Famous people with BPD (List)

In this brief article, we will be discussing famous people with BPD, famous people diagnosed with BPD, actors with BPD, and more information about famous people with BPD.

List of Famous People with Borderline Personality Disorder

Here is a list of some famous people with Borderline Personality Disorder:

  • Mikey Welsh. 
  • Vincent van Gogh. 
  • Pete Davidson. 
  • Marsha M. 
  • Brandon Marshall. 
  • Darrell Hammond. 
  • Ricky Williams. 
  • Jane Andrews.
  • Jodi Arias.
  • Ruthann Aron.
  • Bibi Aisha.
  • Rodney Alcala.

Celebrities with BPD

Here are some celebrities with BPD:

  • John Hinckley Jr.
  • Melissa Huckaby.
  • Nikki Hayes.
  • Elizabeth Haysom.
  • Darrell Hammond
  • Kate Bornstein
  • Tim Buckley
  • Alyssa Dailene Bustamante

Actors with BPD

There are not many actors with BPD, but the two notable ones are Pete Davidson and Darell Hammond. Pete Davidson is a comedian and actor who has been very honest about his struggle with BPD.

Famous people with BPD

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is one of the most typical personality disorders, specifically in America and this is the most difficult personality disorder to treat.

The popularity of this personality disorder comes from the media portrayals of this kind of psychological disorder. 

These inaccurate media portrayals may only worsen the distress felt by individuals who are afflicted by borderline personality disorder.

For instance, horror films are where females with a borderline personality disorder are exhibited and the characteristics tend to be exaggerated. 

There is always a common set of factors that are displayed to show borderline personality disorder in females.

For instance, the crazy stereotype may off as nic and warm until she becomes clingy and possessive of the target. 

These kinds of traits of borderline personality disorder are very difficult to grasp and may bring prejudice upon afflicted people who aren’t really showing these traits.

On the contrary, many famous people with BPD are quite apparent in the media. 

If you were diagnosed with borderline personality, these famous people with BPD can help you do the following:

  • Understand borderline personality disorder is and how it creates an impact on people.
  • Know about famous people with BPD in real life
  • Read about or point out characters that are also famous people with BPD that are relatable. These kinds of characters have more realistic and studied characteristics of BPD, not just the “crazy psycho.”

You should also be reminded that borderline personality disorder can occur in men as well.

Although this kind of personality disorder has always been predominant in women, this doesn’t mean that we have to deprive affected men who may be suffering the symptoms of this personality disorder. 

You shouldn’t worry about being alone with having this personality disorder diagnosis.

After all, there are famous people with BPD and you might start making them your role models to help you cope with your incessant struggles. 

The following sections will be listing and elaborating about famous people with BPD that may be alive or deceased recently.

Some of these famous people with BPD may not have been diagnosed with this kind of personality disorder from a mental health professional and some were diagnosed by mental health professionals.

The following are famous people with BPD where some of these people will be discussed in the following sections.



  • Bobby Baker 
  • Kate Bornstein


  • Frank Carrone
  • Andrei Chikatilo
  • Alton Coleman
  • Stan Collymore


  • Tessa Dahl
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Farah Damji
  • Doc Corbin Dart
  • Garry David
  • Pete Davidson
  • Joanna Dennehy


  • Nicola Edgington
  • Larry Eyler


  • Doug Ferrari
  • Emma Forrest


  • Darrell Hammond
  • Nikki Hayes
  • Elizabeth Haysom


  • Abd Al Rahim Abdul Rassak Janko
  • Attila József


  • Susanna Kaysen
  • Katherine Knight


  • Tania Lacy
  • Left at London
  • Marsha M. Linehan


  • Luka Magnotta
  • Brandon Marshall
  • Abdul Majid Muhammed


  • Elaine O’Hara
  • Derek Owusu


  • Tas Pappas
  • Kari Ann Peniche
  • Amber Portwood


  • Kenny Richey
  • Danny Rolling


  • Sammy thrashLife
  • Hugo Schwyzer
  • Stuart Shorter
  • Kjartan Slettemark
  • Anna Nicole Smith
  • Ashley Smith inquest


