Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

In this blog post, we will talk about the ESFJ personality type. We will also describe 13 ESFJ anime characters.

The ESFJ personality type

ESFJ people are people loved by others. They have a warm interest in others. They use the characteristics of being Sensory and being a Judge to gather as much detail about others as possible and to turn this information into reasoning about others. 

They want to love people, to find only the positive parts of individuals and that is why they know how to bring out the most beautiful in a person. They are very good at reading others and understanding their point of view. Also, ESFJ people want to be liked by people and that is why they become very supportive of them. People like to be around an ESFJ especially for their gift of making people feel good about themselves.

The ESFJ takes its responsibilities seriously. They value stability and safety, security and have a great power to focus on the details of life. They see before others what needs to be done and do everything to accomplish those things. They like this type of duties, tasks and are extremely good at it.

ESFJ people are warm and energetic. They need the approval of those around them to feel good about themselves. They feel very hurt by indifference and do not understand the ruthless, mischievous. 

They are very generous people who offer a lot of personal comforts to see others happy. They want to be appreciated for what they are and for what they offer. They are very sensitive to the needs of others and, unconditionally, offer help as practical as possible. ESFJs care a lot about others and find it very difficult to accept unpleasant truths about someone they care about.

Having extroverted affectivity as the dominance of their personality, ESFJs are oriented to read others, getting to the point where they change their behaviour according to the person they are with. They have a great need to be pleasant and to be at the helm of things, to control situations.

You can also see the ESTJ anime characters and visually see the difference between ESTJ personality type and ESFJ.

There are also ENFP anime characters that have some similarities.

ESFJ Anime characters

Ren from Konohana Kitan

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Ren is a character from the Konohana Kitan series. She has long light pink hair with an oculus pink bow above her hair and light blue eyes. She wears a pink Kimono with flowers and a yellow ribbon that wears white socks and brown briefs.

She is tsundere, she is feminine, perfectionist, proud and extremely calm, but she is quite violent on the inside, something we would expect from a true ESFJ anime character.

Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Jenny has a personality like that of a teenager, she likes to be with her friends, music, fashion, save the world, etc. She is kind to other people and likes to interact with them, she doesn’t like when her mother bothers her with her duties like training to be prepared for enemies.

Jenny’s occupations are, keeping the population of Tremorton safe, with the help of her mother’s invention, the threat detector and being a student in high school, she tries to balance the two occupations.

Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Mami is a complex character, at first, she appears to us as a mature and educated girl, more concerned with helping others than in obtaining seeds of suffering, she sees herself as someone strong and sure of herself, but later we see who feels insecure and guilty for the death of her parents, wanting to save only herself. 

She is a character who does not take loneliness well, since with problems with other magi she ended up becoming a scary and sensitive girl before this Despite her apparent strength, she is an unstable person, who comes to (in one of Homura’s timelines) kill her companions, to avoid “a fate worse than death.”

Milly Ashford from Code Geass

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Milly is the granddaughter of Ashford Academy Principal Ruben K. Ashford. Milly is Lelouch’s friend and classmate.

Milly is very cheerful and playful, she often plays on people’s insecurities. She cares deeply for the people around her and is very serious if the situation requires it, she loves festivals and sometimes uses them as a way to find out the secrets of her friends. 

She often teases her friends about random things, she can be very careful. She is eager to discover the secrets of Lelouch, sometimes using extravagant methods as she did when with the whole school to catch Arthur because she thought he had something valuable for him.

Kikyō Kushida

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Kushida Kikyou, one of the main characters of the anime, is kind, very sweet, pretty and popular. She belongs to class 1-D, the class where the “least intelligent students” of the grade are, but that does not let her want to reach her goal. 

Most of the boys aim to reach class A, but hers is to get along with everyone. Her goal could be achieved except for Suzune Horikita since this person does not want to have any friends in life, he just wants to be alone, suddenly he began to take hatred but it is not known if it is because Horikita is not his friend or because that she is jealous that she is “friend” with Kiyokata Ayanokouji; 

You can believe that she is not the type of person who gets angry until she goes crazy but it could be noticed that she has another personality and it seems that when she gets angry she leaves everything to her other “I”.

Tamaki Suou from Ouran Host Club

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Tamaki Suou (須 王 環) is the male lead in the anime/manga titled “Ouran highschool host club”. He comes from a family of “nobles” who are quite rich and upper class, who think that the lower class are inferior to them. 

Tamaki generally goes to the most prestigious school in the country which would be the great and famous “Ouran” which is believed that half of it is in the name of the Tamaki family which makes it very special within it. 

Tamaki is also the original creator of the Ouran host club which he decided to create based on being able to make the girls in his school happy and being able to fulfil all their wishes, for that reason he decides to take charge of doing it himself, although in the end, it seems that he cannot continue more so he begins to recruit what would be the other five protagonists of the series of which we will talk much later. 

Tamaki is generally someone perfect, he thinks he is a prince, he is quite kind and sweet and above all very chivalrous with the ladies, although when it comes to Haruhi, his personality changes completely.

Leorio from Hunter x Hunter

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Leorio is one of the four initial characters. He is 19 years old (although it seems older), he affirms it in several scenes of the anime. Leorio wants to study at the best university to be a doctor, he took the hunter’s exam intending to earn a lot of money. Leorio’s dream seems ambitious, but in reality, he wants to study at an expensive university so he becomes the best doctor.

Leorio is a person who never gives up easily, although the conditions are getting worse, he always keeps going. You never refuse your dreams. At first, he seemed a narcissist and selfish, but when the series attended it became clear that he cares, both for his friends, and for other people in need of help. He has a touchy and reckless character, which on several occasions caused problems for those around him.

