13+ ESTJ Anime characters (A detailed list)

In this blog post, we will briefly describe 14 ESTJ anime characters. We will also show the main characteristics of the ESTJ personality type.

The ESTJ personality type

An ESTJ lives in a world of concrete facts and needs. He is currently living, with his eyes constantly scanning around his environment, to make sure that everything goes smoothly and methodically. 

An ESTJ appreciates tradition and laws, rules, having a clear set of standards and beliefs. Everyone is expected to be the same and not too patient with someone who does not have the same value system. They like to value effectiveness and competence and they like to see fast results of their efforts.

ESTJ people are the ones who take control of situations. They have a very clear vision of how things should be, so they naturally take the lead. They are self-confident and aggressive. They are very talented in staging action plans, in seeing what steps are needed to accomplish certain tasks. 

They can sometimes be very critical and with many pretensions, expectations and can express them whenever someone does not meet the required standards. But at least it is to be appreciated that an ESTJ will directly communicate its dissatisfaction, being honest and transparent.

ESTJ people are usually model citizens, pillars of the community. They like interacting with people and they like to have fun. They can be a lot of fun at parties or family gatherings or between co-workers.

An ESTJ must take care of the tendency to be very rigid and too detail-oriented. Because they place value and weight on their beliefs and opinions, it is important to remember to value the opinions of others. If they neglect the affective part, they may have a problem fulfilling the need for the intimacy of others and may hurt others without realizing it, applying logic and reason to situations that would require more emotional involvement.

Asuka from Evangelion

Asuka is one of two 5 protagonists of the Neon Genesis Evangelion play. It is entitled by Organização NERV as a “second child” and is designated to pilot or mecha (giant robber) EVA Unit 02.

Asuka has a strong personality, but many times she uses these aspects to mask her vulnerability and insecurity, due to her traumatic childhood.

Asuka is what we would call a typical tsundere, aggressive and not afraid to say what she thinks, but deep down she is fragile, she is always interested in obtaining merit from her superiors since for her it is what bases her being, like a true ESTJ anime character.

Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia

Tenya Iida (飯 田 天 哉, Īda Tenya?) Is one of the protagonists of Boku no Hero Academia, he is also the delegate of Class 1-A.

He may seem stern, but he is a very upright, sincere, diligent and serious person, who takes everything (even the smallest of things) seriously. He is also a very humble person, who admits his mistakes and tries to improve them for himself.

He admires everyone who is how he wants to be like All Might and even more so his older brother Ingenium.

Agatha from Pokemon, games, manga, and anime

Agatha (キ ク コ Kikuko in Japanese) is a member of the High Command and a trainer of poison-type Pokémon, although some of her Pokémon are ghost-type, so it is considered that she dominates both types.

Agatha is a member of the High Command and the most veteran to date. It’s an inspiration to older Pokémon trainers from across the region. Agatha is specialized in Poison and Ghost Pokémon.

Lt. Surge from Pokemon

Lt. Surge, also called Lieutenant Surge (マ チ ス Matis in Japanese) is the leader of the Carmine City gym, specializing in electric Pokémon.

Lt. Surge is know as the “Lightning Lieutenant”. He is or was an American soldier who fought in at least one war, during which Electric-type Pokémon saved his life. As a member of the army, Surge was a strict CO and was rather cautious. He was a pilot as well, and used Electric-type Pokémon to power his plans, a practice that in at least one occasion saved his life. Also, Surge saved the life of one of the Trainers in his Gym who was in the army at the same time.

Bowser from Super Mario Bros

Bowser first appeared in the Super Mario Bros game where he and his koopas had captured the residents of the mushroom kingdom and turned them into bricks, bushes, and horsetail plants.

Bowser has since been the eternal rival of the plumbers who kidnaps Princess Peach non-stop … it’s serious! Bowser is the definition of persistence as he will capture the princess even if he has no chance of winning.

Bowser is the most recognized villain in video game history, before Ganondorf, Ridley, Dedede and many more!

Temari from Naruto

Temari is a beautiful and skilled Kunoichi belonging to Sunagakure (sand village), she is the older sister of Gaara and Kankuro, daughter of Rasa, the Fourth Kazekage.