  • Nicola Thorp
  • Tommy Tiernan
  • Joe Tracini


  • Vincent van Gogh


  • Mikey Welsh
  • Danniella Westbrook
  • Ricky Williams
  • Harriet Williamson
  • Aileen Wuornos

Some famous people with BPD

Here are the discussions of some famous people with BPD.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the biggest sex symbol in the world and a singer and actress.

Her being part of famous people with BPD have been associated with her BPD traits which are an addiction which is highly typical and related to the personality disorder, depression, low self-esteem, fear of abandonment and clinginess in her relationships. 

Monroe was married twice which gave her the attention she needed from lovers.

She was also observed to be very abrasive and complained a lot if she had to play a role she didn’t like.

You can learn more about Marilyn Monroe’s life by buying this book on this website.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been a singer icon for years to many teenagers and adults who admired her music.

She is considered to be part of famous people with BPD due to her manifesting depression, mood swings, and substance abuse. 

This speculation may have come from Spears’ way of getting her music felt by her audience at concerts.

However, her singing career was affected by her impulsive behaviours and extreme mood states. 

Spears has suffered many broken relationships in the past.

Although this wasn’t exactly validated, she has been shown to behave as some famous people with BPD behave. 

Despite her borderline personality disorder, Spears is still able to conjure beautiful music for her fans.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s death is still engraved in the hearts of her die-hard fans.

After her death, she was found to have traits that some famous people with BPD have such as covering up her complications with alcohol and drugs or self-medicating.

You can learn more about the life of Amy Winehouse by buying this video on this website.

Darrel Hammond

Hammond is a comedian and actor that was very open about his borderline personality disorder which made him part of famous people with BPD.

Scott Levy, The Raven

Scott Levy described his borderline personality disorder akin to narcissism with emotional and mental concerns which made him part of famous people with BPD.

He thought that he may have gotten this personality disorder because of his parents’ neglect. 

Levy is open about his childhood issues and being a guide to people, especially fans who may have a borderline personality disorder.

You can learn more about the effects of childhood neglect by buying this book on this website.

Brand Marshall

Marshall is a well-known American football player.

He described he had the symptoms of fear of abandonment, fear of loneliness, an inability to understand emotions, and boredom which made him part of famous people with BPD. 

Marshall is a prime example of being part of famous people with BPD that understands females with a borderline personality disorder. 

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was the wife of Scott Fitzgerald, the famous writer known for the Great Gatsby and both of these partners were hospitalized a couple of times.

Zelda was diagnosed with schizophrenia first until she was diagnosed with BPD which made her part of famous people with BPD.

You can learn more about Zelda Fitzgerald by buying this book on this website.

Lady Diana

It was ongoing speculation that Princess Diana had BPD which made part of famous people with BPD.

She was found to exhibit behaviours that were described in the diagnostic criteria of this personality disorder.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey had BPD and manic depression which made him part of famous people with BPD.

He was even reported to check in the hospital due to his weird laughter and humour. 

Jim Carrey had a lot to suffer but he has great eccentricities in his personality.

He recognized that the role he had to play in the movie called, “Me, Myself and Irene” was distressed and had to stop production in so many scenes of this movie. 

Jim Carrey has acknowledged that he wasn’t really acting since he always kept having a nervous breakdown.

He had to fight his BPD which made him part of famous people with BPD without the use of alcohol or drug addiction.

You can watch one of Jim Carrey’s movies by buying this movie on this website.

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller is not known to open up about his borderline personality disorder but he has been exhibiting behaviours that are associated with this personality disorder which made him part of famous people with BPD.

He states that he suffered from perfectionism and when someone is not doing what he wants that person to do, he can get very aggressive. 