Nanami Aoyama from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Nanami Aoyama (青山 七 海, Aoyama Nanami) is Sorata’s classmate, who later moves into room 203 of the Sakura dorm.

Even though she is harsh on Sorata, she is actually in love with him, and everyone apart from Sorata has realized this. She ran away from home to become a voice actress and has to live on her own.

Nanami is a diligent and hardworking girl, who works hard to achieve her goals. Nanami shows tsundere behaviour towards Sorata. This is mainly due to a complex that it has, which it does is very competitive and does not want to receive help. Nanami is shy, especially when interacting with Sorata. She helps in any way possible, earning the admiration of the Sakurasou residents.

Nanami is generally a shy person, especially when it comes to her body and feelings. Examples of this are that Nanami thinks that other women have better measurements (although Mashiro and Yuuko have declared that she possesses an almost perfect body); and her shyness about confessing her feelings for Sorata.

Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Ragyo Kiryuin (鬼 龍 院 羅 暁, Kiryūin Ragyō) is the main antagonist of the series, mother of Satsuki Kiryuin and Ryuko Matoi, General Director of Revocs Corporation and ex-wife of Souichiro Kiryuin, known as Isshin Matoi.

Ragyo is a character bathed in luxury, and it shows in her overall presentation and attitude. She is vain and proud, with abundant power and high social status. According to Rei Hououmaru, her character and morals are, to say the least, somewhat questionable. 

She is willing to indulge the whims of her inferiors and is quite agreeable to those loyal to her and equally ruthless toward her enemies. However, she is individualistic, cruel and sadistic, and possesses totalitarian traits that create the need to feel praised and to lead others by making them kneel at her feet. Therefore, although she may please her inferiors, she still sees them as mere servants without dignity.

She has shown to have an unwavering will and a strong devotion to Living Combat Fibers, believing in their supremacy, even over human existence. This mentality is responsible for her seeing humans as an inferior race and using them as mere laboratory rats, being able to use even her daughters if it is for the favour of the Fibers, and causing the extinction of human life if that. it meant the survival of the Living Combat Fibers.

Ragyo also has a broad tendency to reject failure, to the point that he would rather commit suicide than admit that he has failed.

Elizabeth from Black Butler

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

In the anime and at the beginning of the manga, she is shown as a very happy and somewhat capricious girl. But as time passes and the manga continues, her true personality is seen, a mature girl willing to give everything to protect who she loves.

At first, she is not shown to be proficient in any art, but as the manga progresses her abilities are shown.

The trigger for her to reveal her abilities was her determination to protect Ciel, this happened in the manga more or less from chapter 50 onwards.

Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Reiner Braun is a graduate of the 104th Cycle Recruit Troop, second in his class and a former member of the Reconnaissance Legion.

He is a passionate, supportive young man with a strong sense of duty. He took his role as a soldier so seriously that his friend Bertholdt constantly made it clear that he was a “warrior” and not a soldier. He tends to think of others before himself, assuming the consequences of his actions for the good of his peers.

However, he has serious emotional and mental problems as a result of his actions, but despite that, he remains loyal to his cause and was unable to cope with the guilt, beginning to suppress his true memories to escape.

During these events, he forgets his true identity, believing himself to be a human soldier, making it appear that there are some differences between his “soldier” personality and his true self.

He harbours a negative attitude towards himself, referring to himself as a “villain” and a “short-lived killer” that only Bertholdt and Annie can understand.

Maka from Soul Eater

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Maka is Soul’s technician and also the main character. She lives angry with her father since he is a womanizer, thanks to this she does not trust men much. She possesses the so-called anti-demon vibrations inherited from her mother that are said to end all evil and make all impure disappear.

In her daily life, Maka is headstrong, direct, and competitive, sometimes letting her emotions get the better of her, something that sometimes results in conflict with her peers, such as when fighting alongside Death the Kid or Black Star.

However, she is also given to admitting her mistakes and is kind and loving to her friends, although she does not hesitate to intervene if they do something inappropriate. 

Maka is mostly known for her courage, and she is always ready to pounce on any enemy, no matter how strong she is. Besides, she has great intelligence and enjoys reading and puzzles. As the daughter of the current Death Scythe, Maka has high expectations of herself.

Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life

Top 13 ESFJ Anime characters (A review)

Stephanie Dolla (ス テ フ ァ ニ ー ・ ド ー ラ Sutefanii Dōla) is the granddaughter of the former king of Imanity’s humans. She is Sora and Shiro’s subordinate.

Stephanie is expressive and emotional, to the point where she cannot hide them during a game of poker.  She loved her dear grandfather and gets mad when people call her grandfather a fool. She is in love with Sora, due to the promise after losing Rock, Paper or Scissors, and often has violent outbursts to try to free herself from her. 

Although Jibril later stated that the garment did not specify a time frame, and should have disappeared, meaning that perhaps Steph had truly fallen in love with Sora. She loves her kingdom and the world and believes in the potential of the Imanity.


In this blog post, we talked about the ESFJ personality type. We also described 13 ESFJ anime characters.

As a conclusion, the ESFJ takes its responsibilities seriously. They value stability and safety, security and have a great power to focus on the details of life. They see before others what needs to be done and do everything to accomplish those things. They like this type of duties, tasks and are extremely good at it.

ESFJ people are warm and energetic. They need the approval of those around them to feel good about themselves. They feel very hurt by indifference and do not understand the ruthless, mischievous. 

If you have any suggestions regarding other ESFJ anime characters that should be on our list, please let us know!


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