Temari stands out for being a kunoichi with a somewhat strong character with other people, to the point that she is classified by some as one of the most ruthless kunoichis with her enemies, this I think, is the product of the hard childhood she had to live with her brother Gaara and because of how strict they taught her to be from a very young age.

However, she also shows a passive and analytical personality, becoming a good strategist; and some other times she shows a somewhat shy, friendly and motherly personality when she meets her brothers, Shikamaru and currently her son Shikadai.

Kankuro from Naruto

Kankuro as a sand ninja is usually bully, somewhat conceited and imposing, especially with those from other villages (as in the brawl with Konohamaru), however, despite this facade, he is good support for his family and has a friendly side although somewhat cocky, as seen when he approached Naruto in the Chūnin match between Gaara and Lee. 

However, on the battlefield, he is a ruthless, cunning, deceptive and calculating warrior who shows no compassion for his enemies. Just what we expected from an ESTJ anime character.

Sengoku from One Piece

Senkogu appears to be a proud man, and loyal to the World Government. In addition to not accepting a criminal to flee and hating failure, he ends up being irritated when that happens. In his opinion, the Shichibukai are valuable at times, even if they are only pirates. Following the government’s order to cover up the incident of the escape of the prisoners from Impel Down. Sengoku loses faith in the government and even resigns from the Marines.

He seems to be a very calm man, but he is also capable of acts of violence. He has a common sense, however, his justice is not the same as Akainu’s, because he is a mixture of both absolute and moral justice.

Akainu from One Piece

Sakazuki, also known as Akainu, “Red Dog” of the Navy, is the current Fleet Admiral, formerly held the positions of Vice Admiral and shortly after the resignation of former Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, was one of the three Admirals. A man who has his sense of justice, which is very distorted. He is a user of Akuma no Mi, which can even be considered one of the strongest in existence, he is of the Logia type, the Magu Magu no Mi, who turns him into a man of magma.

Sakazuki has a sense of justice of his own, which can even be distorted, due to the tricks he would set up for his justice to prevail, in his view, he would even sacrifice many innocents to eliminate just one criminal, this is shown when he was still a Vice Admiral and ordered the destruction of all escape ships from Ohara, so as not to let any criminal escape.

Big Mom from One Piece

Big Mom is the main antagonist in the Totto Land arc, a land of sweets that is her territory. In the world of One Piece, a place full of pirates and criminals, she holds the position of Yonkō (the dictionary defines them as badass characters par excellence).

Big Mom was born an uncontrollable beast with inhuman power and although today this made her triumph, it psychologically harmed her. Since she was a child she was unable to control her power and wanting to do good, she ended up terminating. 

She was also very curious, and when strange beings she did not know appeared, she wanted to rip “that” out of them that made them different, to do them a favour. Her family of origin abandoned her because she was destroying everything, and she never knew why.

Big Mom was not cruel, nor did she want to hurt nobody. She just did not know many things and the power she possessed was such that it made her incapable of being careful, this worsens with her eating disorder, which made them fear her, and people who looked for her were afraid of the Big Mom.

Izumi Curtis from FMA

Izumi Curtis is a very skilled alchemy and martial arts teacher. She lives in Dublith together with her husband Sig Curtis with whom she runs a butcher shop. She usually has no students, but she agreed to teach both practical and theoretical alchemy to the Elric brothers for six months. In Brotherhood it is one of the five human sacrifices.

Izumi usually prides herself on being “a quiet and simple housewife”. However, behind her humble gaze, she hides her fearsome side that the Elric brothers know. She tends to be offended when called “old”, is prone to being violent. Her discomfort and intimidation are shown by clenching her knuckles.

Izumi values the idea of hard work to achieve goals. She is very open, curious and courageous. Her ideology is “One is all and all is one”.

Izumi enjoys travelling with Sig. Despite being considered aggressive, Izumi is very calm, loving, and compassionate. She is also wise and perceptive, like a true ESTJ. 

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

She is one of the S-class mages of Fairy Tail and the strongest of the said guild, due to this, she was very feared by her companions and also because of her personality because she gets angry very easily, she does not tolerate injustice, she is very strict and takes everything very seriously. 