Stiller had been seen to be obsessive about what others should do and what he should do.

Kurt Cobain

However, not all stories of famous people with BPD ended with success.

With this actor, he wasn’t very successful in dealing with this personality disorder. 

Cobain stated that he couldn’t handle the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

He explained this in his suicide note where he couldn’t take any more of the suffering.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is a famous singer who is trying his hardest to fight his borderline personality disorder just like most famous people with BPD and he’s still fighting today since he also has a binge-eating disorder and substance abuse.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Elizabeth Wurtzel is an American writer and journalist who is recognized for her book called “Prozac Nation” in which the writer recounts her history of BPD which has been dragged into depression making her part of famous people with BPD.

The book’s content was revisioned into a movie in the year 2001. 

In recent years, Wurtzel is working at Wall Street to make some books dedicated to women.

Famous characters in literature with BPD

Even fictional characters can be helpful in getting us motivated despite our flaws.

The following are some famous characters that can be attributed to famous people with BPD.

Who knows? You might like one or more of these famous characters.

  • Girl, Interrupted: This movie can help people about borderline personality disorder which was very confusing and distorting for most people to understand. However, this is what arises the discrimination about this personality disorder. The character, Susanna, spends 18 months in the hospital after a close suicide attempt. Though she experiences a possibly unlikely experience, her borderline traits are very connected to someone such as being part of famous people with BPD.
  • Fatal Attraction: the femme fatale in this movie exhibits emotional struggle and volatile, anger, self-injury, and manipulation. As mentioned before, most females are exhibited in the media with BPD and this character shows some excessive characteristics that makes her part of famous people with BPD.
  • The Hours: This movie manifests depression and suicide as well as BPD where a character displays being part of famous people with BPD.
  • Silver Linings Playbook: Looking for their sliver of hope, Jennifer Lawrence plays this character in the exact role as the character in the book. The character Tiffany displays fear of abandonment, instability, aggression, and many other characteristics. This book and movie are heart-wrenching but very connected to famous people with BPD and people with BPD.
  • Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind: Some believe Clementine manifests some traits of BPD so you need to have a look-see for yourself. Most viewers would guarantee you won’t regret it and you might be crying a lot.

I hope that you understand that borderline personality disorder can happen to anyone.

You need to take this article as something to minimize the discrimination surrounding this kind of personality disorder. 

You might find yourself in need of these sources of inspiration if you find yourself holding back due to you having a borderline personality disorder.


In this brief article, we have discussed famous people with BPD, famous people diagnosed with BPD, actors with BPD, and more information about famous people with BPD.

If you have any questions about famous people with BPD, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: famous people with bpd

How does bpd start?

BPD starts by the time you reach the ages of early adulthood but it depends on your environmental stress and susceptibility to this kind of psychological condition.

Although this kind of mood disorder has been known to improve when you grow older. 

Do borderlines lie a lot?

Yes, borderlines tend to lie a lot.

These kinds of people would lie for the sake of getting something from someone else to make their reality true and be dependent on how they’re feeling.

These kinds of people don’t find comfort in talking about the facts of a distressing situation. 

Can people with BPD love?

Yes, people with BPD can love.

A meaningful part of being affectionate to someone with a borderline personality disorder is accepting that you cannot fix them.

You can have a close, affectionate, meaningful relationship with them and offer unconditional support but you cannot heal their mental illness.

Is BPD a disability?

BPD is considered a disability by law.

If someone with BPD has so much trouble controlling behaviour that keeping a job has become impossible, disability benefits may be available and accessible.

If you are afflicted with a borderline personality disorder and it affects your ability to function at work, you may be able to get Social Security disability benefits.

Are borderlines intelligent?

Borderlines are intelligent.

A person with a borderline personality disorder often experiences a repetitive pattern of disorganization and instability in self-image, mood, behaviour and close personal relationships and yet, they can still be productive in academic fields.


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