Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

In this article, we are going to briefly describe the ESTP personality type. We are also presenting 15 anime characters that have this type of personality. 

The ESTP personality type

Having as a dominant function of the personality the Extrovert Sensoriality and, secondarily, the function of Introverted Thinker, ESTP people have a great need for sensory experience, direct contact with the world around them, tactile experience with the environment. They feel most comfortable when they treat life as a great game in which they must quickly use all their skills to win. In such game scenarios, ESTPs are usually the winners because no other personality type is as fast as he is.

ESTPs have a great ability to guess people, to make them a short characterization at first sight. He often uses this talent to win a game or showdown. ESTPs are motivated by the desire for direct interaction with the environment. This need manifests itself in many ways, most often being sublimated in the form of attraction to sports and physical challenges, as well as the desire to do something constantly, to be constantly on the move.

They are very energetic, active. If you want something to happen quickly, to be resolved quickly, ask the ESTP for help. Professional success is usually achieved through jobs as sales agents or as professional athletes. Any other activity related to the physical world, movement or even relationships with others will be well done if it is done by an ESTP.

ESTP people feel happiest when they develop dynamic activities, outside of the self. But personal success also involves self-knowledge. Those ESTPs who pay attention to both the constant and real need for sensory, tactile experiences, and the need to reflect more on their impressions and feelings following these empirical discoveries, will find fulfilment and satisfaction at a much deeper level.

After you’ve gone through the ESTP anime characters list below, you can also visually see how an ENTP personality type behaves by taking a look at ENTP anime characters or have a look at ESFP anime characters.

Yusuke Urameshi

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Yūsuke Urameshi is a 14-year-old boy who studies at the Sarayashiki school. He likes to kill time in classes on the roof of the school and always annoys his “partner” Keiko Yukimura. He is especially hated by professors like Iwamoto Akashi and feared by many, not just in college, but throughout the Neighborhood.

Determination is the best word to describe Yūsuke, without a doubt, he is a born leader, he is strong and objective, just like things in his place (not always), despite living on the warpath with Kuwabara, Yūsuke believes who is your best friend.

Yūsuke was like a delinquent at his school. Whenever possible he would sneak out of class.

Katsuki Bakugou

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Katsuki is an aggressive and arrogant person, as seen in his treatment of Izuku. He has a superiority complex, always wanting to be the best at everything and trying to prove it; 

Although he has these characteristics, he knows how to admit well when he has been defeated, as demonstrated in the Trial Battle Arc, when at the entrance of Yuuei Izuku tried to explain to him that his One For All came from another person, and Katsuki interpreted that it was he was making fun of him, so he tried to shut him up by saying that he just defeated him and that’s it.

Although he is not the most mentally stable hero, nor does he have the image of one, he knows who his enemies and his allies are, since he is cold with his allies, but with his enemies, he is much more aggressive and cold than with those on his side. 

He is also very rude and impolite. As the series progresses, his anger outbursts become less aggressive, usually increasingly comical, as he mostly gets angry at the smallest things, like teasing. With this in mind, Katsuki seems to be maturing slowly but is still quite distant.

Portgas D. Ace

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Portgas D. Ace is the son of Gol D. Roger, known as “The King of Pirates”. His father when he was executed and his mother Portas D. Rouge died shortly after giving birth.

Ace’s personality is educated, very elegant and courteous, in the Alabasta saga, the Mugiwaras were surprised to see that Luffy had an educated brother when protecting someone important to him, he is equal to his younger brother Luffy, He always gives all that he has, a greasy narcolepsy syndrome is demonstrated by falling asleep for no reason in some chapters.


Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Franky is Luffy’s eighth Nakama in One Piece whose real name is Cutty Flam. Franky is a cyborg (half android, half-human). He was the leader of the Franky Family, a group of Water 7 dismantlers who do the job of bounty hunters at the same time.

His dream is to build a ship that is capable of travelling around the world. You’ve already built this ship, the Thousand Sunny, and now you need to verify that it sails around the world (as the Oro Jackson, Gold Roger’s ship once did) and fix any malfunction and damage received.

Tsunade from Naruto 

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Tsunade is one of the legendary Sannin along with Orochimaru and Jiraiya, is also known for being one of the strongest kunoichi and the best Medical Ninja in the world. It became the Fifth Hokage after Hiruzen Sarutobi died at the hands of Orochimaru. Additionally, she was a mentor to Shizune, Sakura Haruno, and Ino Yamanaka.

