Feeling like something bad is going to happen?

In this guide, we will discuss why people have the tendency to look at the negative side in most of the situation in daily life and how to overcome that feeling. 

Feeling like something bad is going to happen

Human beings are exposed to situations that make them look at things from two positions, one positive and one negative.

When a person decides to see everything positively, it sees it as a life lesson.

They do not let anything affect them, or if it affects them, but in a way where do not interrupt with their dreams and goals.

The person who has a good feeling about everything that can happen does not add emotional burdens that negatively influence it daily life.

To live with a perception that good things can happen is to be optimistic, but without falling into the part of dreaming out of reality.

There is a type of people who decide to see things from the negative side.

All at some point we had a feeling about something negative and in the end, it was the opposite, or there was a feeling that something negative was going to happen and in the end, it happened that way.

When a person sees that it was right in its “prediction”, in many cases it may affect them later because it would have a predisposition.

People interpret the facts according to their past experiences, hence they formulate their theories and live with them.

Some people experience and feeling like something bad is going to happen, but that does not influence their emotions and thoughts in a certain way and what they do is put a good face and optimism on the “bad” that can happen.

But there are people who, if they have still experienced the bad, have such a strong feeling that something bad will happen.

Many times, in the end, nothing bad happens, but to think that something bad could happen is worse than the action itself.

Why are there people who are feeling like something bad is going to happen?

This may occur due to several factors.

Negative experiences of the past can have such a great influence on the person that it comes to think that at any moment it may be exposed to something bad happening to.

Some trauma or event of childhood or early adulthood influences in this way your daily life, that you feel that something bad will happen.

The cultural system is also another factor.

A person who was born in an environment where this type of thinking is going to be more likely to interpret their reality based on these concepts.

The family influence is very strong and is part of the definition of someone’s personality.

It is normal for a person to acquire the belief system under which it was born.

Not only a traumatic event can make a person feeling like something bad is going to happen, but any everyday situation that has not gone according to how the person expected can also influence so that the thought that it feeling like something bad is going to happen remains in the mind.

If a person sees that it does not get a job it wanted or does not get a specific product, it thinks it has a kind of “bad luck” and turns its life around that thinking.

There is a difference between having a feeling like something bad is going to happen and that it remains persistently in a person’s mind.

The fact that a person thinks that something bad is going to happen and happens at that moment is a matter of coincidence in many cases, but this does not mean that the person is condemned to that whenever he thinks something bad is going to happen, it will happen, coincidences exist and many things are inexplicable and it is a normal part of life.

Sometimes bad things happen and good things also happen.

There are many factors that a person does not control so that something does not go wrong, they are aspects that sometimes do not have an explanation at the moment.

What does it mean when you have a feeling that something bad is going to happen?

For a person to is feeling like something bad is going to happen there must be some factors at stake.

Sometimes the influence of other people on certain situations and certain beliefs about some things causes the person to build its thoughts and generate its perception of various things from there.

Human beings, as a social entity, receive many of the environment and this plays a fundamental part in learning.

There is also having experienced or witnessed a traumatic event before thinking.

If a person is feeling like something bad is going to happen and then something happens like a car accident or a fire, it may come to believe that every time it thinks something like that it will be.

Some people do not reach this type of conclusions, but others do.

How can a person live peacefully if the feeling like something bad is going to happen interferes with their activities?

Thoughts influence people’s actions.

Many have control of these and have the ability to set limits when letting their ideas take control of themselves and make them get out of reality.

Other people have difficulties between discerning between their thoughts and how they interfere with their daily lives.

So that a person is not negatively affected by the feeling like something bad is going to happen one of the things it must understand is that this thought is normal.

Many people, every day and at all hours, believe that something bad and catastrophic can happen.

Sometimes someone driving a vehicle thinks he is going to have a car accident or someone who is on the beach thinks that a shark is going to attack.

Thinking something this way does not mean that it will be a reality.

Also, thoughts that feeling like something bad is going to happen can be seen as an alert call.

Sometimes the person finds himself in a situation where he distinguishes danger, and this thought helps it to realize that possibly something bad can happen and it is best to take precaution.

This is a difference between how this type of thinking can be negative or positive.

Another action that the person can perform is to continue living its life in a normal way, regardless of what it thinks.

People think many things during the day, sometimes you have to let thoughts be just that, thoughts, and continue doing the activities of daily living.

Human beings are always thinking, in any kind of thing, we should not give much importance to everything that crosses the mind.

Relaxing and enjoying the moment is another action that the person can do.

Do not let thoughts of feeling like something is going to happen negatively interfere with everything you do.

If the person feels overwhelmed by the thought, it may take a few minutes to meditate and breathe.

Meditation helps clear the mind and various scientific studies have proven its effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

If the thought persists and interferes negatively with the daily activities that the person performs, the best thing it can do is seek the help of mental health professional.

That a person is feeling like something bad is going to happen can be triggered due to another negative situation through which the person has passed.

FAQs about feeling like something bad is going to happen

Is it normal for a person to feel like something bad is going to happen?

It is normal for the person to have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Sometimes the situations of daily life make the person generate this and other thoughts.

What happens if the feeling like something bad is going to happen interrupts the activities that a person performs?

If the person sees that this type of thoughts interferes with its daily life, what it can do is seek professional help.

These thoughts may be symptoms of some mental illness.

The health professional will be responsible for discarding and helping the person to find the root of the problem.

How can a person be more optimistic?

For a person to be more optimistic it must look at the situations through which he passes not only in a negative way.

Life events shape people and looking at them as a learning opportunity helps the person see that not everything is so bad.

Accepting things as they are helping the person not to get frustrated thinking about how it could have been.

Life has a natural course and many factors cannot be controlled.

Should a person feel panic if it is feeling like something bad is going to happen?

No, the person should not feel panic but must recognize what causes that feeling.

Sometimes the person can find himself in a situation in the face of possible danger and the feeling is a kind of alert call.

Before reacting, we must know what causes this feeling.

How can someone help a person who lives with the constant fear that something bad will happen?

Understanding and providing support to the person who lives in fear is one of the actions someone can do to help.

The person has its reasons why it feels this way and making it understand in a mandatory way that it should not fear is the wrong way.

The person can be guided about professional help if fear reaches the point of interfering with their daily activities.


Feeling like something bad is going to happen is a feeling that invades people at any time, but is not synonymous with feeling threatened or living in constant fear.

Certain factors, such as living a traumatic event, can trigger a greater frequency of this thought.

When the person sees its environment as threatening, the thought becomes recurrent and if it feels it cannot continue with its daily life, it is best to seek help.

The person must recognize that this type of thinking has no control over its life and that generating that feeling does not mean that it is facing a real danger or that something really bad is going to happen.

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