Despite that, like a true ESTJ she is, Erza is a very funny character. She was also one of Fairy Tail’s teachers when Makarov was gone, as she disappeared and disbanded Fairy Tail to save them from the Alvarez Empire. 

Captain Ginyu from Dragon Ball

Ginyu is shown to be a very tough person when his team loses a battle, but he also shows deep concern when his teammates were terminated. He shows a high loyalty to Freeza, this loyalty is so great even when he was with the frog body he tried to stop the Z Warriors from using the Namekian Dragon Balls. He also shows to be very proud, as he did not want Jeice to help him in his battle.

Tobirama Senju from Naruto

As a child, Tobirama was an exceptionally stoic and collected person with a logical and pragmatic approach to life. He was very obedient to his father, as well as loyal to his clan, but not to the extent that it clouded his judgment, as he was able to imagine a rational way for the ninja clans to unite to achieve peace. 

As a Hokage like his older brother, he felt great loyalty and devotion to his people, and put their well-being above all else. He was willing to fight for the good of his people against any enemy like Orochimaru and Sasuke when he claimed that he was going to destroy Konoha.

ESTJ Anime Characters Haikyuu!!

Here are the most fitting ESTJ anime characters from haikyuu!!

  • Kindaichi Yutaro
  • Tanji Washijou
  • Yaku Morisuke

Out of these ESTJ anime characters on Haikyuu!!, one of the best examples of the ESTJ personality is Tanji Washijou, who is the head coach of the team and is a tough person who is pretty intent on getting the best out of those under his command.

This ESTJ anime character from Haikyuu!! Is in a perfect ESTJ position, to start with, which is coaching  a champion team, as this is the sort of thing the ESTJ personality excels at, that is, getting the absolute best out of people.

This ESTJ anime character is stern and doesn’t hesitate to loudly chastise his players in the middle of matches, and he has also earned the nickname “Demon coach” because of this behavior, which is also something many extreme ESTJ personalities might find familiar because these people often get the reputation of being hard drivers and bosses.

This ESTJ anime character from hairkyuu, much like most ESTJs in leadership positions, tends to get angry very easily and is shown to be very stubborn and it is also seen that in the first years training camp, he continuously refused to allow Hinata to participate despite the latter’s skills and subsequent improvement, basing his decision on Hinata’s lack of height.

Like a typical ESTJ that is consumed with efficiency and getting the best possible results, this ESTJ anime character from Haikyu!! Likes to select athletes with height and natural power and has been said to go out of his way to look for those people to recruit. 

The fact that he cares most about results is evident in the fact that he does not care much about the players’ background or personality and he only cares about how they play, which does garner respect from some of his players, who had been left out or looked down upon by their former teams.

However, he is a typical ESTJ personality because he also understands the passions of youth and he has himself said a tsome point that he wouldn’t turn down anyone who was willing to work hard and it is not entirely true that he only looks at their skill based on their physiological parameters.

ESTJ Anime Characters BNHA

Here is an extensive list of ESTJ anime characters from BHNA, or Boku no Hero Academia:

  • Crimson Riot
  • Endeavor (Enji Todoroki)
  • Fourth Kind
  • Gang Orca (Kugo Sakamata)
  • Kenji Tsurugamae
  • Mimic (Joi Irinaka)
  • Rock Lock (Ken Takagi)
  • Seiji Shishikura (Sisicross)
  • Sen Kaibara (Spiral)
  • Shoko Haimawari
  • Swordkil
  • Tenya Iida (Ingenium)
  • Tiger (Yawara Chatora)

Enji Todoroki, or Endeavor, is one of the most widely types ESTJ anime characters from BNHA, or Boku no Hero Academia, and this character is well known for his ESTJ personality traits, as evident in the way his son Shoto Todoroki described him, by saying that he is prideful and ambitiou, and driven by his goal to surpass the No. 1 Hero, All Might, which in itself sums up the goal-oriented ESTJ personality.

This ESTJ anime character from BNHA has an almost obsessive drive perhaps due to his repeated failure that plagued him since his youth or simply because he has always wanted to succeed, either way, he was always dedicated to his studies and hero work.

