The top 5 Fertilaid horror stories


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Page last updated: 23/09/2022

This article will show you the top 5 Fertilaid horror stories. It will also explain what Fertilaid is, what it is used for, and what to take under consideration when taking Fertilaid.

The top 5 Fertilaid horror stories 

If you are wondering what are the top 5 Fertilaid horror stories, here they are.

It affected my period

One woman started using Fertilaid and saw that it completely messed up her period, and it didn’t help with her ovulation at all. According to the consumer, as soon as she started the medication, she began to have a spots to a point that she needed tampons, the color of the spotting was also different from her regular period, being a more brownish color.

Her uterus temperature was also constantly changing, but there was no ovulation. She also said that the crampings were extremely intense, and all of that had a toll on her mental health. She became anxious and was worried about the harm the medication was causing her. 

You should always talk to a doctor

Another user has reported that being 37, and having endometriosis, she thought that taking Fertilaid would be a good idea to help her get pregnant from her husband that had already had 3 children with his ex-wife. 

She said that she was ovulating regularly before she started using Fertilaid, and her hormone levels were all at a good level. She got so hopeful when she saw many reviews of women that had gotten pregnant quickly, even with having endometriosis, that she decided to do it, completely disregarding the many reviews she had read about how it messed up other women’s menstrual cycle.

While taking it, she has written that Fertilaid made her a lot more emotional, even though she checked, and her hormonal levels were all stable. Aside from that, her menstrual cycle got completely out of whack. 

One month she would have a 24-day cycle, on the other 34. The pain she experienced during her menstrual period, and the intensity of it also changed, becoming more intense.

And that wasn’t the only problem, observing how the vitamin made her feel, got her even more anxious about having a baby, and she felt that all that craziness was affecting her, and her relationship.

At some point, she ultimately decided to quit Fertilaid, and is trying to conceive regularly, but is still extremely scared that Fertilaid may have taken her too much time, and getting her body to heal afterward will decrease her chances of having a baby.

The top 5 Fertilaid horror stories

Never-ending spotting

Another user of Fertilaid said she started taking it since she has endometriosis, and one of her tubes is not functioning well. Because of the many problems she has to conceive, and that is why she started taking the vitamin, and when she wrote the post, she was completely angry.

The use of the vitamin had, with the other users, messed up her ovulation, and period schedule. In just one week of use, she felt everything changes in her body, even though she was still taking a lower dose than what was initially suggested.

As she and her husband got checked, and they are both fertile, she feels that the use of the vitamin has only brought problems to them that they didn’t have before. Because of that she furiously recommended that people not take Fertilaid.

It didn’t help with my irregular cycle

Differently from the previous users, this woman has reported that she has always had irregular cycles that would go from 29 to 37 days. And in looking for a way to help with that, she began to take Fertilaid. But even in her case, she realized that it only made matters worse.

Through tests she discovered that her hormone levels were off the chart and that she did not ovulate at all for one month. And that was when she decided to stop with the vitamins since it wasn’t fulfilling their purpose to help her be more regulated, or even conceive.

Made me bleed irregularly

Another user has said that while she took the vitamins for 4 weeks, she experienced from the 3rd week on intense bleeding. This led her to stop taking it just before starting the 5th week, but it still made her cycle crazy. She got her period earlier, and it stayed longer than it usually would.

When she wrote about her experience, she revealed that she had been bleeding for one month. And even though she had always had irregular cycles, it never happened in this form or intensity. Because of all that, she is recommending people to not take vitamins.

What is Fertilaid? 

Fertilaid is a dietary supplement that comes in men’s and women’s formulas to help them with fertility. In women’s form, it is made to balance the hormone levels, aside from offering vitamins, such as methyl folate, vitamin C, and vitamin D, that are important when people want to get pregnant. 

It will also offer the woman the minerals, and antioxidants that are important to support a fertility diet. It was invented in 2003, to help healthy women to improve their fertility. As it is often recommended for women that are trying to conceive to take vitamins to ensure they are well nourished, Fertilaid will do it most comprehensively.

