ENTP Teachers (A Comprehensive Guide)

Teaching is probably one of the most rewarding careers and most of the kids have dreamt about being a teacher at one point in their childhood or another.

It becomes especially rewarding for people who are passionate about it. Being a teacher can be a thankless job but one can always feel rewarded and energetic with students and their happy faces around you.

Teachers are obviously an important part of our lives as we grew older and even in our adulthood.

They can affect a person’s life in the most incredible way possible.

If you find the right teacher then it can have the ability to change your life and to inspire you to go after their dreams and fulfill it.

Being a teacher also has a lot to do with your personality type and some personality types are better at being teachers than others.

Myers and Briggs introduced 16 different personality types and told us about what are the characteristics of these personality types.

One of these types is the ENTP personality. Every personality type has its own experience with different career choices.

Similarly, ENTP teachers have a lot more different experience than any other personality type. Therefore, it is important to know about career options of your known personality type, ENTP careers in this case.

Before we discuss further ENTP teachers, we should first know what ENTP is and what characteristics they possess. 

What does ENTP stand for?

ENTP is an acronym from one of the sixteen personality types by Briggs and Myers and it stands for

E = Extraverted

N = iNtuitive

T = Thinking

P = Perceiving 

ENTP Personality

This is a personality type that is also known as debater personality and most commonly known as quick-witted people.

They are fond of turning every conversation into the debate and they love to argue just for the sake of it.

Due to this habit they have developed a strong knowledge base over time and they have the ability to get most dispersed ideas into most coherent ones in order to prove their point of view.

They are sometimes also known as the devil’s advocate because they are excellent debaters. 

What are a few characteristics of ENTPs?

We have been created with a mixed blend of strengths and weaknesses and no one is born without strength or weaknesses.

Strengths are the qualities which make us stronger.

These strengths are also essential to know in order to know their role as ENTP teachers. 

  1. Brainstorming

The debaters are fond of debating for almost everyone they meet so in order to keep debating they have to have a brain that can think.

They are excellent at brainstorming and this is because of the fact that they try to look at the problem from every angle possible.

They think with every possible perspective and their knowledge also helps them to find out the best possible solution for the situation. 

  1. Quick Witted

They are really quick-witted and they are most proud of it.

They have a flexible mind which helps them think about different things at one time.

Their brains keep shifting ideas from one place to another in no time and are commonly also known as multi-taskers.

They are intelligent in terms of selecting their opponents for debates which is also a reason for their quick brain response.

They are quick to respond to their critics and are well known to out-think them.

  1. Vast Knowledge

They are always learning something new and they are especially interested in abstract concepts which are also their favorite to learn.

They don’t seek knowledge because of academic reasons or to learn theorems or physics but because they like to know almost everything.

They seek knowledge because they love it as being a know-it-all is the most fascinating thing to them.

  1. Charismatic

They have an undeniable charm and charisma in them which makes them interesting for people.

They have great communication skills and a huge knowledge base making them confident, informative, and pleasing. 

  1. Original 

They like to keep it real and they want almost everything authentic and genuine and try to replace old systems with new.

They are creative and want to put their creativity to good use.

They are always going towards the originality of the content and not something that is copied off or taken from somewhere else.

They always mark the things they do with their own creativity.

  1. Energy

They have this infectious energy which makes them even better in real life because they bring enthusiasm in everyday life.

Once they are dedicated to something they leave no stone unturned to get it done. 

ENTP Teachers

ENTPs usually don’t prefer teaching as their first career choice but they have rather such amazing strengths that make them well-suited for the career.

ENTP teachers are not that common but they are seen as important pillars of the society once they opt out for teaching as a profession.

There are a few strengths which make them even better teachers.

ENTP teachers, if they ever want to be teachers, have the ability to influence their students’ lives to a great extent.

They are great at learning as well as teaching new information which makes them better teachers. 

They can adapt to almost any type of environment which makes them attached to students. They are a fan of discussion and involve the whole class in their discussion.

They are also good at communication making it easier to speak to a large group.

