ENTP Careers (5+ Careers)

The people with ENTP personality type are known as the debaters. The people with this personality type love to be involved in mental sparring.

By doing this, they get a chance to practice their intellectual abilities more quickly, a wider range of knowledge, and the ability to make connections between different ideas to prove their arguments.

These people are also being labeled as the Devil’s advocate as they love to make the argument and convey what they believe to everyone out there.

They are not doing this always as they are striving in the way of attaining their meaningful purposes and strategic plans.

Sometimes, they are of the view that they do it for the sake of fun.

In this article, we will discuss ENTP careers. 

Acting as the devil’s advocate helps these people with ENTP personality type to create good thinking of the reasoning of other people and also a good sense of the ideas of opposite sides. 

These Techniques Must not be mixed up with the kind of joint consent the other types of  personalities look for.

ENTPs tend to favor the analyst personality types who constantly search for knowledge and what’s the good method to get this rather attacking and defending concept from each side. 

The people with ENTP personality types seek a particular type of happiness in acting as the scapegoat and thus enjoying the mental exercises which they find in asking questions about prevailing modes of thoughts rendering them not to be replaced in the systems which already exists and by swaying things and repelling thing into a new direction.

But, people with this personality type are not good managers of their daily routines in which they had to implement their own ideas.

These people find joy in thinking about greater things and will always avoid getting caught while they are working in substandard things.

These people are found rarely and are 3% of the total global population which is in their favor and let themselves come up with their own concepts and ideas and will then back off and let people of other personalities do the work regarding logistics, implementation, and development. 

The capability of these people for debate may cause frustration for them, while most get appreciations when it is called for, it may drop agonizingly plumbed when they put the shoe on the toes of other people by say, unhesitatingly asking questions to their seniors during meetings, or choosing a side anything their seniors say.

 This is further complicated by the unbending honesty of these people, as these people do not cut up words and are careless regarding being watched as delicate or sympathetic.

The people who another personality type who share common characteristics with ENTPs can easily get along with them but these are more sensitive and avoid getting into conflicts, prefer feelings, contentment, and utter lies over bitter truths and bitter realities.

You should also learn about ENFP careers because, Though it’s quite similar to ENTP (except for the T/F), their personality changes completely because of this difference.

Strengths of ENTPs


The people with ENTP personality type do not let any chance of learning new things slipped off their hands particularly abstract ideas.

These people do not tend to gain knowledge with a planned strategy of study and this is something that fascinates them the most. 

Quick Thinkers

People with ENTP personality type have tremendous flexibility in their heads and they also can move easily from one idea to another without putting much effort, relying on their existing knowledge to strengthen their arguments or even on the opposition, which they find suitable. 


The people ENTP personality type do have an attachment with their traditions which enables them to throw away the running system and techniques and put along with their fraught ideas from their broader Knowledge adding some creativity to get them bonded, to come up with fresh and bold ideas.

If these people are given systemic and chronic challenges with full autonomy these people will respond with shameless pleasure. 

Excellent Brainstormers

The people with ENTP personality type find it joyful to analyze problems from every aspect to sort out the best possible solution.

They combine knowledge and genuineness to spread each angle of the issue in front, dismissing the options without any guilt which does not work and offering more chances, these people are unmatchable when it comes to brainstorming. 

Weaknesses of ENTPs

Very Argumentative

The people with ENTP personality type enjoy mental exercising about debating a concept the most and do not consider anything sacred.

People with consensus-oriented personality types not mostly admire the robustness of these people tearing apart their belief systems max methods which leads them to have a greater deal of tensity. 


People with ENTP personality type are mostly involved in their debating that they do not remember any emotional considerations.

They will abandon subjectivity thinking it baseless and also a tradition which attempts to restrict the progress.

Situations that are based on pure emotions will completely confuse them and people can be offended by their lack of timely sympathy. 


The people with ENTP personality type will not just reject the ideas but also the people who are presenting the ideas as the people are able to support their idea in a round of mental sparring.

For these people, suggestions are only able to stand if they pass in rational scrutiny otherwise they will not consider it. 

ENTP Careers

As the people with this personality type are not keen on those matters which need them to be practically involved as these people are good at brainstorming.

The ENTP career choice can be the one that allows them to be intellectually involved and focus on solving problems at workplaces, for example teachers.

Workplaces that need them to follow routines or be attentive about minor details aren’t meant for them.

The following are the most suitable ENTP careers. 