Endeavor is also categorised as an ESTJ anime character from BNHA because he strived to become the absolute strongest Pro Hero in the country, but the figure of All Might proved itself too much of an insurmountable obstacle for him or anyone else to overcome, leaving Endeavor in a growing state of despair as he became more and more aware that closing the gap between him and the Symbol of Peace was futile.

Because of his failures to do what he had set out to do, Enji turned into a cold, callous person who didn’t care for anything but his impossible dream, which is an apt description of an ESTJ that was once driven by a career goal they could not achieve and are suffering from depression because of it too.

Even though he wants to accomplish so much and do so much, this ESTJ anime character from BNHA, much like real-world ESTJs, is always aware of his own limitations, but he is also very stubborn, which means that even though he knows where he lacks, he never once thinks about letting go of this wish and still wants it at any cost.

He is also very smart and resourceful, which is seen in how he balances the downsides of his Hellflame Quirk, something he always found cumbersome, by having a child with an ice Quirk user, in order to create someone that could inherit his will. 

Some ESTJs can go to the extremes and become very abrasive in their personal life when their ambitions and other energies are not met, which is seen in the personal life of this ESTJ anime character’s life, when he becomes a cruel, abusive father and husband, with his actions negatively affecting all members of the family he formed. 

He considers his youngest child Shoto his masterpiece and thinks of him as a tool that possessed all the right elements to exceed All Might’s ability and nothing else, and due to this type of thinking, he ends up focusing all his hopes on Shoto, forcing him through incredibly harsh training from a young age and showing no concern for his personal desires. 

This type of behavior from this ESTJ anime character from BNHA is what may be seen in many strict and authoritarian type individuals who have this personality type, and it may often lead to some very troubled relationships for them.

ESTJ Anime Characters Kakegurui

There are 3 ESTJ anime characters on Kakegurui, and these are:

  • Mary Saotome
  • Kokoro Aiura
  • Nozomi Komabami

All three ESTJ anime characters on kakegurui are female, which is not that uncommon as this personality type tends to be quite common both among men as well as women in reality as well.

Out of these ESTJ anime characters on kakegurui, Mary Saotome is one of the best examples of the ESTJ personality, and she is shown to be incredibly sadistic and twisted in the beginning, but she can have some highlights as well.

Her sadistic tendencies are evident in how she treats her classmate Ryota Suzui after he turned into a “housepet”, because of his low social status within the academy, and she can also be cruel to her fellow opponents during their gambling matches, taunting them in a mean fashion, however, when one remembers the ESTJ need to win at any cost or do well all the time, this behavior makes sense.

Like an unhealthy ESTJ, this anime character from Kakegurui can also be extremely egotistical both in and out of matches, and she is often very confident in her victory, which is also a typical high-functioning ESTJ trait.

She is often seen mocking her opponents and laughing at them, especially when match seems to be her win, which also makes her a rather sore loser, and also adds points in favor of her being an ESTJ anime character from kakegurui.

She is also the typical ESTJ ambitious person, because after losing to Yumeko Jabami and experiencing the life of being a housepet, this ESTJ anime character from kakegurui became desperate to regain her status within the academy, and she cared about no other goal anymore but that, and that kind of singular determination is key in this personality type.

She also suffers a mental breakdown after her loss, because the typical ESTJ pride can often be the downfall of this personality type, and when this breakdown happens during a match against Yuriko, she ends up falling into the state of grief and shame. 

However, like a true ESTJ, this anime character from kakeguri also seems to learn a lesson afte this, and even after regaining her status, she seems to be no longer this arrogant and cruel, sometimes being only nettled by Ryota’s cowardice or Yumeko’s reckless behavior, but still deeply caring about them. 

ESTJ Anime Characters AOT

Below is a list of some of the best ESTJ anime characters from AOT, or Attack on Titans:

  • Aurille
  • Flagon
  • Grior
  • Gross
  • Gunther Schultz
  • Jean Kirstein
  • Keiji
  • Kiyomi Azumabito
  • Lobov
  • Nanaba
  • Nile Dok
  • Rod Reiss
  • Theo Magath

Jean Kirstein is a great example of an ESTJ anime character from AOT, or Attack on Titans, and he makes for a great character study of ESTJ personality traits.