Some of the most common strengths of ENTP teachers are given below. 

  1. Enthusiastic

They are rather enthusiastic people especially when it comes to teaching a subject which excites them.

They are extremely passionate and they express their joy over new information gathered and it can be really inspirational for their students.

Students can’t learn a thing from a teacher who is not eager to learn himself.

A teacher who is not able to inspire his students and does not feel interested much in teaching can’t become a good teacher.

They know how to engage their students in a class or a conversation they can stay engaged during the lecture.

It is even more exciting for ENTP that his students are taking an interest in his class.

They keep making sure if the information is being delivered properly to the students.

They know the tricks to get students involved without needing to force because of their charming and outgoing personalities.

They also know how they can use their own love for knowledge and excitement to inspire their students. 

  1. Inspiring and Encouraging

ENTPs seek knowledge on every topic in the world and that’s why they do not keep their students restricted to only one subject.

They keep inspiring their students to look for ideas and information even in different fields.

They encourage their students to debate even if it is against the teacher as long as the debate is in the right direction and no one uses a condescending tone to others.

They are more than happy to encourage their students to grow and learn even if the learning is on students’ own terms.

This is to make the students go on the path of knowledge. They want their students to be curious as curiosity leads you to seek knowledge.

Debating abilities in ENTP teachers are also well polished and they proudly pass these abilities on to their students.

Even if the students have an interest in varying subjects, they are still keen to learn about those subjects as well.

They don’t shut students down or they never prevent the students from being excited to learn and that’s why they can get derailed at times as well. 

  1.  Adaptable

ENTP teachers know that every student is different just like every situation is different and so they can adapt to almost every situation.

They can adjust their teaching according to their students’ needs and requirements so the students do not feel disconnected from the information.

ENTP teachers know that everyone learns at a different pace and in different styles and it doesn’t make anybody dull or stupid.

They also want to adjust their teaching style according to students’ understanding so the students can feel engaged in the process.

They can make the most boring subjects really interesting and they do their best to keep people excited about what they are going to learn.

They have this ability to simplify even the most complex problems and it is the most demanding quality in the field of teaching.

They are open to adopting different ways and methods of teaching instead of making people confined in a single way.

Their ability to adapt and encourage students to learn is one of the rarest qualities in the teaching field.

They want to get through to people that’s why they usually don’t follow text rule books and rather want to have freedom of teaching and understanding. 

Do ENTP teachers struggle with anything?

Everyone is made of mixed traits known as strengths and weaknesses. 

Some professions require some strengths and it can also induce some weaknesses in a person as well.

Similarly, teaching is no different and even the perfect teachers can have some flaws or points of improvement.

ENTP teachers also struggle with a few things depending on their environment as organizing and following rules are not their natural strengths.

They do not do well while working in a place where they have to follow strict rules and guidelines or things go a certain way because they need room to change and to adapt.

ENTP teachers also struggle with things like grading exams and providing organized lesson plans.

Due to their natural style, they like to do things at the last minute or they work better when they don’t have to follow certain kinds of rules.

Sometimes, the monotonous routine can be challenging for them because it is draining and boring for them.

ENTP teachers can also become easily distracted even when they are teaching and they can get out of the track towards a totally different subject which seems unrelated as well.

This is enjoyable for the students because they stay engaged in the lecture and don’t feel forced to follow strict rules.

They are fun-loving but sometimes students can get distracted as well. 

FAQs about ENTP teachers

Are ENTP teachers rarely found?

Yes, teaching is not their preferred career choice so they are pretty rare as teachers but supposedly they can become great teachers if they ever adopt the career as their full-time job.

How common is the ENTP personality type?

ENTP is one of the rarest of Briggs and Myers’ sixteen personality types.

It makes up 3% of the general population with 4% of men and 2% of women ENTPs.

Who gets along with the ENTP personality type?

Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, ENTP’s natural partner is the INFJ or the INTJ.

The ENTP’s dominant function of Extraverted Intuition is most suitable with a personality that has dominated introverted intuition.


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