It is also something that will help regulate your period, and that is key when you want to conceive. But you shouldn’t take Fertilaid if your cycle is already a regulated one. In that case, if you are only looking for the vitamins before conceiving, you may want to take other vitamins.

Fertilaid men were also invented in 2003 and are focused on helping the reproductive health of men. It is made of many ingredients that are focused on improving the health of the man’s sperm such as L-carnitine, zinc, CoQ10, and Maca. Aside from that, it also works as a prenatal vitamin.

The use of Fertilaid will help the count, motility, and morphology of the sperm. So you can have enough sperm, and they can swim better to reach the egg while having the appropriate shape. 

What should I take under consideration when taking Fertilaid? 

Like many of the horror stories that were shared about the use of Fertilaid and even the instructions that were given on the website the vitamin, it shouldn’t be taken by women that have a fairly regular menstrual cycle. 

That is because the use of Fertilaid will focus mostly on helping you regulate your cycle. But when taken without need, it can create bigger problems for you, as it was shared already. If you wish to take prenatal vitamins, or any other form of vitamins to help you conceive, make sure to talk to your doctor about it, so they can recommend what is the best one to fit your case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the top 5 Fertilaid horror stories? 

When should I take Fertilaid?

According to the maker’s instructions, you should take three pills of Fertilaid a day. And to get the best results, you should take them separately. Each time you take one pill of the multivitamin, you should do so while having a meal. It is also important to highlight that you should stop taking Fertilaid the time you think you are pregnant.

What causes low sperm count?

Low sperm count can happen for various reasons. It can happen due to a medical problem, for example, varicocele which drains the veins on the testicle. It is also possible that some types of infections can lead to low sperm count, and the use of some medications such as cancer medication, can also affect the sperm.

It can also be that a man has a low sperm count because of environmental reasons. So if they have been exposed to chemicals, radiation, or situations that have overheated the testicles, it can make them produce less sperm, and the quality of the ones that are produced is not that good.

And finally, a low sperm count can be related to a person’s health and lifestyle. When the person uses drugs, drinks too much alcohol, or even smokes too much they can have a lower sperm count as well.

Can try to get pregnant affect my mental health?

Yes, trying to get pregnant can affect your mental health in many ways. First of all, there is the pressure of the people around you asking about when you will get pregnant, and that can be overwhelming when you are trying, but it seems that conceiving is difficult for you.

Aside from that, not getting pregnant easily can make you question your body, its ability, and if there is something wrong with you. It can often make you blame yourself, and feel extremely frustrated, and with time these things can begin to hurt you, and your mental health.

Because of all that it is important that, if you feel that you are having trouble conceiving, you look for a mental health professional to help you through it. It can be an individual, or a couple’s therapist to help you and your partner navigate this difficult time.

How can a man increase his sperm count?

If you feel that your sperm count is low, or have done fertility tests that have stated that, there are ways you can increase your sperm count. First of all, you should focus on exercising. That is because losing weight will affect the quality, and quantity of your sperm.

You should also refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. Smoking will affect your blood flow, which will impact sperm count. But know that quitting won’t make it better from one moment to the next, but in time your body will heal from that exposure.

Eating healthy, and having a life with less stress in it can also help your sperm count. That is because when you are too stressed your body is not focusing on producing better sperm, but rather dealing with the stressful situation you are in.

And finally, you should be careful with what medicines you are consuming. But also increase your intake of vitamin D, and calcium, which research has shown to improve man’s fertility.

What is the form of a healthy sperm?

Healthy sperm is oval-shaped and has a long tail. These are the traits that will guarantee it to swim well to the egg and get to it better.


This article showed you the top 5 Fertilaid horror stories. It also explained what Fertilaid is, and what should be taken under consideration when taking it.

If you have any questions or comments about this article feel free to write them in the section below.