Feeling unhappy(Why?)

In this guide, we will analyze the reasons why a person is feeling unhappy and how to deal with it

Unhappy feeling

People are every day in search of happiness. There are many activities they do to find what makes them happy.

Sometimes people set a goal and when they get it they believe that it will fill them with happiness and many times it happens.

The person feels good, excited and happy because it got what was going to make them happy.

It can be a car, a house, the couple of your dreams, in short, it can be anything you crave.

But what happens when even having what a person thought would make it happy, still don’t make them feel happy?

Why instead of feeling happy, are feeling unhappy?

Sometimes people are at a point in their life where they feel they have everything, but they see that it is not enough.

They start feeling unhappy, analyze everything around them and begin to doubt what they once thought would make them happy.

It is difficult when a person sees that it is at a good point in its life, but it is not happy.

It still knows it is not happy but it is looking for the reason it is not happy.

Why can a person be feeling unhappy?

There are many reasons. Sometimes people put their happiness in things that ultimately will not fill those internal gaps they have.

There are many Hollywood celebrities and great entrepreneurs from different fields who have expressed that they suffer from depression.

They do not feel happy even at that point in their lives and several have committed suicide.

It might seem unfair that someone who has the opportunity to acquire any material good is feeling unhappy but it is not.

Many people throughout their lives have rethought what truly makes them happy.

Each person defines what makes happy but when it is not happy inside, there is nothing outside that can make it feel good.

Sometimes the external can calm the unhappiness that a person feels internal, this could be called as distractions, but sooner or later it begins to resurface.

When a person does not feel happy, there is nothing outside that can make them feel good, no matter if it is material.

Apart from the material, there are several reasons why a person is feeling unhappy and some of them ignore them.

Why a person can start feeling unhappy?

There are several reasons why a person may begin feeling unhappy.

Apart from the fact that material things do not fill a person and can sometimes make the feeling of unhappiness greater, people can reach a point where they get to the point of feeling unhappy.

Some of the reasons why a person is feeling unhappy are:

The person feels alone

A person may be feeling unhappy when it sees that it does not have a company next door.

Some people enjoy spending time with their friends and family, but they also miss spending time with someone else on an intimate level.

This feeling of loneliness can be manifested many times more in women than in men since women over the years and see that they are not meeting certain standards that society demands as forming a family, they begin to despair and the feeling of unhappiness it clothes them.

They understand that if they do not have children and do not form a family next to another person they will be unhappy.

It is stuck in the past

Some people live in the present, but in turn, they live in the past.

They cannot move forward in life and start feeling unhappy remembering everything they once were and lived in the past.

When a person lives in the past can not move forward, the memories of yesterday cloud its present and plunges into a sadness remembering that yesterday is not present.

The person longs for the past compares everything to what was lived before and it is difficult for it to get out of that cycle.

Think that nothing could be better than it was before.

Seek the approval of others

A person who seeks the approval of others cannot be happy until another validates it and tells the things it wants to hear.

The person is not able to recognize themselves and understands that if others do not give their approval then they will not feel well and will not be happy.

This type of people is always aware of what others think and is not calm because the things it does not do them for its enjoyment but for what other people can say.

Have an unhealthy lifestyle

A person who leads an unhealthy lifestyle is more likely to develop certain diseases and therefore will feel unhappy.

The person who does not eat well leads a sedentary life and does not give the rest that its body needs, can manifest sudden mood changes that affect its stability and happiness.

Worry too much

There are people who have to worry too much and that steals their happiness.

People who are healthy, have stability in different areas of their lives and still look for a reason to worry and that creates fear.

Any situation they interpret as difficult or negative and believe everything that happens is for something bad.

The concern they have leads them to the point of not enjoying life and feeling unhappy about everything.

Things must be like the person wishes

When a person sees that things are not done in their own way, they get upset and do not feel happy.

There are people who understand that everything must be done from their point of view and that as they put it is better.