To begin with, this ESTJ anime character from AOT has a very blunt personality. He usually says what is on his mind without really holding back or taking stock of who he is saying it to.

In addition, Jean is also a pragmatic person, and he also values traits like honesty and can be rather critical of people who are too idealistic, showing that he believes more in the real and factual, rather than concepts and ideologies, which also make him a typical ESTJ anime character from AOT.

This ESTJ anime character from AOT has also been described as a natural leader, and it is said about him that he is able to understand others and assess situations well because of his flaws, which may be an assessment of many ESTJ individuals in reality as well.

In fact, Jean’s leadership qualities make themselves known during the Battle of Trost, when he leads his fellow soldiers after they are left confused and leaderless, and rallies Armin and Reiner in an attack on the Female Titan, knowing that not fighting her would endanger the rest of the Survey Corps.

This ESTJ anime character’s awareness and leadership capabilities were further displayed during the Battle of Shiganshina on AOT, when he took command of Armin’s squad, and Liberio when he led many of the 104th graduates to attack the Marleyan military. 

He often seems, and presents himself as somewhat self-centered, but this ESTJ anime character from AOT also places high value on the lives of others, and is ashamed and horrified when he must leave helpless allies behind to save himself and the remaining soldiers with him.

ESTJ Anime Characters MHA

Tenya Iida makes for a great ESTJ anime character from MHA, or My Hero Academia, due to typical personality traits like being strict and focused and keeping his eyes on the prize at all times.

Even though Tenya often looks severe or unfriendly, the fact is that he is just really straightforward which is a key feature of his personality that makes him a good example of an ESTJ anime character from MHA, and one can also see a great deal of discipline in him.

This ESTJ anime character from MHA is not just strict or unfriendly, however, and he also engages in plenty of friendly gestures that make it amply clear that he is just really driven but not hostile at all.

Tenya can also be rather sophisticated and earnest, perhaps because of his elite upbringing too, in addition to his ESTJ anime character traits, and this MHA character is perhaps who he is because of both his upbringing and his internal frameworks, which is how it works in the real world too.

He also takes things quite seriously, making sure he gives his all to everything he does, and not doing anything half way.

Like a true ESTJ, this ESTJ anime character from MHA is also extremely dedicated to his studies and is always eager to learn new things, regardless of whether they have anything to do with Heroics and he also serves as Class 1-A’s representative.

Being in a leadership role, this ESTJ anime character from MHA is also obsessed with organization and discipline, and he often expects his classmates to follow suit, which more often than not annoys them due to his usually loud and overbearing nature, and this is also something many people might relate to if they know an ESTJ in their life as well.

However, he does not just care about organization and rules, he also personal responsibility for the safety and guidance of his classmates in times of crisis, considering it his duty as class representative to protect and keep them away from dangerous situations should they ever arise, which also make him perfect for the category of an ESTJ anime character from MHA.

Like a true ESTJ leader, this anime character from MHA also knows how to quickly respond to situations of emergency, making sure to downplay panic and disorder among bystanders.

ESTJ Anime Characters HxH

Here is a list of some of the best ESTJ anime characters from Hxh, or Hunter x Hunter:

  • Biscuit Krueger
  • Menchi
  • Botobai Gigante
  • Togari
  • Tsezguerra
  • Tsubone
  • Gido
  • Cluck
  • Asta
  • Dalzollene

A great example of an ESTJ anime character from HxH, or Hunter x Hunter, is Asta, who was short-tempered and prideful, and she often clashed almost immediately with Killua who didn’t take kindly to her down talking, which is a problem many ESTJs might face when they are faced with other strong personalities that do not back down in the face of their strength and dominance.

Like some ESTJs, this ESTJ anime character from HxH was also a little superficial, and this was evident when she thought that the Bombers would stop their plan because of Razor but she is also someone who trusted her own judgment most, and therefore decided to trust Gon and shared with him her knowledge about Greed Island.

