ESFJ Careers (A Comprehensive Guide)

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The people with an ENFJ personality type are reliable aids. These people care about the necessities of other people and fulfill their responsibilities enthusiastically.

The people with ESFJ personality type extremely care about their emotions and show attentiveness towards what others feel and how others perceive them.

These people are inclined towards creating coherence and teamwork around them.

An ESFJ values faithfulness and customs and will keep their peers and friends in their priorities. These people generously put their efforts, sentiments, and time.

ESFJs mostly care about the reservations of other people taking them on their own.

They might strive to put their efforts to give their input of managerial experience in an effort to get things in a positive direction in the lives of other people.

In this article, we will discuss ESFJ careers. 

The lifestyle of an ESFJ person is mainly external where different things are dealt with by how an ESFJ perceives them and also the way these things get themselves fit in the particular system of values.

Secondarily, an ESFJs way of life is internal.

In the internal mechanism, an ESFJ tends to focus on things through his five senses in an accurate and solid manner.

The people with ESFJ personality type tend to show affection towards other people.

These people tend to play through their traits of judging and sensing in order to accumulate particular and comprehensive details regarding other people and will use these details in compassionate decisions.

The ESFJs tend to be good towards others and will utilize their specific skills to get the very best out of other people. These people have potential skills to read other people and comprehend their viewpoints.

The wish of ESFJs to appear as happy and being liked by other people drives those to be extremely compassionate about other people.

People with ESFJ personality type possess natural abilities to make others feel better about them and this is the reason most people like it to be around them.

The people with ESFJ personality type tend to show seriousness about their responsibilities and they can be trusted.

These people give value to safety and consistency and tend to be greatly focused on the specifics of existence.

These people are always first on getting to know what needs to be complete and will try to complete by putting all their efforts.

These people find joy in doing such activities and are highly competent in doing this.

The people with an ESFJ personality type are sympathetic and spirited. These people seek acceptance from other people to get a good feeling about them.

If they are not given due importance they get hurt and do not recognize the cruelty. These people are generous who seek contentment in the joy of other people.

ESFJs need appreciation about which they are whatever they offer. There are extremely delicate other people and easily provide real attention.

They care about other people to an extent that they will find it too difficult in seeing or tolerating a bitter reality about the people they care about the most.

Strengths of ESFJs

 Strong Practical Skills

The people with ESFJ personality type are incredibly good at managing and maintaining their activities of daily routine.

They find joy in ensuring that their beloved ones are getting due care.

Strong Sense of Duty

The ESFJs possess a stronger sense of accountability and put their efforts in meeting the responsibilities of them.

This may be due to the reason for their understanding of societal prospects as compared to fundamental get-up-and-go.

Very Loyal

The ESFJs give high value to safety and constancy. These people seem keen to hold the status quo.

This makes these people extremely dependable and devoted persons and workers.

The people with ESFJ personality type are a genuine support base of their concerned groups, be it their friends, family, or coworkers.

These people are always reliable and can be trusted.

Sensitive and Warm

These people always strive to make sure the reliability.

The people with ESFJ are in pursuit of coherence and carefulness about the feelings of other people and always watch out while making any move so that nobody gets upset or snubbed.

These people are tough and believe in teamwork and always get pleasure in win-win situations.

Weaknesses of ESFJs

Worried about Their Social Status

Sometimes their strengths become their weaknesses.

The people with ESFJ personality are always preoccupied with thoughts of maintaining societal status and social impact which influence their decision making, thus, extremely hindering their creativeness and broad-mindedness.


The people with ESFJ personality put so much significance on what is acceptable socially and tend to be vigilant even being analytical about anything progressive or out of their radar.

The ESFJs people can be reluctant in pushing their self-beliefs with so much intensity in order to get them established with the majority. 

Vulnerable to Criticism

The people with ESFJ personality type find it difficult to alter their behavior as they tend to avoid the conflicts.

The people with ESFJ personality type can be extremely cautious and get offended if anybody from their closed ones or beloved one condemns them for their behaviors, principles, or customs. 

ESFJ Careers

Corporate Trainer

The people with ESFJ personality type love to entertain their affairs on the basis of daily routine which makes them extremely productive at their work.

The responsibility of a corporate trainer is to let the workers understand the minor details.

Furthermore, a corporate trainer is responsible for preparing material for the knowledge of the workforce which is easy to understand for them, providing them with training manuals, directing the, towards management in case of any issue at the workplace, and giving them the motivation to contribute for the success of the organization.

