ESFJ Famous People (7+list)

We know many ESFJ famous people in our lives. ESFJ are people with a sensitive personality towards others’ needs, they are conscientious helpers and dedicate themselves to responsibilities with their fullest energy.

They are not only attentive towards the feelings of others in a situation but are also highly attuned towards their own emotional environment and can perceive the image or view other people have of them.

ESFJ famous people try to create a sense of cooperation and harmony around them and in the place, they are present as they are always more than eager to support, provide, and please others.

In this article, we will discuss ESFJ famous people.

ESFJs personality types value tradition and loyalty over all others, they are the ones that keep friends and family on the top of their priority list and are always present for them.

They are always generous with their effort, time, and emotions.

They are often more sensitive towards others and take their concerns as their own and put their energy and effort using their organizational talents to bring order and harmony to the other person’s life.

Before knowing some ESFJ famous people, we will discuss ESFJ famous people personality type. 

What does ESFJ stand for?

ESFJ is basically a short form of one of the sixteen personality types that were described and created by Myers-Briggs.

Its full form is Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging, and is one of the most sensitive kinds of personality in the classifications.

ESFJ can be described as the person who is more energized when he spends time with others in some outdoor activity or social hanging, who is more focused on details and facts rather than concepts and idea, whose decisions are mostly influenced by values and feelings and who prefer his future and things around him to be organized and planned rather than flexible and spontaneous.

ESFJs are sometimes also known as the Provider personalities as they are more sensitive towards others and take an interest in taking care of others practically.

How common is the ESFJ personality type?

ESFJs are the second most common personality types present in the global population.

In general, ESFJ consists of the following ratios as compared with the population.

  • 12% of the global population
  • 17% of women
  • 8% of men

ESFJ Values and Motivations

ESFJs follow a strict moral code and act according to it, they also have expectations from others to follow the same moral code.

They have either right or wrong and nothing in between, most of the time they see things as either white or black and are not shy of commenting and evaluating other people’s behavior.

ESFJs are looking for cooperation and harmony, they feel that this can be accomplished fully if each and every person can follow a similar set of rules rather than following a different set or not following at all.

They often take on roles that put them in a position to enforce social order and have a sense inside them that helps them in putting people in order utilizing the way people feel about each other. 

ESFJs have a sense of personal responsibility related to the needs of others and are usually impatient and eager to help and get involved in other people’s matters out of goodwill.

They are more practical and serious, and always put business before pleasure especially when it concerns the well being of another person, they always put the task of taking care of others on top of their priority list.

They often keep a regular schedule of their daily life and enjoy a routine that keeps them productive and well organized.

How Others See the ESFJ

ESFJs are often found to take over the charge and play the part of the hostess or host.

They are usually the first ones to take over the role of being the organizer without a second thought or hesitation and make sure that each and every person present is taken care of.

Different organizational roles such as event planner, committee leader, and church volunteer suits the personality of ESFJ well.

They are usually engaged and well connected with their communities and are always working hard towards their betterment and maintaining a balanced social order.

ESFJs are always the curious ones who are more interested in other people and their situation and always love to know about the details about their lives.

One of the most common practices of time passing of an ESFJ is gossiping as they love to share stories of the people around them. 

ESFJs also have a clear guide and moral code related to their expectations and behavior of other people around them.

They have very strong opinions about how proper things should be done and how a person should behave and are often found expressing these opinions.

ESFJs also have a great interest in codes of social interaction and manners, their thinking is more directed towards either right or wrong.

More than often ESFJs are judgemental of other people who approach them in an inappropriate manner or are not acting according to their set of manners and rules but they do want the best of the other person; it is just that they also want everyone around them to follow the same rules so they can have a good gathering at the spot and get along well.

ESFJs are always looking to smooth up things around them as they might get involved in the problems of people around them and their concerns.

Now we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of  ESFJ famous people. 