Another great example of an ESTJ anime character from HxH is Tsezguerra, who is a very straight-forward yet also prudent thinker, which may often define how the typical ESTJ thinks, and it was seen that he only took challenges that he was capable of fulfilling, which may be another typical ESTJ trait.

This ESTJ anime character from HxH also looks down on people who he thinks is inferior to his strength and or abilities, which is another bad habit of some ESTJ personalities, and it was seen that when Tsezguerra was surpassed by Gon and Killua in a test of his Nen skills, he was left flabbergasted by the boys’ progress and even lied by saying that they failed to beat his personal record.

When he loses in the dodgeball match with Razor, he considers that his senses have dulled over time, making him weaker and like a true ESTJ faced with failure or problems this ESTJ anime character from HxH then decides to commit to re-training himself in the basics of Nen.

ESTJ Anime Test

While there is no ESTJ anime test as such, you can take the 16 personalities test to find out if you are an ESTJ, and then look at some anime character lists, like this one, to find out what ESTJ anime characters are like you.

Instead of taking an ESTJ anime test, which may not give the results you are looking for anyway, you may also try to go through some personality forums like personality database or even reddit, where people often talk about ESTJ personality or other MBTI personalities and anime or fictional characters related to them.

Alternatively, you can also try going through the anime descriptions given in this ESTJ anime characters list, and see which of the ESTJ characters discussed here you most identify with.

ESTJ Anime Characters Naruto

Here is a list of some great ESTJ anime characters from Naruto:

  • A (The Third Raikage)
  • Arashi Fuma
  • Chen
  • Chushin
  • Dotō Kazahana
  • Fukasaku
  • Gataro
  • Gatō
  • Gyuki (Hachibi)
  • Haido
  • Homura Mitokado, Konoha Council
  • Karin
  • Koharu Utatane, Konoha Council
  • Kushimaru Kuriarare
  • Onoki
  • Son Gokū
  • Taiseki
  • Tayuya
  • Temari
  • Todoroki

A very significant ESTJ anime character from Naruto is Tobirama, who fits this category perfectly because of his tendency to be very reasonable and traditional, which are traits one might find fairly often in an ESTJ personality.

This ESTJ anime character from naruto is also incredibly respectful and conservativeand he is a firm believer of the fact that if something has worked before, it will continue to do so and therefore there is no need for change, another quality often found in the executive ESTJ personality type.

The traditional bent that this ESTJ anime character from Naruto has is sseen best in the situation when he meets Sasuke for the first time and it is seen that even after his own death, subsequent resurrection, and the couple generations between the two events he still manages to keep that Uchiha hatred alive. 

This ESTJ anime character from naruto also tends to live in a world of facts and doesn’t care much for anything beyond that, which is another typical ESTJ tarot, and he seems to get his energy from interacting with people. 

Another great ESTJ anime character from naruto is Temari who is a pretty blunt person as well, and she often speaks what is on her mind at all times and not mincing any words, in true ESTJ fashion.

She is also quite prudent and stoic and does not engage in emotional and obvious displays of affection or another sentiment, which are further reasons for why she is considered to be an ESTJ anime character from Naruto.

At a later point in the show, she also serves as a diplomatic liaison between Sunagakure and Konohagakure, which is a role many ESTJs might find themselves in given their propensity for details and clear decision-making processes, and it is another point in favor of her categorisation as an ESTJ anime character from Naruto.

ESTJ Anime Villains

Here are some of the best ESTJ anime villains:

  • Asuka
  • Sengoku
  • Spandam
  • Akainu
  • Big Mom
  • Erza
  • Temari
  • Kakuro
  • Tenya Iida

ESTJ anime villains, or even other ESTJ villains in general may be the typical strict and authoritarian individuals who seek power for the sake of bringing about their unique brand of justice or rules in the society.

Whenever there is a character on an anime or a tv show, or even movie, who wants to do something because it is for the good of the people (according to them), or for the betterment of the society, or to get the best possible result from people under them, chances are they are an ESTJ anime villain, or an ESTJ villain.