Stock Traders

ENTP careers can flourish being a stock trader because they tend to look at broader picture and search for creative methods to come up with ideas.

The requirements for this job are being an intelligent, fast thinker and mostly requiring a person to make vital decisions on the go.

The job of a trader is to sell and buy securities and stocks.

As these people need to be stronger at negotiating the debating skills of ENTPs can be helpful for them. Thus, ENTP career choice to a stock trader can make a good deal.


To be an engineer can be a good ENTP career choice.

The people with ENTP personality type are also known as engineers or Inventors sometimes. Thus it will be a good ENTP career choice.

A technical mind, a problem solver, and playing with numbers and having scientific expertise is all that is required to be an engineer.

They can solve difficult problems even before others can figure out the problems.

They are good at understanding complex data of mathematics for designing and troubleshooting. 


Being a lawyer can be a good choice for ENTP careers. As they are those who love intelligent debates.

Presenting their arguments in court is an aspect of their work but blended with their master abilities required to develop and maintain the role, this is a perfect match for ENTP careers. 

Responsibilities of a lawyer to compile and maintain the files of cases, complying with the requirements of the court and to act as an advocate to his client.

They need to keep themselves updated on the matters pertaining to law and keep on learning. 

Operations Manager

The responsibilities of an operations manager are to oversee the business and maintain its efficiency.

It involves strategic planning for improving efficiency and enhancing productivity along with supervision and management of the recruiting process and training of employees.

Those ENTPs who wish to be involved in brainstorming with similar minded people, such jobs will allow them to choose their team and bring improvements in an organization with fresh ideas.

Thus it can be a good ENTP career choice. 

Relationship Manager

To know every aspect of stories is a gift for the ENTP careers to be a relationship manager.

The tasks of a relationship manager are customer-oriented and outgoing of new opportunities for business and sale.

Their responsibilities are to meet the clients, informing clients about the services of the company, and providing them guidance about making the best decisions. 

Film Producers

Film production can be a good choice for an ENTP career. The producer of a film is similar to the CEO.

They take on the challenges of making crucial decisions, revenue generation for film, looking after each and everything from development to post-production and distribution.

For a person who is a movie lover and an ENTP as well, this is a career in which his creativity, fresh ideas, and dedication can play vital roles in keeping them grow and dream bigger. 

Public Relations Specialist

A person who wants to be a public relations specialist needs to have a charismatic personality who will be serving as the image of the organization.

A person who is able to defend and showcase the strengths of a company and has information and understands the business and industry to back up his claims.

This is where ENTP careers can bloom where they can promote and create press briefings, videos, and media folders to spread information and promote the business. 

Training Manager

The ENTP career choice to become a training manager can be helpful for them as they can speak fluently and confidently coming up with fresh ideas.

This job is too perfect for people with an ENTP personality type.

The responsibilities of a training manager are to oversee, design, develop, coordinate, and run the larger and smaller training sessions.

This can be a perfect match for the ENTP career which needs them to speak to larger groups of people and come up with fresh ideas to attain their objectives of organizational training. 


Individuals having ENTP personality type are also known as debaters. Debating and bringing arguments on the table provides them with the opportunity to display their mental abilities.

These are the kind of individuals who like to be involved in mental sparring.

They are thrilled when they display their wide range of knowledge, making connections between ideas, analyzing content, and arguments to prove their stance in the discussion.

They are also sometimes known as Devil’s advocate because of their ability to make arguments.

Based on their personality characteristics and abilities ENTP careers choice include training manager, film producer, lawyers, public relation specialist, and many more. 

FAQ about ENTP careers

What is the ENTP personality type? 

The people with ENTP personality type are known as the debaters.

The people with this personality type love to be involved in mental sparring.

What are the strengths of the ENTP personality type? 

Following are the strengths of people with ENTP personality type:

– Energetic

– Charismatic

– Excellent Brainstormers

– Original

– Quick Thinkers

– Knowledgeable

What are the weaknesses of the ENTP personality type?

Following are the weaknesses of people with ENTP personality type:

– Dislike Practical Matters

– Can Find It Difficult to Focus

– Intolerant

– Insensitive

– Very Argumentative

What can be the best ENTP career choices? 

Following are the best ENTPs career choices:

– Stock Traders

– Engineers

– Operations Managers

– Lawyers

– Relationship Managers

– Film Producers

– Public Relations Specialists

– Training Manager





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