ESFJ famous people: Strengths

  • Strong Practical Skills – ESFJs are mostly excellent managers of daily routine and day to day tasks and maintenance, they enjoy making the people near them well cared for and love to organize and schedule things.
  • Strong Sense of Duty – ESFJs have a strong sense to shoulder responsibility and also the drive to meet their obligations and goals. Although, this can sometimes be driven because of their social expectations rather than intrinsic drive. 
  • Very Loyal – ESFJs personality types always value highly the security and stability of the status quo. They are more than eager to preserve the status which further makes them the most trustworthy and loyal employees and partners. ESFJs tend to become the pillar of the group they are part of whether it is inside a community, family or a business setting, these people are the best to rely on. 
  • Sensitive and Warm – ESFJs are usually warm and sensitive towards the feelings of others and try their best to help others in ensuring their stability. They are always looking for cooperation and harmony and take deep consideration of the feelings of other people around them and care for them. They are always careful to not hurt the feelings of people around them and are always there to support them. They are a strong team player and always go for win-win situations.
  • Good at Connecting with Others – ESFJs are more comfortable socially and are very good at connecting with other people because of them being more sensitive towards the feelings of others. They are well-liked and have a strong need to belong so they usually have no hindrance in starting a short or long conversation in a group which helps them to keep an active role in the social gathering or starting different things according to the social cue in a community to keep an active role. 

ESFJ Famous People: Weakness

  • Worried about Their Social Status – ESFJs have a sense of belonging so one of the basic weaknesses of ESFJ type personalities is their fear of losing their social status. They are preoccupied with their social influence and status which sometimes limit their creativeness and also narrow down their open-mindedness, further affecting the decisions they make. 
  • Inflexible – ESFJs personality types put a lot of effort and importance on things that are socially acceptable and can be inflexible or cautious or even critical of the things that are out of those social norms or are not accepted socially. They may try to push their own beliefs on people around them in an effort to establish their own domain. 
  • Reluctant to Improvise or Innovate – ESFJs can be critical of others’ behavior and always think that the social norms they are following in the right, may have the unwillingness or the fear to change and improvise by coming out of their comfort zone. ESFJs are mostly reluctant to change and improvise because of their fear to change. 
  • Vulnerable to Criticism – ESFJs are more vulnerable to criticism related to their habits and beliefs especially when it is done by some person who is close to them and has seen them go through their traditions, habits, and beliefs which results in ESFJ becoming defensive and might hurt someone. 
  • Often Too Needy –ESFJs are sometimes often considered too needy because of their urge to hear appreciation. If any of their efforts get ignored or unnoticed and there are no compliments they might start fishing for them in an attempt to get assurance from the group or community of their importance and value.

ESFJs famous People: 

Some of the ESFJ famous people in different fields of life are listed below, we will be listing some of the ESFJ famous actors in the US which are known for great work and with a humble attitude. 

  • Eva Longoria, U.S. actress.
  • Rachel McAdams, Canadian actress
  • Hugh Jackman, Australian actor
  • Danny Glover, U.S. actor.
  • Chris Farley, U.S. actor.
  • Penelope Cruz, Spanish actress, and model
  • Jennifer Garner, U.S. actress.
  • Mary Tyler Moore, U.S. actress.
  • W. Harrelson, U.S. actor

ESFJ famous People: Musicians 

Most of the popular ESFJ famous people (musicians) are outgoing, warm, and devoted to their fans, some of them are listed below :

  • Elton John, English pianist, and singer
  • Tina Turner, U.S. singer and dancer.
  • Jennifer Lopez, U.S. singer, and actress.
  • Diana Ross, U.S. singer.
  • Alicia Keys, U.S. pianist, and singer.
  • Mariah Carey, U.S. singer.
  • Whitney Houston, U.S. singer.

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ESFJ Famous People: characters

In the end, we will be listing some of the ESFJ famous people (characters) from books, movies, and television shows : 

  • Joy from Inside Out.
  • Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies
  • Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
  • Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory.
  • Ned Flanders from The Simpsons
  • Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.
  • Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation
  • Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy from Star Trek
  • Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit.
  • Wendy from Peter Pan.
  • Rose Tyler from Doctor Who
  • Steven from Steven Universe.
  • Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

You can also check Top 23 ESFJ Anime characters.

FAQ about ESFJ famous People 

Who Should an ESFJ marry?

Although any two healthy individuals can enjoy a relationship, ESFJ are mostly tuned towards ISFP or INFP because of their dominant extroverted nature they best match with someone with a dominant introverted nature. 

How rare is ESFJ?

ESFJ is one of the most common types of personality found globally and not rare at all.

It makes up almost 12.3% of the global population. 


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