The choice of being a corporate trainer for ESFJ career is suitable for their personality characteristics.


Optometrists tend to go through a process.

These people do not cross their limits and that is the reason why ESFJ  career choice of being optometrist will be a suitable one.

In this career, a person needs to execute tests related to vision and then examine the outcomes, probe the issues in vision, give cures, recommend eyeglasses, eye lenses, and prescribing medicines and endorse vision-related wellbeing in their clients.

The choice for ESFJ career to be optometrist is a suitable choice.

Special Education Teacher

To be tutor or instructor at special education department needs to have special skills of judging the skills of the students, developing learning mechanism for students, managing the education programs individually, give individual guidance to students and communicate the progress of students to concerned persons such as counselor, administrator, and parent.

The choice for ESFJ career to be a special education teacher is a suitable choice.


According to personality characteristics, ESFJ career choice to be in the medical field can be precise.

Following the procedure, the lives of people are dependent on them.

The responsibilities of a nurse are to keep the record of the medical history of the patients, their symptoms, look after the patients and take notes of what they observe, oversee the procedures of the treatment and medication, coordination with doctors, operate medical machinery and providing assistance in diagnosing the test on a patient.

The choice for ESFJ career to be a nurse is a suitable choice.


The choice for ESFJ careers to be dietitians can be best suited to them.

They are driven by their desire to be the best and this is a special personality trait of ESFJ people.

A person in this career is required to give wellbeing advice, diet plans, establishing the key requirements of the wellbeing, promote the changes in diet plans, and supporting other people in diet and health.

The choice for ESFJ career to be a dietitian is a suitable choice.

Real Estate Agent

The people related to the field of real estate need to be extroverted and good at communication with other people.

The ESFJ has this thing in their favor that their interest in understanding the social situations permits them to get adapted for the satisfaction of their valued customer with every perspective.

The purpose of a real estate agent is to sell the property, buy the property, and rent the property, promoting the property, making lists of possessions for auction.

Their responsibility is also to be a mediator among the seller and the buyer and make sure that all the obligations related to the contract are met.

The choice for ESFJ career to be a real estate agent is a suitable choice.

Office Manager

The personal characteristic of the ESFJ personality type to be an office manager is a perfect match.

The people with ESFJ personality type tend to create harmony at their workplaces.

The responsibilities of an office manager are to arrange the meetings, setting an appointment, monitoring and administrating the activities at workplace, managing budgets of the office, keeping a personal record, organizing onboard schedules for new entrees, and serving the purpose of bridge among employee and employer, staffs, supplier and client.

The choice for ESFJ’s career to be an office manager is a suitable choice.

Advertising Sales Agent

The responsibilities of an advertising sales agent is to find the suitable location and contacting the high-value customer and offering the services related to advertising, explaining the customer the how to know if the advertising which will be helpful for the product and services of the client, providing calculations, preparing and delivering presentations of sales, and processing the files for all financial statement.

These persons need to supply evidence for consent and recommending the mass and arrangements of the adverts.

The choice for ESFJ career to be an advertising sales agent is a suitable choice.


The responsibilities of a receptionist are to see the people when they come to visit the office.

A receptionist presents the picture of the organization and this is the accurate reason why ESFJ’s career as a receptionist is best suited for their responsibility.

The responsibilities of a receptionist are to attend the phone calls, screening and forwarding the telephone calls in the organization, welcoming the visitors, keeping and maintaining the record and documents, looking at what is going on in the office, processing the traveling coupons, copying, filing, performing managerial services task.

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FAQ about ESFJ Career

Q1. What is the ESFJ personality type?

The people with an ENFJ personality type are reliable aids.

These people care about the necessities of other people and fulfill their responsibilities enthusiastically.

Q2. What are the weaknesses of the ESFJ personality type?

Following are the strengths of ESFJ personality type:

Strong Practical Skills

Strong Sense of Duty

Very Loyal

Sensitive and Warm

Good at Connecting with Others

Q3. What are the weaknesses of the ESFJ type?

Following are the weaknesses of ESFJs:

Worried about Their Social Status


Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise

Vulnerable to Criticism

Often Too Needy

Too Selfless

Q4. What can be ESFJ career choices?

The following can be suitable for ESFJ career choices:

Corporate Trainer


Special Education Teacher



Real Estate Agent

Office Manager

Advertising Sales Agent




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