Feeling strong(Yes!)

In this guide, we are going to discuss what it means to be feeling strong, a word that involves more than just physical work.

Feeling strong

Feeling strong has a different meaning for many people.

Some associate it with the physical form, where they train their bodies to obtain greater muscles and more strength.

They train daily and maintain a diet to obtain good results.

There is another kind of force that many human beings have that can become more powerful than physical strength, and it is emotional strength.

A person who feels strong after the adversities that life has put in front of it. Some people had to be strong, even if they didn’t want to.

This represents true strength.

Feeling strong after living a traumatic event is not something everyone manages to achieve.

Some people find it hard to overcome after a situation that has negatively marked their lives.

Losing someone or something a loved one and recovering from that, is a form of courage and acceptance.

There is nothing greater than feeling strong in today’s world.

The various influences make the person deviate from its goal and his purpose, causing them to be lost.

Feeling strong is learning to live with everything around, but at the same time not letting it influence life’s decisions.

A person learns to feel strong. It is a characteristic that is born after the world puts you to the test and makes you discover that you were made for it.

True strength is born after living a series of situations that make you see what you were doing.

We are all born with a seed of strength, it is up to everyone if they are going to work to make it grow.

Each person lives an internal and external process to feel strong, each process is individual.

The situations of daily life are going to be those strategies that will prepare each person to draw the strength that it carries within itself. 

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How can a person start feeling strong?

The circumstances of life lead to a person feeling strong.

There are times that the person has to experience certain events to realize what is done.

Some situation can range from suffering a breakup, death of a loved one or suffering an accident that puts the person’s life at risk.

When someone experiences these types of situations, at first they think they will not be able to get out of it.

It plunges a deep sadness and understands that it won’t be able to get out of there.

But one day, hope knocks on its door, its thoughts begin to tidy up and it understands that being strong in some cases is the only option.

A single mother who has to work for the support of her children knows that her only option is to stay strong so that her children have everything she needs.

Sometimes she can get home tired, wanting to throw in the towel, but then remember that if she doesn’t do it, nobody else is going to do it.

A desire for feeling strong is born here.

She knows that she has a goal, there is a purpose with work and allowing herself to lower his spirits can be dangerous.

A person who has suffered a divorce or a relationship breakup knows that sooner or later they should do so.

The person must accept the fact that the relationship ended and that there is nothing else it can do.

Breakups hurt, it hurts to put aside a person you love, but more pain is going to cause the time to pass and not make the decision to move forward and move on.

For you to feel strong in a situation like this is to accept that the person you love is gone, that it is time to continue with your life and that crying is not going to be the solution.

Showing emotions of sadness have nothing wrong, there is a time to do it but that sadness does not tarnish feeling strong.

After an accident that puts a person’s life at risk, feeling strong is one of the most difficult actions there can be.

Fight against the damage that the accident has left on the body, the opinions of doctors and other people, influence the person to fill its mind with positive and hopeful thoughts.

Feeling strong after an accident involves a process where the person understands that the results can be positive or negative, but does not mean losing hope.

Being strong in the face of a diagnosis of a disease that in a short time can end the person’s life is a hard job, it means being strong.

There are times where people don’t want to feel strong.

Some think it is to wear a cape and be Superman or the wonder woman, sometimes feeling strong is exhausting.

Having responsibilities on how to carry out the operation of the home or a company means having a large group of people in their care.

When something happens to the head, others can be affected, and here feeling strong can be both a great pressure.

Feeling strong when taking command includes a physical and mental work where the person takes care of their body to stay active during the day and mentally so that the emotions that are going to manifest during the whole work does not interfere with their activities.

Rather than executing actions, work begins in the mind.

Feeling strong is a mentality that is transferred to the actions that the person performs, the mind has a very important function.

If the person has the mind exposed to negative thoughts, that make it feel weak and that it can not do anything, that will move its actions.

It is time to make a change of mentality and understand that a strong mind leads to a strong body and to face any problem with greater strength.

What happens if a person does not want to feel strong?

Feeling strong more than an option, in some cases, it represents the only alternative a person has.

There are times where throwing in the towel seems the best solution.

Sometimes the person wants a break from everything they have on their shoulders. Sometimes it is tiring to be strong.

If a person decides that it does not want to accept things as they are, it does not want responsibilities and simply wants to express what it feels, there is no problem in it.

Sometimes people confuse feeling strong about not expressing feelings.

It has always been seen, especially with men, that expressing emotions such as sadness and anguish are synonyms for weakness, where whoever expresses less and endures more is better.

Emotions should not be stored and locked in a box since there is a risk that one day the box will not hold everything and explode.

Feeling strong is knowing when it feels like this and when it doesn’t.

When a person expresses their emotions about how they feel, it is a synonym for help.

Each person has their struggles and has to endure situations that are, in some cases, unpleasant.

Feeling strong does not represent the absence of it.

But, when you have to be strong by obligation and the person does not want there will be a problem with which you will have to face.

Sometimes you don’t want to accept reality, sometimes you don’t want to take the next step, but you have to be strong and understand that everything is a process and that it’s okay if you don’t want to do it.

If someone expresses that they cannot handle something, that they do not feel capable and that they have lost their strength, it is best to support it.

There are occasions where the person who wants to feel strong understands that it does not need anyone else, but, quite the opposite.

The support helps the person to get up and at the moment it decides to throw in the towel, there is someone else there willing to help.

FAQs about feeling strong

Why do some people think that showing emotions and feelings are signs of weakness?

Some people consider that showing their emotions and feelings are symptoms of weakness because they may believe that someone will use them against them.

The person prefers not to give any signal and to imply that it is under control.

How can a person feel strong after an event that has negatively marked their life?

Feeling strong after an event that has marked a person’s life negatively represents a challenge for them.

Actions such as accepting the event, letting emotions flow and trying to continue with their daily activities are some of the things that the person can do to feel strong again.

What happens if a person does not feel strong to accept certain changes in their life?

Changes will always be present in people’s lives and it is something that cannot be changed.

If the person has a hard time accepting them, they should seek professional help to deal with it.

There are events of which there is no control and it is normal.

Should a person seek for medical help if they feel weak?

If a person feels weak and negatively affects their physical and mental health, the best thing to do is go to the doctor to investigate the causes and rule out any type of illness.

Why some people can deal with certain situations than others?

All people will not respond equally to the events that happen to them in life.

The ability to deal with certain situations will depend on the interpretation that this has of the event and how it occurred.


There will be times where for a person to feel strong it will be a very difficult decision in their life.

The events of daily life greatly influence emotions and how a person feels.

Feeling strong after an event that has marked a person negatively is difficult but not impossible.

Looking at each situation as a way of learning will help the person have a positive outlook on life and understand that in the end, not everything is as bad as it seems.

Life is a series of situations that will not always come out the way a person wants to.

Accepting the changes and understanding that there are processes to live, no matter how positive they may seem, is something that cannot be avoided.

Feeling strong in the face of all this is a challenge, but each person can get ahead.

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