Essential Oils for Depression (comprehensive list)

Depression affects countless people around the world, some more seriously than others.

The use of essential oils for depression has been part of human culture for centuries and continues to be a natural cure to this day.

Best Essential Oils for Depression

Some of the most popular essential oils for depression include rose, vetiver, ylang-ylang, lavender, bergamot, basil, lemon, frankincense, chamomile, patchouli, sage, jasmine, peppermint, valerian root, geranium oil, and others.

Frankincense oil

This powerful essential oil is often used in aromatherapy to improve meditation and to treat depression and anxiety.

It also helps lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate, which can provide a sense of calmness during a panic attack, depression, or anxiety.

Valerian Root Oil

It is a sedative that can help with any symptoms of insomnia that you may experience as a result of anxiety or depression.

It is one of the widely used essential oils for depression.

Chamomile oil

To instill a sense of calm in the body and mind, many people turn to chamomile oil, as it can eliminate the anxiety that often accompanies depression.

This oil can boost your mood with simple inhalation, and it will also reduce insomnia, which is another common side effect of depression.

Bergamot oil

It is called to increase attentiveness and to give vital energy. It is an excellent alternative to citrus because it has a more sophisticated sweet-spicy aroma.

It is one of the most effective essential oils for depression. The useful and unique properties of bergamot oil are:

  • Increases efficiency;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • Struggles with depression and fatigue;
  • Relieves irritation and headache;
  • An aphrodisiac that increases libido in both sexes;
  • It improves blood circulation.

You should not abuse bergamot oil, as it can cause insomnia.

Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil, due to its exquisite aroma and medicinal properties, is considered one of the most valuable in essential oils for depression.

Especially noteworthy is the use of the product for psychotherapeutic purposes, because it:

  • Normalizes sleep;
  • Helps to overcome the state of apathy;
  • Eliminates neuroses and psychological diseases, such as depressive disorders;
  • Eliminates stress;
  • Overcomes the feeling of fear and anxiety;
  • Tones up;
  • It relieves headaches.

Baths or spraying the antidepressant oil helps to build confidence and relieve fatigue.

Rosemary oil

Due to its fatty composition, rosemary oil has a complex effect on the organism.

People called rosemary ether the aroma of a student because it helps to collect thoughts, improve memory, and increase mental activity, which is extremely necessary during the session.


  • Relieves migraine;
  • Provides anti-sclerotic effect;
  • Increases concentration and brain activity;
  • Struggling with mental fatigue;
  • Forms sensuality and susceptibility;
  • Relieves stress by lowering the level of cortisol in saliva;
  • It stimulates vital activity.

Rosemary oil is forbidden to be used by pregnant women suffering from epilepsy and people with high blood pressure.

Rose oil

In medicine, rose oil is used to treat diseases of the female reproductive system. It is one of the most effective essential oils for depression.

Aromatherapy offers to inhale the aroma of floral ether to harmonize the emotional state and relieve stress.

It has a high price because it takes about 30 rosebuds to produce one drop.

Rose oil is an effective natural antidepressant:

  • Increases efficiency;
  • Eliminates neurosis;
  • Promotes concentration;
  • Tones and gives strength during fatigue;
  • Develops sociability and promotes a good mood;
  • It calms with excessive overexcitation.

Patchouli oil

The tart patchouli aroma will help overcome the breakdown, giving the body explosive energy.

Oil is an activator of a positive mood and one of the best antidepressants; It is one of the most effective essential oils for depression.

In ancient times, a kilogram of gold ruled a kilogram of oil, and several amphorae were found next to Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, filled with squeezed from an evergreen shrub.

Therapeutic properties are:

  • Tonic effect;
  • Exciting effect;
  • Calming effect on the body (treats anxiety and depression);
  • Disinfection;
  • Activation of metabolic processes and rapid digestion of food, which is also essential for good mood;
  • Stimulation of sex hormones in women and men (estrogen and testosterone);
  • Fungicidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Especially relevant for creative individuals. Patchouli activates intuition and activates the cerebral cortex.

Thanks to the miracle remedy, you can unleash your creative potential, balance the perception of reality, and work productively throughout the day.

Ingestion is prohibited for women in the first trimester of pregnancy and those who have serious digestive problems.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is extracted from the bark of a tree sprouting in Sri Lanka or Madagascar. It is one of the most effective essential oils for depression.

