Feeling off (Why)

In this guide, we will discuss why a person has moments where is feeling off and how to deal with it.

Feeling off

Human beings enjoy moments where they feel happy.

Receiving good news, reaching a goal, feeling that everything fits into daily life, are things that make a person feel motivated and watch their daily lives more optimistically.

Unfortunately, moods are not always the same.

There are days in which a person feels happy, happy and amazed by everything it lives and feels, but there are other days that are not.

There are days where a person does not want to do anything, where nothing it does make sense and he doesn’t feel good.

There are days where you just want to be in bed, you don’t want to talk to anyone, you feel sad, you feel off.

It is normal for people to change moods. Not everything will go perfectly and nobody is free to go through situations that can make it feel sad and off.

Feeling off in some cases has nothing wrong, the body and mind will not always respond in the same way every day, so the person needs to know each other.

That it knows the things that make it feel happy and that makes it feel sad.

A person can feel off for any situation.

A dismissal can make the person feel discouraged and does not want to look for work, breaking a relationship can make the person understand that it is not worth knowing someone and the death of a loved one can generate loneliness.

All this is normal and the person knows it but knowing it does not prevent him from feeling sad or off.

When a person feels off it must investigate within itself why it feels this way.

There will be times where for no apparent reason the person will feel off and other times where there will be factors that will influence their emotions.

Why a person is feeling off?

There are many reasons why a person is feeling off. This can be both external and internal factors.

The external factors include the following:

Loss of a job

A person may feel off when it sees that it has lost its job. Feels discouraged and sad to see that has been fired.

Nobody expects to be fired, a person seeks stability in their work.

After the dismissal, the person may feel without encouragement or desire to seek work.

A breakup

No person wants to experience the pain of ending a relationship.

When a person is left in the relationship, it plunges into a sadness trying to understand what happened, because the relationship did not work.

After the breakup, the person goes through a grieving process.

Many times it is difficult for the person to accept that the relationship ends and many times it creates distrust when he meets another person.

The person experiences feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

Feels off and without the courage to meet others.

Death of a loved one

The death of a loved one is a situation that fills a person with much sadness.

When someone loses a person it immerses itself in sadness that in many cases it is difficult to leave.

The person sees impossible to move forward, feels dull and sad and does not know what to do.

Physical deaths are very difficult and some people cannot overcome a significant loss during the grief.

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Things are not going as they wish

Some people have a greater tendency to feel off after not having achieved something proposed.

A person becomes off if it seems that something it had in mind planned and what it had fought for does not succeed.

Some people have the ability to get up quickly after a fall and not let the situation of the moment tarnish their mood.

Others tend after the event did not go as expected, feeling off and disappointed.

External situations influence people’s emotions.

Some people can easily deal with difficult situations that may arise, they develop mechanisms that allow them to see the positive in each event.

While other people have a harder time facing and accepting things that happen to them, affecting their mood and making them feeling off.

There are occasions where external factors are not the cause of the person feeling off.

Sometimes the person starts looking at everything from a perspective that makes it feel off.

Here the internal factors come into play and some are the following:

Not being happy with life

A person who expresses feeling off is that sometimes it is not happy with the lifestyle it has.

The person may become disappointed with what has achieved so far and understood that deserve more and that need more to be happy.

The person who feels off sometimes compares itself to other people and measures its success with others, which causes its mood to go down and feel unmotivated day by day.

Have a negative perspective on all things

The perception that a person has about an event or event greatly influences the form of their emotions and how they will react.

A person who tends to look at everything on the negative side will suffer more and is more consistent with feeling off most of the time.

To look at the positive side many times is not to avoid reality but to get something good and see that not everything is so bad.

The person who is feeling off sees in many cases everything grey and gets discouraged since it believes that in the end, everything will go wrong.

Suffer from a disease that triggers feeling off

A person can feel off and discouraged when it suffers from some illness, both physical and mental.

Illnesses make the person feel sad and hopeless about what could later go through their health.

In the case of a person who has cancer, it can in many cases feel bored and off because they don’t know what to expect next.

Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression make the person feel sad, worried and with little motivation to do things it used to do with great joy.

What a person can do to stop feeling off?

For a person to stop feeling off one of the things it must do is to search within itself and understand why it feels in that way.

Many times the person will find an explanation and sometimes not. When the person does not understand why it feels dull or sad, it must understand that there will be times where it will feel this way and there will be nothing wrong with it.

Human beings do not wake up every day happy and ready to eat the world.

There will be days where being in bed will be the best invitation and there is nothing wrong.

If the person feels off for a long period, say weeks or months, they should already investigate and see if there is another disease that causes that feeling.

Sometimes feeling off can be a cause of depression, but for the diagnosis to be the right one to go where a mental health professional is the best solution.

If the person feels off and it is because he is depressed, the area professional will help to understand the origin of the depression and how to fight it.

When a person feels off due to external situations and of which it has no control, the best thing it can do to stop feeling that way is to accept.

Accept that there are things that can be changed and others that cannot, that things are not always going to go as expected and that is not bad.

In life, they will be factors of which a person will not have control and that should not be a reason to stay in a mood off.

Understanding that this is a fundamental aspect in life will help the person to better manage their emotions and that feeling off lasts less in their life.

Learning to recognize emotions when they are present will help the person see what causes them to feel sad or happy, on or off.

The fact that a person feels off is not synonymous with weakness or inferiority, it can see it as a state of mind that is present in the life of every human being.

FAQs about feeling off

Is a person who is feeling off depressed?

Not in all cases a person who is feeling off is depressed.

For there to be a diagnosis of depression, the person must have a series of symptoms over some time.

Sadness and a low mood to perform activities that once enjoyed are some of the symptoms that a depressive person may have.

Someone who feels off may feel this way for a few days due to a fact or situation that it has perceived in a certain way, but with the passing of the days, it returns to have a mood where it does not feel off.

How to help someone who is feeling off?

If a person has a family member or close friend who is feeling off, the best thing to do is show support.

Asking what happens and that is there to support it will make the person feel understood, and in many cases, less alone.

Is it normal for a person to feel off?

Yes, it is normal that in some periods of life the person feels off.

Every day the person is not going to feel happy, there are moments where its mood falls a little, but in the days, it returns to have a better mood.

What can a person do if they are feeling off due to a loss?

The person who is feeling off due to a loss, the best thing to do is accept what happened and move on.

It hurts a lot to lose something or someone, but sometimes the person cannot do much to remedy the situation and it is better to accept what was already.

Is it necessary for a person who feels off to go to the doctor?

The fact that a person feels off does not mean that they should go to the doctor, but if apart from feeling this way, they manifest other symptoms that may be worrisome, it is best to go to the doctor to rule out if it is just feeling off or some disease.


A person is going to feel off for several moments in its life, but this should not represent any concern.

Moods change and influence human behaviours.

Accepting things as they are and motivating itself to do the best are actions that someone who feels off can take to raise their spirits and live a happier life.

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