Everything is bothering me (+Understanding why and what to do)

This article will discuss why you may feel like everything is bothering you. It will also show ways you can cope with feeling like that.

Why is everything bothering me? 

There may be some reasons why you are feeling like everything is bothering you. Although experiencing some level of bother is common, when you realize it is affecting many areas of your life, it may be a warning sign for something more serious.

One of the main reasons why you may feel like everything is bothering you is because you feel tired, or as matter of fact, exhausted. When you are feeling like that, the smallest thing can put you over the edge. Even the most ordinary event can turn into a big deal in the mind of a person that is exhausted.

You may discover, for example, that your co-worker is taking a week off as vacation, and this means you will have a little more work to do on that week. This may be a common occurrence, after all, when you are on vacation, they cover for you. 

But when you are exhausted, just the thought of doing a little more work than is normal will make you feel extremely bothered.

Another matter that can affect how you feel, leading you to feel bothered is hormonal changes. We all go through them in life, but sometimes, they can change too intensely leading you to feel bothered by everything. Your hormone levels can change when you are going through PMS, or if you have a thyroid problem. 

When women are pregnant, they can also go through hormonal changes that will affect their mood, in the same way as women that are going through menopause. When a woman is using some sort of hormonal birth control, the effects can be the same. 

And when someone is going through some illness, such as depression, which can indicate some sort of hormonal imbalance, they can also be bothered by everything.

You may also be constantly bothered by things because of your life habits. When you are not sleeping well, it can lead you to become more stressed, which can make you more bothered. 

Having a lot of alcohol, or caffeine can also impact your mood, leading you to feel bothered more easily. Aside from that, the lack of exercise can also harm how you feel.

You can feel bothered by everything when you feel overwhelmed. And sometimes you may do that to yourself. When you take on too much responsibility, it may be hard to manage all of it. 

And at some point being too busy can take a toll on you. This will most likely also happen if you have standards that are too high, which can lead you to ask too much of yourself, and others, making you more frustrated.

When troubles of the past resurface, and you thought you had shoved them under the rug, you can begin to feel bothered by everything. It can take some time before you realize what is happening, but a careful evaluation of your life can help you understand what is going on.

And finally, you can start to feel like everything is bothering you when you are in an environment that is pushing you over the edge. And this doesn’t always mean your home. It can be your work environment or your relationships. 

So if you feel you are in a space that is too demanding emotionally, that is messy, or that has no structure, you may feel like you need to be constantly aware of what is happening. This can be rather stressful, which can begin to make you feel bothered by everything.

But if everything is bothering you, know that you don’t need to live like this, and there are some things you can do. Let’s discuss what are the things you can do when everything is bothering you.

What can I do if everything is bothering me? 

If everything is bothering you, here are some things that can be done.

Understand that you are not capable of controlling things

One of the most important lessons you can have in life is that you are not capable of controlling a lot of things. Learning to differ what you can and can’t control will help you take action when you can, but also let go of things that are beyond your reach.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to do anything to impress others. Behave in the best way you can, but know there is no need to impress others. And that you will never be able to control what others are thinking and saying of you.

Take care of yourself 

As seen before, many of the reasons that can lead you to feel bothered by everything seem to be within your reach. Caring for your health is extremely important in that way. Eating healthy, and trying to have a night of good quality sleep is paramount if you want to feel better.

Eating healthy may make you feel more energized. And the same goes for sleeping well. But if you feel you have trouble sleeping, you may use some supplements such as melatonin to help you improve your sleep quality, and also care for your caffeine intake. 

Aside from that, you may want to exercise regularly, since it is a way to reduce your stress levels, and also improve your mood. 

If even after those changes you haven’t felt an improvement, it might be time to get in touch with your physician. But if you have realized that you are always bothered because you feel overwhelmed, the best tactic seems to be learning to let people help you.

 In the process of caring for yourself, it is also important to do things that give you pleasure. You can get a massage, or spend the day with friends. But know that having those pleasure hours will ultimately help you feel more energized, happier, and less bothered.

Try to work on being resilient

As you learn that there are many things in life you can’t change, you may also need to learn how to deal with them. And that means that you need to learn to be more resilient. Knowing that difficult things will be part of life, but that doesn’t mean we need to always be miserable is a good skill to have.

More resilient people are usually less irritable and tend to have a more positive outlook on life since they learn to distance themselves from the hard things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Why is everything bothering me? 

What causes me to become irritable?

People can become irritable because of several factors. They can be more irritable when they are going through a stressful situation, or are not having enough sleep. 

Aside from that, you can become more irritable if you are going through some type of mental illness. For example, depression, and anxiety disorders can usually cause people to become more irritable.

Aside from that, you can become more irritable if you are having low blood sugar or some hormonal changes. It is important to look for a doctor if you feel like you have been more irritable for a while since it can also be related to other underlying conditions such as an infection or diabetes.

What is Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

The intermittent explosive disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by episodes of anger that are often out of proportion to the situation they are going through. It is a condition that is most common in people around their forties, but it can happen to teens, and children as young as six years old. 

It can be caused by a genetic factor, or because the person was exposed to an abusive situation in their lifetime. Aside from that, it can be connected to an imbalance in the person’s brain chemistry or another form of mental illness such as ADHD.

People with Intermittent Explosive Disorder will often show rage and become more irritable, and tense. Aside from that, they can experience racing thoughts, increased energy, tremors, palpitations, and chest tightness.

Temper tantrums, shouting, getting into fights, threatening others, assaulting people or animals, and damaging properties can also be a sign of the disorder. It is often treated through therapy, and in some cases, people may also need medication. 

What is the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety?

The 3 3 3 rule for anxiety is a known technique that can help people cope with anxiety and calm themselves. When a person is feeling stressed, or like they are going through a difficult time, they can use this strategy.

The first thing you should do is try to name three things you see, after that, you should name 3 things you hear. And finally, you should name 3 parts of your body.

You can use this strategy as many times as you want. Whenever you feel you are losing your grip on your emotions. It will help you center yourself and slowly move past this anxious moment.

How can I calm myself from overthinking?

If you feel like you are often overthinking, the first thing you need to do is look at what is going on from a distance, and consider what you can do about it. Aside from that, it may be extremely helpful if you can find a distraction. You can try cooking some tasty food, watching some tv shows, or talking to friends.

Doing some breathing exercises can also be extremely helpful when you are overthinking, in the same way as meditating. Doing something nice to someone else is always a good way to step away from overthinking, and feel good about yourself. 

You should always keep in mind that overthinking will often be related to negative thought patterns, and being able to find positive things about yourself can help step out of this. You should also be open to talking to people you trust about what is going on and ask for help. This will allow you to have a different viewpoint.

What are signs that I am stressed?

When you are stressed you may begin to feel depressed or anxious. It is also common that you will be more irritable, and angry, and find it hard to relax. A person, when stressed, may begin to have trouble sleeping, and feel overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Their thoughts can begin to race, and they can start to make bad decisions. Aside from that, stress will often lead you to have trouble with your memory, and concentration.


This article explained why you may feel like everything is bothering you. Aside from that, it also showed ways you can cope with it.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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