How to Get Over the Fear of Jumping? (+3 Main Causes)

This article will give a brief idea about Fear of Jumping and about the urge of jumping. Then it will focus on the causes and symptoms of the fear of jumping.

Finally, it will highlight treatments for fear of Jumping, both psychological and medications.


Fear of Jumping is known as Catapedaphobia. This fear depends on the heights either lower or higher places, but it can also exist on its own.

This fear is usually developed in childhood.

Why is that we feel the urge to jump sometimes?

There is also a psychological phenomenon behind it, people who have this urge of jumping tend to worry more about other life issues and stressors and by jumping they feel some sense of achievement.

But it is only temporary, and sometimes more the urge occurs, more the fear of jumping increases and it may result in developing some other disorders as well as OCD.


Childhood memories affect an individual and develops phobia, the flashbacks and nightmares of something terrible happened in the past haunts the individual and develops the phobia.

Genetic factors also play an important role in developing any kind of phobia.

If a person’s family history has anxiety or phobia then that person is more likely to develop Catapedaphobia.

It can also be triggered if a person already has an underlying disorder like GAD or OCD, in which the patient overthinks about the heights and is obsessed with the careful measures of the heights and taking care of one’s health.


The main symptom which has been found in people with a fear of jumping is a panic attack.

The person experiences extreme anxiety when in contact with the places where the possibility of jumping must be present.

The common symptoms of fear of jumping are:

  • Extreme anxiety with a mere thought of jumping
  • Breathlessness, choking sensations
  • Sweating and trembling
  • Panic attacks


Although there is no particular treatment is there for this fear but the treatments which have been used for anxiety and panic disorders are useful for the treatment of fear of jumping.


  • Talk Therapy:

Talk therapy seems very simple to do and it seems how can just talking help a person getting relief from the anxiety, but it does.

It helps the patient by giving him the opportunity to let out all the negative feelings and emotions he has either of the past or the present.

It breaks all the barriers where the fear exists and gives relief of hope.

CBT is known to cure anxiety and depressive disorders effectively and curing fear of jumping is also possible with CBT.

As in this the therapist tries to help the patient in understanding negative automatic thoughts with the mere idea of jumping and how it takes a toll on the overall behavior of the client.

Then the client tries to change the thought process with Cognitive restructuring.

  • Exposure Therapy:

It is one of the most helpful and useful therapy for anxiety disorders especially for phobias.

It helps the client by exposing him to the places where he is supposed to jump or he gets an urge to jump, therapists might start it by showing photos and videos and then going to the places in person.

All this is done to desensitize the person from the fear.


  • Antidepressants:

Antidepressants are not only used to cure depression, it has been used to cure anxiety disorder as well.

And with a disorder like fear of jumping or Catapedaphobia, there are possibilities of developing Depression as well.

And therefore antidepressants are helpful in more ways than it seems.

  • Anti-anxiety medicines:

Anti-anxiety medicines help in only reducing the symptoms of phobia or anxiety and not in fully curing the disorder.

These medicines along with therapy sessions are required in order to cure the disorder for a long term period.

And these medications should not be taken without prior consultation of the doctor.


This blog has given a brief idea about Fear of Jumping and about the urge of jumping. Then it has focused on the causes and symptoms of the fear of jumping.

Finally, it highlighted treatments for fear of Jumping, both psychological and medications.

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What is the fear of jumping from high places?

The fear of jumping from high places is known as Acrophobia.

How do I get over my fear of jumping?

To get over the fear of jumping, anti-anxiety medicines along with psychotherapies like Exposure Therapy is helpful.

Why do heights make me dizzy?

Heights make dizzy to some people maybe because of fear of heights or sometimes be because of extreme discomfort from not being on the ground and being far away from it.


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