An example of an ESTJ anime villain is Spandam, from the show One Piece, who is a believer of the same Absolute Justice concept that Sakazaki (Akainu) believes in, and he values honesty and loyalty and accountability for one’s actions just as much, which may make him come across as slightly dogmatic as well, and he tends to go too far with these beliefs of his fairly frequently.

He also has no qualms about any of the things he may have to do in the acquisition of things he wants or goals he wants to achieve, which also represents the determined attitude of many ESTJs, and which is something that is often seen in ESTJ anime villains as well.

ESTJ Anime Characters PDB

Here are some of the best ESTJ anime characters according to PDB, or Personality database, which is the best resource to look for information regarding personality types:

  • Asuka Langley Soryu   Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Vegeta   Dragon Ball Z
  • Tenya Iida (Ingenium)   Boku no Hero Academia
  • Mary Saotome   Kakegurui
  • Jean Kirstein   Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Biscuit Krueger   Hunter X Hunter
  • Endeavor (Enji Todoroki)   Boku no Hero Academia
  • Sebastian Michaelis   Kuroshitsuji
  • Nami   One Piece
  • Ayuzawa Misaki   Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • Doppo Kunikida   Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Erza Scarlet   Fairy Tail
  • Temari   Naruto Shippūden
  • Yubaba   Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
  • Sayaka Kanamori   Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!
  • King Bradley   Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Tatsumaki   One Punch Man
  • Nobara Kugisaki   Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Cornelia li Britannia   Code Geass
  • Dia Kurosawa   Love Live! Sunshine!!
  • Izumi Curtis   Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru   Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
  • Lin   Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
  • Eva Heinemann   Monster
  • Ghiaccio   JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Mine   Akame ga terminate!
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa   Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Erina Nakiri   Shokugeki no Souma
  • Chizuru Ichinose   Kanojo, Okarishimasu
  • Escanor (Day)   Nanatsu no Taizai
  • Shuichi Aizawa   Death Note
  • Seidou Takizawa   Tokyo Ghoul
  • Aoi Kanzaki   Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Rudol von Stroheim   JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • A (The Fourth Raikage)   Naruto Shippūden
  • Karin   Naruto Shippūden
  • Tahomaru   Dororo
  • Yaku Morisuke   Haikyuu!!
  • Keicho Nijimura   JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
  • Jeremiah Gottwald (orange)   Code Geass
  • Buggy   One Piece
  • Gamagoori Ira   Kill la Kill
  • Ton Buchou   Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko)
  • Hiro Sohma   Fruits Basket
  • Captain Ginyu   Dragon Ball Z
  • Hiiragi Kagami   Lucky☆Star
  • Gohin   Beastars
  • Alice Zuberg   Sword Art Online

ESTJ Anime Characters Danganronpa

Kiyotaka Ishimaru is the only ESTJ anime character on Danganronpa, and he is the typical rule-oriented and dogmatic ESTJ personality that may often be confused for an ISTJ as well, but his extroverted tendencies are what make him an ESTJ.

He belongs to the order of the Ultimate Moral Compass, and this ESTJ anime character from Danganronpa is very righteous and values order and rules above all else, which are true ESTJ qualities.

He is a student, and like a typical ESTJ he takes his role as a student very seriously, which is evident when he gets upset that there are currently no classes going on during the terminating School Life, much like Hermione from Harry Potter, who is also an ESTJ, and get supset when exams are cancelled.

He is also quite obsessive, and this is seen in his admission that he has 10 sets of his uniform so he never runs out and so he is able to wear one every day of the year, even on holidays or days off from school. 

This ESTJ anime character from Danganronpa is also very polite and respectful, as in original Japanese release, he addresses people, even girls with “-kun” honorifics.

Like a typical ESTJ, this anime character from Danganronpa thinks of effort as being the most important and he is a hard worker, and he holds the firm belief that one can achieve anything through it. 


In this blog post, we briefly describe d14 ESTJ anime characters. We also showed the main characteristics of the ESTJ personality type.

ESTJ people are usually model citizens, pillars of the community. They like interacting with people and they like to have fun. They can be a lot of fun at parties or family gatherings or between co-workers.

An ESTJ must take care of the tendency to be very rigid and too detail-oriented. Because they place value and weight on their beliefs and opinions, it is important to remember to value the opinions of others. 

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