Tsunade’s personality was always quite strong but she also sometimes showed some sweetness, appreciation for people, firmness etc. But if I have to talk about what stands out the most in Tsunade is her strong temperament.

Normally, Tsunade projects a tough demeanour, even when faced with great personal difficulties, and rarely compliments or praises people. She easily criticizes others for her failures, such as Naruto for his immaturity or Jiraiya for his perversion, although her habits are rarely better. 

However, on occasion, Tsunade shows sympathy and sensitivity for others, comforting Shikamaru who, while she did not achieve her mission of bringing Sasuke back to Konoha, managed to keep all of her companions surviving. 


Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Kiba Inuzuka (犬 塚 キ バ, Inuzuka Kiba) is a Konohagakure shinobi of the Chūnin rank belonging to the Inuzuka Clan. He is part of Team Kurenai, along with his companions Hinata Hyūga and Shino Aburame, and was part of the Fifth Division of the Great Shinobi Alliance during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Kiba’s personality and fighting style is further complemented by his savage appearance as at the same time clearly human, who has several more animal-like physical traits. Like the rest of his clan, he has tousled brown hair, dark skin, black eyes, with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth, and nails that can change into claws. He also has the various red markings of the Inuzuka Clan on his cheeks.

During the first part, Kiba’s costume consisted of dark to grey pants that reached down to his calves and with a fur-lined hood often found on his head, over an apparent plate of armour and the fishnet shirt seen on his He fights Sakon and Ukon, wearing a blue forehead protector and blue sandals.


Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Hidan is a renegade ninja from Yugakure and a member of the Akatsuki organization in which he teamed up with Kakuzu, who was nicknamed “Combo Zombie” due to Hidan being immortal and Kakuzu by hearts (almost immortal). Notably, he was one of the newer members.

Hidan was always disrespectful and rude to everyone on his team, including leader Pain. You must know when he used it as an honorific type of sarcasm, a clear example is when he called Deidara: Deidara-Chan. I always hate Kakuzu openly because Kakuzu was a very blasphemous person and because of the love of money he had, he also always cared for his companions, showing it when Shikamaru caught Kakuzu in his shadow Jutsu.

Tai from Digimon

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Taichi “Tai” Kamiya (八神 太 一 Yagami Taichi) is the main character of the Digimon franchise and is the main protagonist of the Digimon Adventure anime. Additionally, being the most popular character in the Digimon franchise, Tai is the character who has made the most cameos and guest appearances in other products in the franchise.

Taichi’s personality varies a lot in his different appearances, plus the anime version has a very different personality than the manga.

In the first season of the anime, Taichi is characterized by being an adventurous, energetic and dedicated character, but at the same time, he is a very impulsive boy. 

He is also very stubborn and arrogant when it comes to fighting a Digimon, he is the first to jump into action and the last to retreat, usually underestimating and making fun of his opponents. 

He is also sometimes quite proud or reluctant to receive help from others when fighting, this is accentuated every time he begins to feel guilty of a dangerous situation due to his impulsive attitude, which motivates him to remedy the situation by your account. He has continuous arguments with Yamato Ishida because of the difference in personalities, but despite this, they end up being best friends.

Sapphire from Pokemon Adventures

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

She is the head of the Star Sapphires corporation and has a ring made from The Star Sapphire gem that is equipped with an arsenal of weapons, such as Green Lantern-style constructions, as well as a lightning bolt emanating from the gem itself. 

This mysterious queen from the “7th dimension” tried to conquer Earth twice, after being missing for decades. The first time, Star Sapphire arrived from a planet near-Earth and began to remove oxygen from our world. 

However, she was stopped by Flash. In the second attack Star Sapphire banished the men from Earth to another dimension, leaving the female population to dominate them. Once again, Flash stopped her.

Pan from Dragon Ball Z and DragonBall GT

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Pan (パ ン) is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball manga and anime. She is the daughter of Videl and Gohan, granddaughter of Son Goku, Chichi and Mr Satan. She is a fairly strong character but it is not strange, since her father along with her paternal grandfather are very powerful warriors, and also her mother Videl, is an expert in martial arts.

