS funded.

You can get referred by your general practitioner if you want to access this service.

You can check out more information from this service by going to this website

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Mind is one of these services int his area that offers psychological therapies as well.

You can also access this service’s website to get you acquainted with their services. 

This service can also help you open up on its website if you want to encourage other people to take the services of this centre.

You can inquire for more information on this service by calling 0300 123 3393

Rethink is another service for your mental health needs and this service can also give you a telephone consultation if you prefer to have phone consultations.

You can get the services of this centre by calling 0300 5000 927.


If you are working for an organisation, you need to inquire from your organisation if you have the Employee Assistance Program.

This can allow you to get counselling services when you need them.

You can use these services when you are feeling stressed at work.

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Schools, universities like KCL, and colleges in the UK are offering free counselling services for your mental health needs.

You need to ask your guidance counsellor on what counselling services that he or she can give you.


You can also check your health insurance if it covers counselling.

You can do this by inquiring the company that you have gotten this insurance such as AVIVA or Cigna. 

You can also be referred by your general practitioner or psychologist to get you the counselling you need.

This is why you should check with the company who offered you this insurance.

You can also check if you have to pay some debt to keep your insurance running.

Some mental health centres won’t accept if you are found lacking in your insurance.

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You might have some local mental health centres that can help bring support to community members who have psychological issues.

There are different kinds of these centres whether they are for substance abuse and group therapies. 

You can check with your local council if this centre is available in your vicinity.

You can also search the internet if you need to look for centres near your location.

An independent charity organisation, Waterloo Community counselling can also be located in London.


The cost of a counsellor will depend on his or her profession.

There is a chance that you can find this mental health professional that can fit your budget. 

You can even find accredited counsellors who are willing to adjust to your income.

These counsellors are following the sliding scale which is when these professionals will depend on your income.

The following are websites that you can use to search for counsellors in your area.

  • The British Association for counselling and psychotherapy (BACP)
  • UK Council for Psychotherapy (
  • The British Psychological Society (

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You need to find a counsellor who has at least 5 years of experience in counselling which can reassure you that the counsellor is well-equipped in the task.

This can also indicate that this counsellor can make counselling appointments cost less for your mental health care. 

In this case, this set up might be convenient for you.


There are books that can help you help yourself mentally.

The general practitioner can recommend you with these books and most of them are talking about CBT. 

You can also see these books in your nearby library. You can also check out the NHS website if you want to search for books that can help you.

Things that might affect your time in free counselling in London

The following might affect how you prosper from counselling and you should take note of these inevitable factors.


You need to realise if your mental health needs are needed to be addressed immediately or not.

You can access Crisis helplines if you want to get mental health care access directly.


You might get worried about getting counselling in the NHS since it will show in your medical records.

It might feel humiliating on your part which is why this service can also allow you to decline putting this information in your medical record if you prefer that.


You should know that it’s difficult to realise that the counsellor is right for you on a website.

You could find some references from your friends and acquaintances but search through the internet is more convenient for you.

You also have the right to ask the counsellor about his or her qualifications such as whether he or she is part of BACP or UKCP.

You should take note that if you feel that a counsellor is not right for you, you can simply terminate the counselling. 

You shouldn’t take to heart just one aspect of the counsellor since this option is usually experimental.


There are times that a low-cost counselling session is handled by a counsellor who is still starting.

You shouldn’t be hesitant to ask if the counsellor has worked on a specific concern that you have. 

As mentioned before, you should make sure that the counsellor has 5 years of experience.


You shouldn’t also be betrayed that the counselling is low and you feel that it is less qualified.

There are also counsellors who offer their services for free and are considered as high-quality. 

These counsellors may even be volunteers who are willing to learn more from you and how they practice the counselling field.

What are the advantages of taking free counselling in London?

You should realise that you don’t have to have a psychological disorder to get this kind of counselling in London

This kind of counselling can help when you are having one or more of the following:

  • experiencing panic attacks
  • troubled with flashbacks and nightmares
  • feeling low and hopeless

You might find it difficult to deal with some stuff in your workplace.

You can also access this kind of counselling if you are having the following problems:

  • constant worrying
  • obsessive thoughts or behaviours that occur frequently
  • fear of social situations
  • Persistent anxiousness about your health
  • phobias

If you have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder, you can get yourself referred by your general practitioner or find a psychologist yourself.

If you live in West London and belong to some ethnic minority, you can visit EACH counselling, which specifically caters the ethnic minorities, such as the Urdu/Hindi speaking or polish speaking people in need of help.

It is one of the very few counseling places which is designed for the ease of ethnic minorities or LGBTQ groups, in order for them to be treated well.


In this brief article, we have discussed free counselling in London, the benefits of free counselling in London, the concerns addressed by the free counselling in London, and more information about free counselling in London.

If you have any questions about free counselling in London, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: free counselling london

Are there free psychologists?

Yes, there are free psychologists. You can find these kinds of psychologists in community mental health centres.

You only need to inquire in your community if you have this kind of centre.

This can help in getting concerned people the mental health help they really need immediately.

How much does therapy for depression cost?

Therapy for depression costs $50 to $240 in an hour in a counselling session.

Although some community mental health centres can provide this kind of therapy for free or at a low cost.

This kind of therapy is available in private mental health centres which can cost you money but you can get additional benefits such as confidentiality. 

Can therapy make you worse?

Yes, therapy can make you worse.

This is because there are some patients who have to take psychotropic medications for their mental health conditions which can affect the course of psychological interventions.

There are even studies that have confirmed these kinds of occurrences in some patients.

Can therapists tell when you are lying?

Yes, therapists can tell when you are lying but at other times, they can’t pick up the lie.

Patients in therapy may lie for varied reasons such as to minimize the court outcome when they are about to be convicted or to have more additional benefits by appearing mentally disabled.

As a therapist, you should take care of this issue in an ethical way than jumping to conclusions. 

Is crying in therapy a breakthrough?

Yes, crying in therapy is a breakthrough.

This is only considered a breakthrough if the client hasn’t shown any sign of emotion until he or she cried during therapy.

This can help determine the client is ready to face his or her problem and you only have to encourage him or her to be proactive in finding a solution. 


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