The ancient Egyptians used the product to eliminate viral and infectious diseases, as well as during an infection.

Nowadays, it is actively used in cooking, cosmetology, and eliminating digestive problems.

In aromatherapy, oil is recognized as one of the most effective means to combat spleen and fatigue.

Cinnamon properties are:

  • Enhances sensuality;
  • Contributes to the realization of creative potential;
  • Charges with emotions of joy;
  • Destroys the feeling of fear, envy or rejection of loneliness;
  • Relieves depressive moods;
  • It is an excellent aphrodisiac.

It is customary to apply it before sports to quickly warm up and build endurance during severe physical loading.

Basil oil

Basil oil contains many biologically active components that have a tonic effect on the emotional background of a person.

The extract is often used for quick awakening – put a few drops on a sponge for washing during the morning shower.

Basil oil properties are:

  • Relieves fatigue;
  • Eliminates the state of weakness;
  • Copes with apathy;
  • Helps to avoid stressful situations;
  • Activates the production of adrenaline;
  • It relieves migraines.

Clary sage oil

It is actively used in psychotherapy to eliminate tension, panic attack, and depression.

The oil copes with apathy, which occurs in the autumn-winter period, after suffering from nervous disorders or diseases.

Oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, poor restless sleep, epilepsy, and children under six years of age.

Lemon oil

The active ingredients of lemon oil are directly associated with an increase in cognitive energy.

In anxiety or depression, this oil can eliminate mental fog, give purpose and clarity, and also cheer up by increasing energy levels in the body due to high blood circulation.

Lavender oil

With soothing properties, lavender oil can help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety symptoms, as well as regulate hormones to reduce mood swings and periods of depression.

Lavender also has anti-inflammatory properties by inhalation, which can reduce pain and chronic discomfort, which often leads to long-term anxiety.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Studies have shown that ylang-ylang oil can lower blood pressure and slow down the adrenaline rush in the body, helping to counteract panic attacks and reduce general stress hormones in the body.

It also has sedative properties that can help with sleep disorders and insomnia, which are common side effects of depression.


  1. Essential oils for depression are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children, as there are not enough studies about the possible effects of essential oils on them.
  1. If you suffer from some mental health problems, before using an essential oil, you should talk to your doctor.
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Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my top recommendations here, as well as a full list of all products and services our team has tested for various mental health conditions and general wellness.

What we recommend for Depression

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs about the topic “Essential Oils for Depression.”

Which essential oils are best for anxiety?

Below are some essential oils that are best for anxiety:

– Lavender Oil,

– Chamomile Oil,

– Rose Oil,

– Geranium Oil,

– Vetiver Oil,

– Ylang Ylang Oil,

– Basil Oil,

– Jasmine Oil.

Can essential oils increase serotonin?

Essential oils can increase serotonin.

According to a study, the smell of lavender, lemon, and bergamot essential oils affect the brain, making it release serotonin.

What scents improve mood?

Scents of lavender, frankincense, vetiver, lemon, peppermint, bergamot, clary sage, and ylang-ylang can improve your mood.

When you inhale the aroma through the olfactory system, your limbic system receives a message that activates the emotion.

Therefore, essential oils are an excellent choice if you need to improve your mood or relax your mind.

What essential is oil good for mood?

Many essential oils are good for mood, so you should try some of the most effective ones: lavender oil, lemon oil, or ylang-ylang oil.

What essential oil helps with depression?

Because there are many essential oils, that can help with depression, we suggest you some of them, allowing you to choose one: frankincense, chamomile, valerian, bergamot, jasmine, rosemary, rose, patchouli, cinnamon, basil, clary sage, lemon, lavender, or ylang-ylang oil. 

What are essential oils good for anxiety and depression?

Some of the essential oils that are good for anxiety and depression are chamomile, jasmine, frankincense, ylang-ylang, geranium, lavender, and rose oils. 


In this article, we discussed essential oils for depression, in particular: chamomile, frankincense, basil, valerian, lemon, bergamot, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, patchouli, cinnamon, clary sage, lavender, and rosemary oil. 

Even though nowadays many people use essential oils for depression, we should remember that essential oils cannot cure depression; they may help you to decrease and relieve some symptoms of depression, and help you manage your condition in general, but cannot cure diseases. 

Please feel free to comment on the content or ask any questions in the comments section below.


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