The top 3 Filipino bride horror stories


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Page last updated: 23/09/2022

This article will share with you the top 3 Filipino bride horror stories. It will also explain why some Filipino women agree to be a mail bride and the biggest risk in this situation.

The top 3 Filipino bride horror stories 

If you want to know some of the Filipino bride’s horror stories, here are 3 of them.

Emelita’s case 

The first horror story involves the scary situation that Emilita Villa Reeves went through and unfortunately ended in her demise. She married an American war veteran when her father put her profile in a magazine. Her father had the idea that through this marriage his family would have a better life.

Her husband was divorced once and widowed twice, and when she was 18 she went back to Texas with him as his wife. During their marriage, Emilita had various affairs and supposedly got pregnant by one of them. And with that, her husband sent her back to the Philippines.

But after two years, her husband saw pictures of the child and thought that he was its father, and made her come back to the United States. When she came back, the relationship with her husband got worse, and she began to suspect that he had killed his two other wives, which death was stated as suicide and accidental drowning.

Fearing that she would have the same fate, she began to talk about it with her friends. And by October 1994 her friends went to the police to say that she was missing. As the police investigated, they discovered that her husband had killed her, and not only that, by reopening the case of the deaths of his former wives, it was discovered that he had also killed one of them.

Being on-call wives 

A newspaper in Australia,  The Sydney Morning Herald, has also made a profound investigation into the relationship between Australian men, and they’re mail-order Filipino wives. It was discovered that between the years 1980 and 1995 5 Filipino brides were murdered by their partners, be they, husbands or fiancees.

One of them, called Mila Milagros, was deaf, and mute. And suffered constant physical abuse from her husband. At some point, he killed her and was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

But this is not the only case. It was also discovered that many Filipino mail brides are often taken to become slave labor at home or be constantly on-call to serve their husband’s sexual needs.

Family tragedy

In New South Wales, in 1987, Filipino-born Lusanta de Groot, was married to a 53-year-old husband. Then, she and her 11-month baby were hit in the head with a hammer, and although she survived, her baby died. With this, her husband committed suicide right after.

The top 3 Filipino bride horror stories

Why do Filipino women agree to be mail brides? 

In most cases, Filipino women will agree to be mail brides for financial reasons. They are usually women that come from poor households and hope that marrying a foreigner will be a way to put themselves in a more stable financial situation, I’m which they will even have the means to help their family.

Filipinos have a culture that is extremely oriented toward the well-being of their family. So for most mail brides sometimes offering to do this may not be such an ordeal. They can see it as a logical way to help their family out. 

And they wouldn’t sacrifice themselves only through marriage. It is common to see Filipino women that would sacrifice their education to help their family on their farm, or even to help take care of their younger brothers or sisters. 

It is often thought as well that marrying a foreign man will give them a fairy tale situation, in which they will have the possibility of living in more economically developed countries such as the United States, or countries in Europe. 

And because Filipino women are so committed, they often are extremely determined wives, and this has made the country a go-to place for men that are looking for a mail bride.

What are the biggest risks of being a Filipino mail bride? 

As said before, most Filipino women that turn into mail brides will do so as a way to make their life, and their family lives better. And the foreign husband is commonly aware of that. But in some cases, it can happen that a man will get their mail just to fulfill their needs in the household. 

They can need someone to cook, and clean, or maybe they are even aging and need someone to care for them, and then the Filipino bride may be put in the position to care for them. This turns this situation into one where each is providing a service to the other.

The husband is giving her financial stability, and the wife is caring for them. But when people don’t see the relationship on the same path, whatever path this may be, it can be risky. There have been many stories of abuse, be it physical, emotional, or even sexual.

In some countries, like Australia, in which men are allowed to sponsor Filipino women to stay in the country for six months, they can be used as sexual objects, and later on, be discarded. So deciding to be a Filipino mail bride is something that needs to be deeply thought through.

To try to make the chances of it working out higher, you may want to get to know more about the man you are supposed to marry and try to part with the idea that your life will be perfect, that is because of the men that are looking for that form. of marriage may have had their share of difficult stories.

So if you find someone that seems interesting to you, look them up online, and make sure you know why they want to marry you, and why you want to marry them. Don’t be moved by fantasy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the top 3 Filipino brides’ horror stories? 

What are the biggest benefits of dating a Filipino girl? 

If you are wondering what are the biggest benefits of dating a Filipino girl, you should know that they are people that will always make you feel good. It is like having your happy pill. They are often extremely positive people.

Filipino girls will never embarrass you around people. They are often ones that can behave themselves well around people. You will also be with someone that is giving, and generous. They often buy a lot of soap, shampoos, and so on to give to their loved ones in a box called a “Balikbayan box”.

Filipino girls are also ones that can easily be a part of a smart conversation. They are always curious, and more than happy to learn about new things. So they can keep up with a conversation extremely well. And because they are too caring, you will get a feeling that you have a girlfriend and a mother in one person.

The family of the Filipino girl will also be extremely welcoming and will treat you very well. And since the Filipino girl is too caring, whenever they go to a new place, she will bring you something from it, and that is called a “Pasalubong”. They are also people that are easy to please, so if you bring them a flower it can make them super happy.

They are also great companies and will be open to traveling with you even to the dirtiest places on earth. And can make you feel like you are the center of her world.

How much does it cost to get a Filipino mail bride?

Although the price can vary, it is often assumed that getting a Filipino mail bride will cost the man doing it around 20.000 dollars. 

Is virginity important in Filipino culture?

Yes, the virginity of the woman is extremely valued in Filipino culture. Research that was done on the Filipino population discovered that around 60% of the population think that it is extremely important for Filipino women to marry a virgin. And to 28% that needs to happen.

How can I win the heart of a Filipino girl?

If you want to win the heart of a Filipino girl you should first be easy to get to, and always have an open mind when talking to them. Aside from that, know that they always expect you to respect them, so treating them in a good manner is essential. With that, it is important to highlight that being faithful is something they value a lot.

They are easy-going people, so they will often enjoy it if you are flexible, and will enjoy doing things with them. But they are also family-oriented people and will appreciate it if you are as well. And if you show them that you are an honorable person.

Most of them are religious people, and they will often appreciate it if you have Christian beliefs. You will also get their heart if you are someone that has good communication skills and is consistent with what you say. And finally, you will likely get the Filipino girl’s heart, if she sees that you are true to yourself.

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking, which is also known as modern slavery, or even trafficking in person is a crime in which traffickers will take advantage, and make money out by taking adults and children to perform different kinds of labor. It can be people that will be put to have sex with others, or even get married to people they don’t want to.

If I marry a Filipino woman can I live with her in her country?

Yes, according to the immigration laws of the Philippines, if you get married to a Filipino girl, you may live with them in their country. After the wedding, you will file for a permanent visa, and once that is given, you can be in the country for as long as you want.

How can my Filipino girlfriend visit me in the USA?

Your Filipino girlfriend can go visit you in the USA once they apply for a tourist visa. And this can be as long as they desire it to be. So each time they want to go visit you, they will need to go through this procedure.


This article showed the top 3 Filipino brides’ horror stories. It also explained why some Filipino women accept being a mail wife, and what are the biggest risks of this situation.

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