In Dragon Ball Super we are shown a very playful, smiling, affectionate and hyperactive baby; The latter being a constant problem for her parents Videl and Gohan who always try to calm the funny little girl.

Pan is 5 years old and can be seen with a very happy and positive personality, she has a great bond with her grandfather Goku, and she tends to be like him.


Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Beerus or better known as Bills is well known since the movie The Battle of the Gods, who plays a very important role as well as his companion Wiss, who have been of great importance for the present sagas of “Dragon Ball Super”, on the other hand, thanks to his actions that has been able (intentionally) saving the earth in exchange for delicious foods.

Bills has a very ironic personality before the role of the evil Destroyer God, his attitudes and traits do not compare to the antagonist of the series, compared to the race of the character this is just as playful as all cats, however, these are excessive generating a Very notable problem, Bills gets angry easily for losing in the games that he proposes, for example when he destroyed the planet of Kami-Sama for having lost in hide and seek.

Despite the great power he has, it does not startle his ego but he does not underestimate it either, since he is very confident of his powers and he is not mistaken since he was a rather complicated rival (and still is) for the Z warriors. He usually has quite long dream periods since it took him thirty-nine years in a little nap that he took as a brief dream.

Launch (Yellow)

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Lunch (ラ ン チ, Ranchi) was one of the main characters in the DragonBall manga and its eponymous anime. She is the second female character to appear for the first time in Dragon Ball in episode 15. 

It is part of Akira Toriyama’s recurring jokes to the time to differentiate the Dragon Ball universe from the real one because she has a rare disease in which every time she sneezes she changes between two of her personalities “the good and the bad”.

 Neither of the personalities can remember what the other did or said, this disease is similar to “dissociative identity disorder” or “multiple personality disorder.” Some sources indicate that in interviews with Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, he has stated that Launch disappeared from Dragon Ball simply because he forgot about the existence of this character.

Kid Trunks

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Kid Trunks or particularly just Trunks is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. It had its first appearance in Dragon Ball Z, still in the Cell saga. His greatest highlight was in the Buu saga, during the Martial Arts Tournament, where he participates in the children’s category.  After that, the same fights alongside Goten and the Z Warriors, in search of defeating the fearsome Majin Buu. 

Different to the Trunks of the Future, Kid Trunks is spoiled, convinced and is always finding himself the master. One is because the Trunks of the present did not go through the confusion, did not lose family, always had his family spoiling him and grew up with them, different from its alternative version. But, Kid Trunks is an outgoing, cheerful boy and is always at ease with life, always beside his friend, Goten.

Super Buu

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

Majin Buu is, an evil being that is said to have been created 5 million years ago before year zero in the dragon ball chronology; However, bills says that he exists as a primordial force that could only be awakened by Bibidi, who with her magic could free him and lock him up.

Buu through his forms acquires various personalities.

  • In his original form, he has an evil personality which wreaks havoc in the universe, including the earth.
  • In his fat form, he has a gluttonous and less destructive personality, yet he is easily stressed.
  • When he transforms into Super Buu. This takes a more destructive personality and becomes a being without calm which can destroy all remaining civilization on planet earth.
  • In his Buu Gohan form, he becomes more cunning and less destructive, however, he is still gluttonous and stresses very easily.

Kid Buu

Top 15 ESTP Anime characters (A review)

This one is very similar to Super Buu but the clear difference in his height. He has white pants with a black belt with the letter M (Majin / Monster) and covers on his hands. This villain is very similar to pink bubble gum.

This unlike the other Majin Buu ‘s has never been seen to speak or think he can simply say “I’m going to kill you” which shows his pure evil.

His power is such that he could defeat the kaioshins which can defeat Frieza with a simple blow, simply brutal, his power is below ssj3, but the difference is not so much. In Super, it is shown that if he trained in a few days it could increase its power grossly.


In this article, we briefly described the ESTP personality type. We also presented 15 anime characters that have this type of personality. 

In conclusion, ESTP people are lovers of fun, people who want to live the moment at its highest intensity. They like the action, they always seem to have something to do. They offer the best in their relationships. They get bored quickly instead and can change partners frequently. 

Long-term commitments are not exactly what suits them. They may be devoted, but they want to keep their promise every day, to renew it daily, the scale of measurement to be expressed in “day to day” and not in years.

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