They do not accept ideas and suggestions from others and when they see that things are not done in their own way they think they do not take them into account.

Have a mental illness

Mental illnesses such as depression can lead to a person feeling unhappy with everything around.

When a person is depressed, it plunges into deep sadness and lives in despair.

The person believes that life has no meaning and does not find a reason to live, so in many cases, it can lead to suicide.

Depressive people do not want to be in that state, but in turn, they find it difficult to find a way out for their illness.

What can a person do to stop feeling unhappy?

For a person to stop feeling unhappy, it must begin to discover what are the causes for which it feels this way.

The person should perform an analysis, see where it is in its life and ask what aspects of it makes feel that way.

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the daily life make the person distracted, does not take time for itself and unhappiness begins to consume the person.

When a person discovers why it is feeling unhappy, and if it is some of the reasons cited above, it should start working on it to change it.

When they are aspects such as feeling alone or seeking the approval of others, the person must accept itself as it is and understand that it does not need the approval of someone else to live its happy life.

It is also true that human beings need company, but this should not be a reason to despair and make bad decisions.

Sometimes loneliness is good, and being alone only helps the person know each other and define what they are looking for.

On reasons such as living in the past, the person has to learn to leave behind what has already happened.

The past may indeed have beautiful things, but it is no reason to relive them.

The present is better, even with the situations that must be presented. Accepting what happened is the best step to start feeling happy.

This is also part of living a healthy lifestyle. Apart from sleeping and eating well, constantly remembering the past is not healthy.

If the person suspects that their sadness may be due to a depressive state, they should seek help.

Some people don’t have the drive to get out of depression on their own and if they don’t seek help it may be too late.

A person should not be ashamed to talk about depression, it is normal and there are many efficient treatments today against the disorder.

In the end, the person who is feeling unhappy and wants to change that must remember that sometimes this feeling is normal but then leaves.

Appreciating what it feels like and living with the prospect of moving forward and that everything will be better is a way for the person to see the future hopefully and to move forward.

Unhappiness is a normal emotion like happiness, the person must be able to recognize it and if they feel they need help, they should not be afraid to seek it.

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Feeling unhappy(Why?)

FAQs about feeling unhappy

Is a person who is feeling unhappy, is depressed?

No, not all people who feel unhappy are depressed.

If the feeling persists and is accompanied by other symptoms such as irritability, feelings of hopelessness and isolation, it may be depression.

Is it right for a person to attend therapy if they feel unhappy?

If the person feels they cannot handle the discomforts that cause them to feel unhappy, going to therapy is the best solution.

The therapist will help the person understand why it feels unhappy and solve that situation.

What should a person feel unhappy in their marriage or relationship?

If a person is feeling unhappy in their marriage or relationship, it is best to talk with her and find solutions for the well-being of both.

Partner therapy has given good results, has helped people to understand the problems in the relationship and find a solution.

How does a person know if is feeling unhappy?

Each person is different and manifests the symptoms in different ways.

Some of these are: sadness, anger, irritability, loss of emotion for things you liked before, are some of the most common symptoms.

Can a person stop feeling unhappy?

Yes. There are people who by themselves can deal with the feeling of feeling unhappy and moving on.


Feeling unhappy is a feeling that surrounds all human beings at any time in their life.

Any situation can cause a person to experience a feeling of unhappiness, but in many cases, this is not lasting.

Like any emotion or feeling, unhappiness is present but not always a bad thing.

Sometimes feeling unhappy leads the person to reflect on their lifestyle and see if the place is right.

The person may feel that its life requires a change and feelings as unhappiness leads the person to discover that it wants for its life.

If a person feels that it cannot deal with the feeling of unhappiness, it is best to seek help.

Sometimes unhappiness is a symptom of a more serious illness such as depression, and it needs to be treated.

It’s okay to talk about diseases such as depression, with the years the taboo disappears and people know more about the importance of identifying such disorders.

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